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First Reactions to (excerpts of) this Literature" Sunday, December 21: AM _________ Church

After the AM service, as Brother, Daniel Selby, peacefully passed out some (sample portions in tract form), to persons walking to their vehicles, the “pastor” of the church, Rev._________, (having previously received a copy in the mail), followed him around the parking lot shouting variations of:


(Brother Selby did respond by referring to him as a “hireling”, and not a true example, while the “pastor” only responded by repeating):


(NOTE: Individual names deleted to protect the guilty) Sunday, December 21: PM ____________Church, As Brother Daniel Selby again endeavored to peacefully distribute some of these tracts- (I’ll simply quote from my brother’s letter): “Sunday evening was another harrowing experience- pushed and shoved all over the parking lot by at least 15 men, (plus the “Church security police”) (I’ve been trying to reach that pastor by phone and probably start off by asking him to call his vicious) dogs off me, and couldn’t they instead simply put a disclaimer in the bulletin, or make an announcement to the same effect?)… you couldn’t believe how these (bouncers) were- void of all compassion entirely- they explained: “We’re only following orders, policy”, (But that they had never read the tracts themselves- sort of like the nazi storm troopers, following Hitler’s orders, is the way they came off),

Well, they won- it’s not worth going back there- besides, they’re getting a “ restraining order” against me… (next week I intend to visit two more churches)”

.If you would like to receive similar reactions at your favorite churches, Simply drop us a line requesting our tract entitled: “GOD’S BLESSINGS- OR COVETOUSNESS?” by; DANIEL SELBY

Priorities of genuine Christian living?



EasterSunday Morning Service:

We all (Daniel Selby's family of 4) went to Sunday School ; then afterwards we were seated waiting for the morning service to begin, when suddenly the pastor came over to us; 2 deacons then picked me up and threw me out of the church (with my family quickly scattering) though my wife said, "and you call this love?". Big scene here- though I had never interrupted a service in the 3 years we have been going there.

I was accused of sending an e-mail to 8 people (out of approx.100 in the church) questioning the use of a rich members HOT TUB for a baptismal service as being inappropriate for such a spiritual statement & commitment as baptism- (the salvation of the poor; to deny ourselves, forsake all, and follow Jesus Christ). This person was thus offended- but I think a hot tub usually identifies with riches and pleasure. There are many churches who would lend the use of their baptismal pool, since we did not have one. (I'm sure there were pools the wealthy had in those days, but the disciples chose to use the river Jordan or a lake)

I was also accused of judging a brother (though not by name), during the sharing time (for 6min.) in the previous Sunday evening service: he had spoken to me about seeing me speeding and other driving antics on occasion. I suggested that abrother was trying to pull "a speck out of my eye" compared to the "board" in his own eye (covetousness)- they say he lives in a home/palace that is worth almost half a million! Before I even had a chance to sit down or stop speaking, 2 "bouncers" came to the pew, lifted me up and dragged me out of the church...

That brother had said to me, speeding can kill (car accidents), but I said, COVETOUSNESS kills millions! everyday in the world, who are starving for food & clothing- while we "fare sumptuously everyday"and live in luxury in comparison to most. The deacons had said to me, but brother, you don't see how much he gives in the offering ...did I (or the Spirit through the Word) have to remind him of the poor widow who gave 2 mites that Jesus said was more than all the rich who were casting in "out of their abundance". (Luke 21:2) ...or being proud of giving the 10% tithe, while we "build bigger barns" with the 90% that's ours ?? (Luke 12:15-23)

Here are some things I want you to consider about what happened in our church:

1)couldn't they have waited till after the service to make clear their sanctions? (I was not disrupting the service, nor had I ever done so)

2)they had said that my wife & children were welcome but you are "not welcome" (instead of "not allowed") would split up a family? over what? (you have given my wife over to many tears by your over-reaction to my comments- certainly not in the love that you "say" you have) Do you remember, "love is not easily [offended]"!!? ICor.13 !!

3) was I excommunicated? publicly... is this justified? ...for what open sin was this done? ...or for what blasphemy? ...or what false doctrine as a matter of salvation? There is no scriptural basis whatsoever to throw someone out of a service- but only to avoid that brother or even to "shun" that person as is the Amish practice

4) to grab someone out of their seat and throw him out of church- is this really love to your brother, or even toward your enemy!? ...shouldn't we as believers pray instead of act in the flesh? ...if I offended someone is it (agape) love to offend/hurt him back? (even if that's not your intention) Matt.5:11,14

5) was I "sowing discord among the brethren"? that would just be a smokescreen to excuse "itching ears" that won't hear- the call of the Lord's Word to repentance and revival in His church (found in Rev.3:16-19)

6) consider this also: " there are many members, yet but one body. And the eye can not say unto the hand, I have no need of thee: nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you.."(ICor.12:18-25) And we are the body of Christ- whether each of us is "officially" on the record or not- the "local church" is the "assembly" of believers (who regularly attend/assemble and give "in the collection for the saints"

In conclusion: the pastor once said to me; brother, I have no desire to turn you into a "reed shaken in the wind"- well, the wind has been pretty strong lately! ...and by the grace and power of His Spirit I shall not be moved- from sharing conviction of the truth of our Lord's words, commands, and warnings... (Matt.7:24) "but in love" pray for me (instead of tossing me out "in love")

Closing thought: was I wrong to speak that "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven"? ..or was I wrong to ask if the rich brother was"straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel" when he judged me for my driving (sins)?

Listen, I believe this is still the message to His church in these last days: "He who has two coats, let him impart to him who has none; and he who has food, let him do likewise." (Luke chap.3) and "Fear not little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions and give to the poor; provide yourselves bags that will not wear out, a treasure [investment] in heaven that faileth not.. like men who wait for their Lord.." (Luke chap.12)

Does sharing this call to repentance deserve excommunication ??

Brothers: "The axe is laid to the trees, bring forth fruit worthy of repentance, or be cut down and thrown into the fire." (Luke 3:9) "Because thou sayest, I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing ...because thou art lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit thee out of my mouth." (Rev.3:16) (repent of spit!) "He who overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life", but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels"(Rev.3:5)

THIS IS THE MESSAGE OF OUR LORD TODAY- (even if you shun or cast out the messenger- as evil) Any brother in Christ can be led by the Holy Spirit to "exhort one another daily... and so much more as ye see the day approaching." (Heb.3:13 & 10:25) [exhort: "to warn, to urge earnestly, to admonish, to advise strongly, incite, stir up"] your brother in the love of Christ Jesus;

Daniel and Sandra Selby Family

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You may also write the church involved in the above incident with any comments, questions or reactions at: LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST CHURCH P.O.BOX 574 BUCKINGHAM, PA. 18912


Footnote by Jonathan: People often overlook sin in the church because of the passage which says that we should not judge, ("Judge not that you be not judged,") and use that is a cop out of their responsibility as members of the body. (Usually this is done because of fear of offending someone- like is so common today with the issue of homosexuality). However, the passage about NOT judging is speaking about motives. (Hidden things of the heart), or personal discretion issues such as discussed in Romans 14. "We are not to judge men's motives because we are not competent for that type of judgment. But the word of God is equally clear that we ARE to judge known sin in the assembly of God".

In I Cor. 5:12 Paul has 2 questions about who we CAN judge as Christians, and says that we are NOT responsible for the judgment of the unsaved. (Wicked men in the world about us will be brought into judgment by the Lord Himself in a coming day). HOWEVER, we ARE instructed to, and we do have the responsibility, for judging those who are inside the Church, (and confess to be believers).

In I Corinthians 5:10 we see some grievous sins mentioned- and I am particularly concerned with covetousness which is listed there with idolatry, (and they are also similar). And the Apostle Paul is very clear here that we ARE TO JUDGE BROTHERS AND SISTERS REGARDING SIN! and as far as IM concerned any pastor fleecing his flock for $200,000 a year- I WILL judge as being in COVETOUSNESS!

(The above referenced salary does not pertain to the particular aforementioned church)

(Some study help and paraphrasing in above footnote from the "Believers Bible Commentary" by William McDonald).


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