How would your life been rated if you died today?

How suddenly and totally unexpectedly ones life can change forever- or find themselves in eternity.

This is an example from my life when I was rear-ended by a pickup truck that was racing another after they crested a hill just behind me. (10-1990) By God's grace I crawled out of the burning wreckage with only scratches.


How would you rate your life if it were totaled up right now? (Score each category 0-10)

Score it (A): Relative to all of human existence/history (best we can surmise all things considered)- that is, the big picture of all that have ever lived.

Score it again (B): Relative/compared to those born in modern America (Since the end of WW2, say 1946)

Here are 5 categories, at a possible 10 points each (X2) compared to (A) All human existence, and (B) those born in modern America- possible 100 points total.


1. Happy and most fulfilling life, happiness, contentment, belonging and acceptance, friends, loneliness or love experienced, over all satisfaction with life- (matters of the heart) (may not be relative to factors of physical circumstances such as listed below).

2. Blessings verses Struggles- (all your physical matters inherited or experienced), includes: amount of freedom, wars suffered, government oppressions, handicaps,injuries, unpreventable loses,, imprisonments, intelligence, wealth, health, food, comforts, circumstances, and length of life, etc.

3. Opportunities and/or blessings afforded you: country born into, family born into, time in history, natural talents, intelligence, wealth, or gifts etc.

4. Use you made of your circumstances or blessings, success Vs failure, (relative to 2 a 3 above)

5. Possible effects of your life positive or negative- if any,(especially long range) , value or contribution to society or the world.

6.BONUS QUESTION(Extra- Not part of above score) FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, faith in God, Peace with God, relationship with God, having pleased or served God, fear of God, confidence at His judgment, amount of sin, concern to serve and love Him/others, time involved and effort toward same. e.g.: "Treasures laid up in Heaven" (This #6 category pertains to those who hold this faith/belief) Most who hold these beliefs would probably feel that this category is the only one which really matters and therefore makes all the other 5 irrelevant to the value of ones life- and therefore must/should be scored independently of the others.



Here's a score card to use: (Not including item 6 above) Feel free to print it and complete (and send me a copy while you're at it- as well as the previous surveys, thanks)

Category A (Relative to all the history of human existence best we can surmise)(0-10 points each) Note: Keep in mind that most of us live as kings compared to the bulk of human historical existence.

1. How you feel about your general happiness/contentment with your life if totaled today? ______%

2. What you've actually experienced in your life_____% (0-10pts) (Facts of your life thus far)

3. What blessings or opportunities were you granted in life? __________% (0-10 pts each)

4. What use YOU made out of your blessings and/or circumstances above ______% (0-10 pts)

5. What overall value (if any) does/did your life have to anyone else or the world? ____% (0-10pts)

Category B: Now, for the second half of the evaluation, try to compare yourself in the same 5 categories to just those having lived in modern America.

6. General happiness compared to other modern Americans? ____% (0-10 pts)

7. What you experienced in your life compared to other modern Americans ____% (0-10 pts)

8. Blessings or opportunities you received compared to other modern Americans ____% (0-10 pts)

9. What use/benefit, or how well have you utilized your blessings or opportunities as above ___%

10 What have/did you contribute compared to other modern Americans ____% (0-10 pts)

How does your life add up? TOTAL SCORE: ___________%


The Bottom Line

BUT: If God be True (and every man a liar) What is the REAL value of your life for all eternity?





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