Letter to Christians

Dear Brother or Sister in the Lord,

We need to give the more earnest heed to the those things which we have heard, because it seems that we have either already let these truths slip, or never really believed or received the impact of them, nor have we responded accordingly.

Remember that: Jesus Christ is the only shining star, even the sun of all humanity, the only answer, the only one with power over all the laws of nature, even death, and obviously the only Messiah. Therefore, we have no other person, place or belief to go to, than to simply accept the full package, of all that He (Jesus) taught- whether we like it, or we fully understand, or if some of it even seems unjust (to our finite minds- give Him the "benefit of any doubt").

This includes our innate separation from Him, our need for salvation, His propitiation, and heaven- as well as hell, for those who will not believe and receive His message. We need to swallow this complete pill of the gospel faith and live it out without doubt, wavering, or compromise. He also said to take no thought for tomorrow, what you should eat or drink, (the needs of the flesh), but to simply trust Him with all of your heart and mind, (realizing that our fleshly minds are not capable of comprehending these things for they are spiritually discerned, and because Christ's message does not conform to the logic of man's limited and carnal mind, and therefore, the answer to life can only be found through faith in the only possible answer- JESUS.

All must be committed to Him, laid down on the alter of trust, and allowing Him to direct all our paths. This is His commandment that we believe on Him and thereby love one another, not to be redundant, but I can not stress this too much- LOVE is what the gospel of Christ is all about! Therefore, reckoning ourselves to be dead indeed to sin, (and all its fleshly temporal desires), Quit ye like men, forget your childish dreams for things of this life, and instead, press on in full confidence believing in Christ's glorious kingdom to come, and unreservedly enlist to be crucified with Christ in the battle for the souls of men. Turn your eyes from the vanity and blindness of all mankind and the world about you, for they are blindly groping in a fog, swept along by the current of this age, most Christians without a full surrender to either side. Its time to take our stand in full commitment to all Christ taught, to step out in faith on the waves of life, with these truths held close to our hearts, and begin plowing forward for the kingdom of God, without looking back for fear or regret, even if it looks like a wilderness- be strong, for the Lord our God is with us, and to the faithful and believing the promised land is never far off!

We spend too much time trying to figure things out rather than just launching ahead in faith and full assurance of all that Christ has said. He, Jesus, said that those who would not believe in him, (Accept His message as truth, and the reason and explanation of all existence), and come to His cross for salvation and redemption- Would spend eternity in hell. We do not have to understand the concept or reason of a soul burning in hell forever, Christ said it, and beings that we have no other truth, answer or Messiah to go to, (except for the unsubstantiated foolish theories of man, dumb idols, or some yoga spinning around with their heads and beliefs in a trance, we need to commit ourselves, as believers, fully to the awesome profound seriousness of what an eternity in hell for a soul represents- and our responsibility to that by fulfilling the second half of the "Great Commandment" which is to love others, putting feet in the physical world to what we claim to believe in our hearts.

In other words, its time to get serious about our faith and stop running in vain cycles like the worldlings do. Where have you been going Christian? Have you been running in vain cycles? Day after day, week after week, year after year, trying to survive and make it in this world, but meanwhile doing nothing for the Lord while your life slips away? That tomorrow may never come, stop counting on it and start pressing on for the kingdom today, forget those worldly concerns and let the dead bury their dead, you need to begin progressing with visible results for the Lord- crowns being laid up daily and increasing ministry and fruit, increased service for your Master, growing in grace and knowledge of Him, before you suddenly find out that you've run out of tomorrows.

Are your goals only Physical? Things pertaining to this present passing world? work, vacations, materialism, comfortable retirements? Is your life for the Lord useless and choked out by the cares of this life? (Just another life only fit to be gathered with the tares and burned- never having yielded any eternal fruit)? are you even making a significant investment in your children that they might at least bear fruit as a crown of rejoicing for you in that great day of out Lord- or will they just follow in your vain footsteps.

As I look out about at the "Laodician" Christians in conventional churches it seems for the most part to be actually pretentious forms of Godly living lacking in any genuine fruit, people only mouthing religion, but lives with no serious motivation to move ahead progressively everyday. (Though this condition is largely the result of a satanically mesmerized church with no vision in the leadership either to be passed on to the people). They have no more vision than the blind world does, carried away in mundane strivings, one pay check to the next, going in debt for things they don't need, just living for that illusive carrot of worldly success and hoped for, but never attained, satisfaction for their flesh- Sunday Christians.

Each day should instead be a day to pray over each morning, that you might serve your Lord better, lay up a crown, and move forward to a higher calling in Him, higher ground spiritually, to make at least one more step ahead towards a closer walk with the Lord, greater intunement with His Spirit, and helping towards God's people living more effectively for Him, SEEING SOME SOUL SAVED because of labor...and then after each day, looking for something done, that at least in some small way has forwarded the church of God, and demonstrated more love for others...and further, that tomorrow, by God's grace, that we might do better than before.

If almost all that you do is take thought and put effort for things of this life, and that is likewise all you produce and instill in your children, accomplishing things for this temporal existence, (which all will be soon dissolved), THAN WHAT LITTLE YOU HAVE DONE OF ETERNAL VALUE.

Each day instead, prostrate yourself before God, crying out that you might, by His grace, be of real service to Him, seeking and desiring that opportunity to do something of eternal value. Don't be content to just live in VAIN CYCLES, barely progressing, even in the physical, and with NOTHING to show for your Lord.


START LIVING JESUS NOW! (www.livingjesusnow.com)

There's much to be done, the fields have never been so ripe unto harvest, and it doesn't matter if it's winter, this is a battle! Don't expect it to be easy- you'll have to trust the Lord one moment to the next seeking His guidance one step at a time- but step out and get started. Brethren, we need to lift our eyes from the grinding stone wheels of this life, lift our eyes from mere survival in this world unto the mission of the kingdom of God- and begin pursuing those things which when this short life is past, we have what's been done for Christ- which lasts. There's a soul out there right now that's waiting to hear the gospel of eternal life from you! There's a hungry soul waiting for you to bring them some food, there's a breaking home you can help mend, there's a lonely old man and a sick old lady, there's a man in jail sorry for his sins, but with no one to cry with- While you labor for what? Another laugh, another pair of shiny shoes, another video, a bigger barn- another dinner out?

Brother, our values are out of order, misplaced, and bottom line- SIN!

My hearts desire and prayer for this modern church is that she be extricated from this world and immersed in the Spirit Jesus Christ. "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace".

Don't listen to the spiritual cosmetologists who can only cover and patch-up your wounds, and try to put you back in the race one more time, only to be defeated again by sin. The only thing that will save you now is major spiritual surgery- RADICAL REFORMATION REQUIRED!

You may fool others with your pasted on smile, but you know in your heart that you are not "Living Jesus". The world is neither impressed or persuaded that you are really any different than they are- except that you "say "you are a Christian and try to prove it by a few surface appearances. What do you think they are- stupid? They know you don't sacrifice to show love for others... that you only give,effectively, token gestures out of your abundance- why even the "household of faith", your very brethren are in need- why even the Federal government puts the "Christians" to shame, and the Red Cross, as far as helping others- and this "love" is supposed to be our great commission!

They don't care to see your Sunday parade, they have pretty clothes, cars, and nice buildings- so who are you trying to impress? The Jones's in the pew next? (I wonder if there will be pews in hell)?



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