Another perspective...

The Children of Deus

By Nathaniel J. Selby

Table of Contents

1. The Drive For Life
Bridging the hollows in modern religion, and what must I do?

2. The Drive For the Afterlife
Walking the "green mile"

3. What In the Name of God Are We Doing!
The blood shed in the name of God

4. Waiting On Prophesy
The book of revelations

5. Spirituality and the Principals of Lust
Earth. The garden of spirits?

6. The Human Experience
What is life? oh well, so how about them phillies!?

7. All Dogs Go To Heaven!
All of Gods creatures embracing the hand of Deus?

8. Are We Facing a Divine Judgement?
Should we be preparing for a day in court?

9. Turning To the Face of Our Creator
Opening the door, letting in the rapture of Deus

10. Man's Quest for Truth
Prospecting for consolation

11. Speak of the Devil!
Is it all in our human mind?

12. Spiritual Health
Exercising with the spirit, a truly cardiovascular workout!

13. Our Sacrifice
Giving all that we have ever known

The Children of Deus.

by Nathaniel J. Selby

prologue to my theories:

Imagine all things inside in this universe, inside yourself. All of this earth and all of the heavens, all of the stars. Imagine all of this, inside your heart, inside your chest. This is God, and God is you and within you, and all around you, are not a separate entity.
You are God's and God is yours. You are who you have always been, forever just as God exist eternally, and so does your spirit, nothing is more significant than you. For you are Deus, and Deus is a part of you, and all around you. He is everything that can be felt. Everything that can be heard. Everything that can be known, there is no separate entities existing. All things exist together, one soul, one spirit, one fundamental energy existing forever in itself. Changing shape, changing form, but never ending. The beginning and the ending, the end of the beginning, but never the end of the end. For there is no such thing, God exists forever. Incandescent forever. All that a man can imagine or postulate himself to have created, has been done by God for the purpose of achieving the continuation of our timeless infinity. All that you see, feel, hear,all that you think, all that you believe, all that you have feared, all that you have dreamt of, all that you have loved, everyone you see, everyone that sees you, all that can not be seen, exist solely to serve the purpose of the continuity of our infinity. If you run to the other side of the universe,inside your dreams, then you are there within God. Nothing exist outside of God. For God is all things that has ever existed, and all things that will ever exist. This wisdom will controvert all of the churches, for the House of the infinite universe that science has come to believe to be expanding. God need not expand into himself, for he is infinite and unceasing. If we were God, if the whole universe could exist inside ourselves, then we would be God, but the universe would remain infinite around us, forever and ever and ever...
Trying to grasp this concept is one that may require you to forget what you think you know about the truth behind our eternal spirit, we are men and women, but we are children, and so with earth. So with the creatures that roam the earth, they are the children. The sun that gives our life energy is also a child of God, the moon and all of the stars are the children as well, and God makes love with our Matriarch, infinity, forever propagating the children, like the Earth that bares us. We are all one family, the family of God, the family of the spirit, The Great Spirit. Yes, the father is all things. There is nothing outside of our family. Our family is all that exist forever and ever.
When we leave this dimension of our minds existence. We go through the doors of our thought and known presence, and enter to new levels of existence. Infinite as God himself, but we our still inside the family. We will never exist outside the family. For there is not a thing outside, there is no outside. The only outside that exist is the imaginary one created inside our mortal minds. These minds of flesh. When you must go, go free and leave behind that which must go to the earth. You can choose to go back to that which you were created from. Go to that which is infinite, your anima, your soul. Go back to existing as an entity that can only explained as a living apportionment god, forever and ever living through and within God, within the family. The family is happily awaiting you with open arms. Waiting to embrace , waiting to love you, perpetually. As it always has, and always will. No one gets left behind. No one wonders outside the family. For then if such, that one would cease to exist at all. For this can not be achieved. As a rule of science, energy can not be created or destroyed, only changing form.The energy is the energy of love. Within the family of eternity, there is nothing to be feared. When we leave this degree of our mind's existence, we can hold strong to our souls belief about the spirit. Perhaps then we can stay as our minds want to believe ourselves to be, a separate selfhood from Deus, perhaps if we believe in something so resolutely, then we can hold on to the configuration that we have come to know as ourselves. Perhaps then we can go on and not be divided like so rain drops in a cloud. Yes, then if i hold on to my principle, then i can remain together! Like cumulus clouds, intrepid and enduring, being seen by all eyes, beautiful,so life giving, yet taken for granted. For us it is paradise. We have not divided like so many raindrops that nourish the earth, but instead, perhaps we remain above it, and be admired for our faith and beliefs, what belief you ask? The Ancestry of the Spirit, the Great Spirit of all things, the Spirit of God, we give such names, as to bring selfhood. Like the identity we worked to achieve since the day we were brought unto our mind's existence, this life, this plane, this dimension, this realm of reality....
Picture if you would, a bright azure sky, with so many white clouds, like castles in the vault of heaven, like cities in kingdom of God. Picture if you will, the stars, the vast endlessness of the universe. Try to feel the immensity of this place, imagine the planets dancing and celebrating the Sun's glory and majesty, by encircling the light, loving it and impassioned to be nearer. Imagine if you will, all of the stars in the sky bearing children just as our sun does, for she nurtures her heirs and brings them happiness and glee. Whilst she makes love to the macrocosm around her. Burning and existing just to bring life to the firmament around her. This love exist across the expanse of infinity, so many just burning to bring illumine and radiance to the sky and the children of her. Now this is all happening inside the heart of Deus. Now imagine this, happening inside of you, now you are empowered. You have placed God inside your heart, because you imagined it to be. Now you are one, one with the Great Spirit, our spiritual family, we the Children of Deus.
In this book I will attempt to provoke higher thought within your conciseness. I will offer theories and ideas you may have have not considered, or I will demonstrate how universal your own theories may be. Most of all though I would like to take individuals off the baby food of spiritual thought and offer solid food.
Take a journey of enlightenment and wisdom.Sup with me, your brother in the tribulation and patient endurance.

Chapter one 1
The drive for life.

Bridging the hollows in the modern religious institutions!!

We live to love. We live to learn. We live to indoctrinate others to that which we have learned. We are benevolent, and we are needy to receive. We enter each day with an enthusiasm that comes from somewhere so deep inside. We wake and rise out of bed without orders from others. Sometimes with help of an alarm clock, but we do this with a profound desire to live and survive. Something moves us without us deliberation. Something so strong that it acts without our conscience realization, but we do it everyday not even thinking of it! Something inside us says its time to get up and conquer the day and we do this so willingly. We love to be alive! We love to go out a be with the the residence of mankind. So let us wake and be part of this life that is happening around us.Let us go and enjoy the splendor of our permanence. Let us share with our family, friends, and our peers.
We go and enjoy the day, and we take it one day at a time. Bound by time, what little choice we have.We should go out and make our contribution to the world.
Now we may have stumbled many times, and find ourselves wondering,,"what are we doing here really? why are we here? "sometimes we feel as though we are missing the punch, our point in life. Then we have to wonder.." what is our aspiration in this life?" surely God has put us here for a specific reason, sometimes we just can't opine what that reason is...look at me..I'm physically capable of doing many things with my hands, yet most of the time I do nothing at all...which is a wonder I still get paid...I have eyes to see, ears to hear, legs to walk, and still I don't see what I must do! What must we do? What is our purpose for our incarnate state? Sure there are the things we do everyday because we have to do it in order to pay the bills. So we do it, and it is fine, but there seems to be a yearning, an unfulfilled flight of fancy. Something that we were meant to do, but we never had the opportunity or the chance to do it, and if we did I guess we were not looking....but whatever the we are...still wondering,what is our validness? why the world would we be born and not contribute something to society, just like as if this was a dream, and we knew it, and we had all of these recourses available, and here was the world, and we didn't stand up against the government? Maybe we didn't stand up for a cause. We didn't assassinate an evil dictator...We didn't go out and get the homeless a home. We didn't go out and give hungry children food. I know though we must do something, and we might believe that we will have only one chance in this life-span to make a difference. So we might tend to feel so strongly that we surely have got to make a difference...We have got to get up and change things! We have to make a precipitous move forward. We have to break through the walls built up through the environment that many were born into,we have got to break through these walls and change things in this world. Unfortunately some of us may wake up and go to sleep at night, feeling as though they missed the point again.So one may wake up the next morning, this time, he or she may still thinking about yesterday and the fact that still have missed the point, so everyday we feel the same, as if "I'm really not getting the drift. I can't help but wonder if I have a point at all! Here we go again another day. We go to work, we do what we must. We walk the line we do what we have to to get by, but at the end of the day we may feel as though we are just not accomplishing what it is we were meant to accomplish, just perspicuously falling short of life's objective?..."there is something that I am just not getting". Yet everyday God gives us the opportunity to do it all again.We sometimes may wonder" if i don't accomplish this thing that we must do, then will we not leave this place with my work done? Will we not get to move on to bigger and better things?
Well a thought had occurred to me and I have to come to understand something that I would like share with others who may relate to what I'm saying. What we must do,our sole responsibility in this life, isn't to necessarily change the world, or leave a footprint on society. No, I believe that there is a very simple vocation, that mission, is very temperate. To be alive. Our mission as a spirit here is simply to exist, simply to just be alive. We are not required to go out and change the human race.Or discover the mysteries of God. All God wants from us is to be alive! Just to live and most of all, to feel good. To feel happiness and contentment. God just wants us to be present in this flesh. To shine light, like the sun in our galaxy. Like the planets, they only exist, and God is happy with them.So would God expect anymore from the soul of a human being? All of nature, all the creatures on the earth, the earth it self shares one responsibility. To exist. To exist is to satisfy your purpose. To live, to love, and to learn, God( as i said in the introduction, your self) only asks that you live, love and learn.You can do this, you don't even have to get out of bed! I don't advise staying in bed though.
We know that God exist inside us, and all around us. In everything, and everybody, in all things. Take a deep breath....breath in God, take a sip of coffee, drink God! eat breakfast, your consuming God. I say this not to sound ridiculous, but to fill in the breach created by the churches of today, according to the churches, serving God means to go to church every Sunday, or the mosque, reading the bible, reading the Koran. Bowing in front of symbols that represent ideals that have been stretched and rearranged to the favor of man's institution leaving little to do with the truth.No my friend, if you have woken this morning. If you breathed today,if blood has pumped through your veins, than you have served God. Serving god has little or nothing to do with teaching of modern religions. These doctrines tend to be far from grasping the truth behind God....for the atheist I least you have not been blinded by the hypocrisy of neoteric religions. Modern religion has completely deviated from realistic servitude to the Spirit of God...he who is everything, he who is the pages in your hand, the clothes on your back, and all that is you. Would I be going out on a limb by saying you are God? Not the whole universe, you are a child of God. All that you are is of God. So then lets bridge the hollow created by the modern church of hypocrisy that has lowered God's children to sinners who are perdition bound. We are not hell bound sinners. No, we are Gods children, just like all things, We are Gods intrinsic spirit. We live and dwell everyday inside the kingdom of Deus. We can believe in whatever we choose to believe in...or we can choose to believe in nothing at all! That is fine to God, I believe God is not a judge at all! God is the ultimate catalyst of pure love. Actually, God is love. Pure love,
I believe that sometimes we take the term'god, out of text. It's easy to not see God the right way.To misinterpret the meaning of God. When I use the name, but when I speak of god, I speak of the energy of all things within thee infinite universe. I mean all things!! Your soul is a part of the God I'm referring to! I'm talking about the Mother Earth, this massive pellet of sheer energy that we are born from! All that creatures that inhabit this place we call home. I'm talking about fire! Like the fire from the Sun that shines life onto the Earth, the fire that glows softly in the fire place. I'm speaking of the wind that blows across the mountains and the oceans,the breeze that blows gently on a summer day. When i mention God I mean to speak of the God that is the mighty oceans and the deepest powerful seas. The rivers that flow across the earth caressing her so gently and bringing life to God's creatures....the water that brings us to life, that makes up our bodies, that nourishes us and gives us blood to live within this plane of existence. However we live and where ever it is we live there is one important element that I emphasize above all. An element that is the essential portion of all of God's wonders. This is the element of spirit. The core of all things that are existing. All things that will ever exist, or all things that have existed and have perished, and may have been reborn in another form. This force is undeniable, it contains within itself all that is and all that will ever be. The Spirit of Deus, The Spirit of God.
The Great Spirit, will never, could never leave us alone, there is no realm of existence that the spirit does not dwell in. There is no man or woman that the spirit does not abide in.
So when we look at what we must do to serve God, we must be sure. We must be sure we are breathing....Whilst here, we are to do one simple task....breath in God....take a deep breath and feel God's love and life come through you to the bottom of your soul, breath..., that is God, he loves you. You are a child of God. You are a part of the Spirit of God, whether you like it or not!
I will go into the many different dimensions of the Kingdom of the Human Spirit of God in succeeding subject matter,but know this...God is very simple to love and receive love from, just know that there is a sophistication in God's majesty for the human spirit. There are many levels of God's Kingdom for all things, but since we are humans I will attempt to focus on the aspects of the human spirit, and the many levels that a human spirit may travel through while serving God in this conformation we are serving him today. Know that God has many, many levels for a human spirit, think of your self as a traveler.
You can do no reprehensible service in whatever you believe, because, God does not, in truth, care about what you think you are doing here. God loves you thoroughly and completely, within and around you, he is pure love, life and the energy of all things. All things!
As we march in this uniform, these mortal accouterments. We are living for the almighty spirit. When we were children we were instilled with the values and principles to be the best that we could be as human beings. We were taught to share, we were taught the right way to do things, and we were taught to not tell sophistry. We were brought up on the best that our parents had to offer. Our parents loved us more than anything they had ever known. They showed us our boundaries...they also let us run and play and be children. They gave us toys to tinker and learn with. They fed us nutritious meals, and sometimes, if we were good we could have some cake! They gave us milk and juice for our growing bodies, and Cool-aid to make us happy. In these ways they showed us how profuse they loved us. However they also showed us discipline and structured living. They taught us about respect and decency. At the end of the day they tucked us into bed. Today, we love our children the same way! We would never let them be in harms way. We protect them. We teach them what we know, and we give them the space to develop and learn on there own as well. All because we love them just as our parents did as we were children. Just as our parents parent's loved them.
This is how we live and let love spread generation after generation. There is a common thread that is binding between all parents from the beginning of human history. This is the common thread of love. God is the father to us all! Just as we love our children, God loves his children. He cares for his children, forever in the binding common thread in the family of the Spirit of God.

We give love to each other, everyday. Through a
smile. Through a handshake. Every gesture of kindness we are practicing that which is given down through generations. We share a simple justice, the power to give allegiance to those who deserve our infinite incandescent spirit. We don't have to work hard to illuminate. We are like the stars. We shine because we exist, and when the night cast it's shadow, that's when the light we shine is seen. In a room full of loved ones, it is like looking unto the sky by night. Each star shining just for you. Let your light shine, they will see it and be gladdened by it. We have a responsibility to each other, this is our human responsibility!
As human beings, beings of the spirit, we look on to others and we see them. We see there attitudes, and the varies moods we all go through. We all face vexations and tribulations. We all share in the trials that life constantly presents to us. So that you and I can serve as a companion to another individual who may be in need. Maybe they are going through something that you may understand. Therefore you can come to there place and offer them guidance or support. We are given the power of compassion. The power of coming to need of someone in need. How does that ol' saying go?' A friend in need is a friend indeed!That is the drive and force through which compassion is fueled. Friendship when someone needs you! That is where a friend is needed most. This to is a virtue in which is casted through the binding nature of love. As you read you may begin to take notice, the circle of light. The circle of light is a constant 360 degrees. Constantly evolving and teaching, we are in a school for the spirit. Compassion for your fellowman or woman is an essential trait as a Child of the Spirit, in the Family of the Kingdom of God.
Let us go on a walk. Let us take pilgrimage through our dreams. This is where we work hard to receive that which is deserving to ourselves. Let's look at all the things that we are dreaming of. Let's look at what we covet in this life. What do we want in this life. How bad do we really want it. Is it worth all the work that we are putting into satisfying our Dreams. What do we dream of? What are our hearts asking for? My heart wants a 78 t-top fire bird, (I know, I'm old school) and a house with a garage to park it in. I wonder. Is that what my heart really wants? Maybe? That would definitely be a dream of mine come true. So that means yes! That is what my hearty wants. Right? Well now that I've made it easy to decide what my heart wants, let me go ahead and dream of having a summer house in Key West. Now that I know what it is my heart wants now I can go and chalk up . Now all I have to do is go and make lots of money so that I can give to myself what I want. Hm, now suppose I just made all the bread I will need to forfill my dreams. Now I'm satisfied. I have my house with a garage. I'm outside with my 78 firebird up on jacks, just got done installing a new glasspac exhaust system. Now I've for filled my dreams right? I thought so, I' ve gone ahead and lived out my dream. For some reason my heart is not satisfied. We have to look closely at this hypothetical situation. Here is a picture of a man that made his dreams come true, however something remains undone. Why did I want two houses? Why did I want that sportscar? What for? The answer to that question is elementary. I don't feel happy hitch hiking to work. I wouldn't feel too happy rooming up with a stranger. Happiness. Happiness is the reason we follow our dreams. Not the car, Not the house in the Keys. Happiness is what the heart longs for, it is what dreaming is for . We strive to get the things we want. Because getting these things may very well bring us happiness. And that, is the ultimate goal! To achieve happiness in the heart. It is good for us to know what it is we want, it makes acquiring them easier.
Men and women were also given the gift of passion. Passion is the drive, the longing, the gasoline in the fuel cell of the soul. As we just discussed, the heart or soul,have it as you will, longs for bliss. In this life and the afterlife. Our ultimate reward, is bliss. Perfect uncompounded bliss. For life most of the time is everything except bliss.i.e...getting up for work in the morning. In this life we may never know what that will feel like. When pure and perfect bliss occurs our soul's will sing. However,we are built for this feeling. Our spirit is designed to feel thee uttermost freedom and tranquility beyond any word or feeling that your mind can muster up in its feeble imagination. In this life we have another binding virtue, the passion for life, the passion for living, the passion for dreaming up ways to achieve that that perfect state of happiness. This feeling that we are reaching for. This feeling that we are impassioned for is the feeling that God will bring to the spirit upon arrival into the afterlife, we are living to feel that completely overwhelming state of bliss. This is the passion for the love that can be achieved through patient endurance, and faith in the Great Spirit.
In this life we are faced with trials and tribulations. Challenges that we must overcome. Barriers that are found in front of us, and behind us. Sometimes in life we have apply all that can be applied. We have done all that can be done in order to accomplish that which must be done.We have exhausted our efforts thoroughly. We are often faced dealing with issues that are out of our control. There is a virtue of man, that can help us when we have exhausted all recourses to the uttermost. This is the quiet virtue of patience. We have no other option. We must wait. We have to wait. Because we have done all else in our power to make a difference. Sometimes only the winds of time can cause the change we are looking for. we have to be quiet within ourselves. A quite heart is a trusting heart. Trusting in the confidence of our thoroughness and exhausted efforts. Let's just wait, soon things will change. Because this is a law of nature and spirit. Time is a powerful friend. so be patient and warm up to your friend, time. Empower yourself through befriending time, which in some case's, our only friend.
Often times we deal with impatience, we can become frustrated. We begin to worry. We are often filled with great concern, and sheer aggravation. This is stress. Stress is not to be taken lightly. Stress can do serious harm to your mind, body and spirit. Stress can make a bad situation and multiply it 10 fold. In a stressful situation we should take a couple deep breaths and just relax. So then you can think clearly. Relaxing can serve to help you solve quandaries when they arise, which of course they will. Because, shit happens. It is how we deal with it when it does.So relax and alleviate the stress from your world by all means. Stress is the front line antagonist in a bad situation. So relax, then handle your distress.
Sometimes dealing with stress and frustration can be very difficult, especially when faced with hardship. We have to develop a inner confidence. A confidence that tomorrow will bring a finer day.Tomorrow is the invisible. Tomorrow can not be seen. We have got to believe that tomorrow will hold a finer hour. We have to have faith in that which we cannot see. What our eyes do not interpret. We have to stay a step ahead of our emotions and insecurities. We have to have confidence in what we have done, and whet we will do tomorrow. We have to believe in the invisible. We have to look through the eyes our our spirit to see that which our eyes do not inherit. We have to take up the arms of confidence and faith.In ourselves and a higher power. Take a consideration that we have done all that we could have done to make a difference. Close your eyes and you may see tomorrow. You may see a tomorrow brighter than the day which you currently are tending to. Look with the eyes of your soul. We should have faith in that which we cannot see. Knowing that you have created your destiny, and applying full confidence in that which you have done. We must have faith.Faith is trusting in your self and seeing with the eyes of your heart. Faith is another great negotiator of the spirit as we engage in this life. So take up arms in faith and trust in that which you have done.
A lot of times in this life we get caught up in the daily routine of life. You know, going to work, paying bills, tending to your responsibilities. Doing all that we do day to day. Life sure does at times get quite full of things that we feel must get done, and at times they truly must. Sometimes I think we have to stop to smell the roses. Sometimes we have to take a deep breath and enjoy the splendor of our existence. Sometimes we should look up and give the heavens more than a passing glance, we should stop and recognize life.
We really should look around every once in a while and see all that we have done. We must remember where it is we came from, so that we can make it where we are going. We have to look deeply into he eyes of our children.We have to see there beautiful smile. Knowing that we brought them into this life. Just taking a minute to recognize your existence will help you to get that second wind. We don't have to understand what or why. Just notice that which we are, just noticing the true romance that is our life.This place we call home. Just stop for a twinkling and take a look around at life. Then that will exalt your spirit giving you fuel to burn.So this way we can look around at that which we are living for. We really shouldn't take this existence lightly. This life should not be taken for granted in the frilliness of tending to our responsibilities. Intermission to notice life, is like noticing a friend that will always be there. Realizing the compassion of someone you don't know that well. And perhaps thanking this stranger that we walk with everyday, we don't know him, or where he is from, however this friend is always there. We are not required to know this friend. Just being so grateful as to simply notice the benevolence, is a fine thank you indeed. So take a second and notice your friend.
As we go through this life. We are raised on certain doctrinaire of believe and systems of understanding. There is an additional element I would like to indulge in for one hot minute. One hot minute, like our lives, for one hot minute we are seeing and feeling through these eyes and skin. We learn many ways to go about believing. However, should we boxed in and held captive by the neoteric religions of today? Perhaps, many may very well hold sacred accounts to the truth. Some faiths may very well lead a man, or woman, to righteousness. Some may be there to support morality and inner reasoning. I may be walking on thin ice here, let me suggest this however, what if we decided that God will love us unconditionally? What if we trusted our selves enough to venture outside the confines of our environmental teachings? What if for a second, we thought outside the box? What if we thought and believed of God through our own notions? What if we took and empowered ourselves by believing in ourselves enough to serve God in our own way? What if we lived for God without living for the institutions of mankind? We might try to be free from the burdens of modern religion. Now I would never try to convince anyone to believe in a any certain indoctrination, why then would you believe in the confines of the modern religious institution?. We can take what we find for ourselves to be true about any certain religion. Does that mean that we have to sacrifice our inner well being to follow an ideal that has been formulated for the purpose of achieving an institution of modern religion? I am truly trying to open up some doors, by offering thought provoking ideas. I should dare you to serve God your own way. To believe that what your doing is enough for God. That you are good enough for God just the way you are. That you are not failing the spirit. You can find freedom through trusting in yourself and the destiny in which you created through having confidence in your spirit. Living and serving God your own way is the door that I'm attempting to open. Attempting in one chapter to bridge the hollows created in modern religion. If you are still here, than perhaps I can show you other doors available to you simply for being alive. With you mortal membership you to can enjoy the privileges and live for the sp[ender of your creator. You can serve God in your own way.I encourage you to think outside the box. Let your heart and mind wonder free and imagine what you will about who you are and where you are. Let your thoughts travel and wonder about the Great Spirit.Here you are free to wonder about and come to your own conclusion about what is the truth behind this life. So be free and serve God your own way!


(This book to be continued- please stop back)

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