The death of community...

and the death of a vision?


The meeting house-where the greatest of singing and sermons were heard...never again?

Too close to Heaven on earth- a picture perfect panorama of peace




What does one need of life? but to fear God and keep His commandments which is to love others-

so why are we so far apart and striving after so many other things which do not satisfy?



Elmo Stoll- Truly a great man of God, who almost saw his vision come to pass-

But does it have to end because he passed on?


(Elmo Stoll: Mar 5,1944- Sept 2,1998)

Note: The "Christian Community" in Cookeville, TN., lasted approximately 5 years and is survived by at least three similar communities founded by Elmo Stoll in the US and Canada.

The Amish Tragedy

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"Keeping Hope"

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