"The Bad News of Salvation"

"Broad (wide) is the road that leads to destruction, (Hell) and many (most) are going that way- and"narrow" is the way to eternal life (Heaven) and few there be that find it."

Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:13)

Therefore, according to Jesus, if you are just going along with the crowd down the "wide road", If your life, values and "WHAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR" are little different from most people, then you are probably on the wrong road. "LOST" and on your way to hell- not heaven,

(and the enemy does not want you reading this, or to take the message of salvation seriously).

The Apostle Paul put it like this by way of warning:

‘Examine yourself (look closely) and see if you are in the faith" (And not just kidding yourself) IICorinthians 13:5

or, as Peter put it

If the righteous scarcely be saved- (holy people barely make it)- Where (do you think) will the ungodly and sinner end up? IPeter 4:18

(no doubt- HELL!) (sorry but these are the hard words of the Bible)

"It's a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God" Heb10:31

"...and whosoever was not found in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire" Rev20:15

Don't take your eternal destiny lightly, or just believe what most people (on the "wide road") may have told you- for like Jesus said: "What shall it profit a person if they gain the whole world and lose their own soul?" (Has a great life but then goes to Hell- FOR ALL ETERNITY!) Mark 8:36

Now, you might ask, why would it matter to people like us, where you end up?

However, what could be more important to you, (or to us if we claim to truly LOVE others), then where you will spend eternity? Its like a neighbor knocking on your door late a night, and disturbing your sleep because he feels your house may be on fire- should he apologize for alarming you about what he thinks could be true? Is it not more his obligation to do so? And is that not why Jesus gave us these commandments- to love others and "Go into all the world and preach the gospel"? Shall we apologize if we disturb you by being obedient to our master? I think not, for we don't really love Him if we do not keep His commandment to love others- which includes you, whoever you are.

Therefore we continue...

Principal one (the BAD news of salvation) is that...

Most people, according to scripture, are blindly on their way to an eternal HELL.

Second: We need to examine ourselves whether we are saved or not.

Third: What must we do to be saved and to be sure that we are of the "few that find it"

This is the GOOD NEWS that there is an...

ANSWER: For Jesus said: "I AM THE way" (The only right road), "THE truth, and THE life And NO man can come unto the father (God- go to heaven) but by me." (Jesus)

And: "He that believeth in me" (Jesus) "Though he were dead" (spiritually- and on their Way to hell)"Yet shall he live" (Be born again-saved) John 11:25

The key (operative word here, then, for salvation, (going to heaven) is to "BELIEVE" on Jesus

HAVE YOU BELIEVED IN JESUS? (For apologetics (support/evidence) regarding JESUS study "General Opinion Survey" this site, (PS: "Seek and ye shall find, Knock and it shall be opened to you").


Remember, the Bible warns us that "The heart is deceitfully wicked, deceiving our own selves" Jer.17:9 So what does believing in Jesus really mean? After all, your eternity is the most important thing to you- though the enemy of your soul would have you stop reading this and think about other things- God is saying right now, friend, you had better be sure about this matter, and do not let the devil distract you until you've settled it.


If God would pull you out of this world right now, DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU WOULD SPEND ETERNITY? You had better not do anything else until you are sure, if the Spirit of God is holding your attention at this moment , then hold on and don't look away until you are sure you are through the "gate", stop whatever else, and begin crying out to God in repentance for Him to save you.


A Prayer for Salvation (THE GOOD NEWS)

"Lord God, I want to be with you, I want to receive Jesus Christ as my God and my savior right now, I want His blood to wash away my sins, for I believe you took my punishment for me on the cross and rose victoriously from the grave. I DO BELIEVE IN JESUS, and I do surrender my heart and life to you Lord, be merciful to me and come into my heart as you promised, and henceforth, I want nothing more than to be found with you in Heaven when this life is over, and to hear you say in that day of judgment "You have been forgiven, well done thou good and faithful servant, enter ye into the joy of the Lord!"

(That, my friend- is THE bottom line of all life)


Friend, have you sincerely prayed a prayer for salvation, putting all your faith and trust in the shed blood of Jesus alone to save your soul? If so, you have crushed and broken satan's hold over you, and thereby are born again of the Holy Spirit of God.

But if so, what now?

What next shall I do or look for in my life so that my own heart does not deceive me, so that I can be sure that this supernatural rebirth has occurred? Jesus said:

"By their fruits ye shall know them" (Those that are truly saved) Matthew 12:33

What are these "fruits" (effects) of salvation that Jesus said we can expect to see if/when we are truly saved?

If you have just prayed a prayer for salvation for the first time, and meant it, (receiving Jesus Christ as your savior) His Spirit is now within you and has begun a work called "sanctification", which is a cleansing growth process of a new heart which is now spiritually alive (and this will have a lasting, irreversible and eternal impact).

However, you may have prayed like this before but didn't see any significant or lasting effects. (Then it simply didn't "take"- the prayer was not sincerely from your heart, you had not really fully believed, or was not yet fully convinced of the truth of Jesus Christ) see Matthew 13 about the "Sower and the seed" Maybe you've prayed that prayer before and it had some effect, your life and values are somewhat different from the crowd on their way to hell, but you MUST be convinced that you are saved, in such a most grave matter as your eternity. This is something that there is no room for any doubt- in 1 John it says: "These things have I written unto you so that you may KNOW (be sure) that you have eternal life." I John 5:13 "KNOW"- beyond a shadow of a doubt that the seed of the gospel has conceived in your heart and is growing to produce fruit (Read the book of James from the Bible about unproductive faith)

There are a number of powerful effects that the Spirit has in the lives of the children of God. One is a realization of what sin is, a hatred of it, and the strength to resist it. All unrighteousness is sin which the Spirit drives out of your life and gives you victory and power over- even your old nature of the devil. God's new nature in you is pure, peaceable, and loving, and the primary fruit you can look for is LOVE

The fruit of love is why you are reading this right now. The Spirit of God within us is causing us to love you enough to be concerned about your eternity. There is nothing that pleases our Lord more than our obedience to His commands, which is to love Him by loving you and giving you this GOOD NEWS of salvation- for us to point you to the savior, that you may likewise be SURE THAT YOU ARE BORN-AGAIN. (as well as the bad news- if rejected).

If you are a new believer, or just thought you were, this is the primary effect to look for to be sure that you really believe and have been born again:

JESUS said: "BY THIS WILL ALL MEN KNOW" (Which includes you)

"THAT YE ARE MY DISCIPLES" (Have truly believed)

"IF YE LOVE ONE ANOTHER" and... John 13:35


If a person is truly born again, (saved from hell and on their way to heaven), their whole life is to love other's souls into the kingdom of God.


IS THAT WHAT YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT? "Christian"? Have you forsaken all, denied yourself and followed Him? Will you, even to the death for the cause of others, as Christ did? _____________________________________________________________________________ If you are saved the message that you are reading doesn't bother you, and in fact you rejoice with us in it, however, if something disturbs you about this message then you are probably lost, and on your way to hell.. In which case we hope it does bother you exceedingly, even enough by the Spirit of God that you repent and cry out to Him to save your soul. We pray that you would truly receive Jesus as your Savior right now, and that you may share with us in the soon return of Jesus Christ and His eternal glory.

If you may have read this to rapidly, copy and go back to it in a quiet place, there's nothing more important than your eternity. Don't let the enemy of your soul steal or snatch this seed out of your heart. Especially reread the "Prayer for salvation" and if your heart is convicted cry out to God to make it real and genuine in your life- to the inner most parts of your soul, and to produce the evidence of the fruit of His Spirit in your life- that you may KNOW that you have eternal life.

Further, find a Bible and begin reading the New Testament, and also try to find some others who truly love the Lord to fellowship and grow with. DON'T LOOK BACK UNTIL YOU ARE SAFE IN THE ARMS OF JESUS, keep your mind and heart steadfast on Him- looking forward to the kingdom of God,

Sincerely, your fellow pilgrim, Jonathan

Why Does God take our sin so serious?!

"Because Adam and Eve rebelled against God, they were cast out of the Garden of Eden. They could not just simply repent of their sin, ask forgiveness and regain paradise. No, sin was too scandalous, too polluting and too blinding for God to forgive on the basis of prayer alone. God is extremely, almost incomprehensibly, holy and pure. He "lives in an unapproachable light whom no one has seen or can see..."(1Tim.6:16NIV) He cannot tolerate evil. He is "of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity" (Hab.1:13) His holiness and righteous anger demanded that there be a just punishment. Either the guilty party, or an innocent substitute, would have to be punished. Have you ever been so angry because of something wrong someone did or said to you that you banged the table, kicked the door,etc. ? I remember as a rebellious youth making my father so mad that he picked up an oak stool and slammed it into a nearby fish bowl. I thought "that could have been me." Well, it is sort of like this with God, in whose image we are made, except His anger is always righteous and justified. God has chosen instead to take out His anger on an innocent substitute so that when a man sees that a life had to be taken because of his sin, he would get the idea that "that could and should have been me."


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