Jonathan Wayne Selby


Early Life and Childhood

Jonathan Selby was born on October 28, 1946 in Mapleshade New Jersey. His parents were Elwood and Lillian Selby both from the Philadelphia area. Jonathan had four brothers, (David, Steven, Wilmer (Known as Phil), a younger brother Daniel, and the youngest sibling Lois Ruth). During his early school years Jonathan was known as a daydreamer and as being very artistic. He also loved playing outdoors, with cars an trucks in the dirt, cowboys and Indians and "Tarzan".

In Junior Highschool (Carl Sandburg JH Levittown Pa) he participated in some school plays, morning school devotions over the PA system, Bible club, and the school newspaper art staff. However most of his extracurricular activities were minimized as he usually kept a newspaper route as did his brothers. During highschool (Abington HS Abington Pa.) he started a couple of businesses such as Christmas tree lots, landscaping, and selling various products door to door.


After Highschool Jonathan went to Philadelphia College of the Bible for about 6 months, took a car trip around the country, was in the Army for about 6 months and during these couple of years began seeing Lisa Kevra who was to become his first wife. She bore him two sons, Eric Andrew and Jonathan Shawn. Most of his employment during this period was as a mechanical draftsman. His first marriage only lasted a few years, near the end of which he opened a coffee house in Jenkentown Pa called Shawns Cafe.

Within a relatively short period of time he met his second wife Bernadette Albertinas from Philadelphia. She bore him four children. Christina, Angelyn, Nathaniel and Joseph. This marriage lasted about 13 years, during which he had several ventures, including a controversial tree house in Hatfield Pa, horse back riding business, and Selby Enterprises Incorporated whereby he endeavored to market several of his inventions, including receiving a patent for a pop-up disposable kitty-litter box. Near the end of this marriage Jonathan also took a trip to visit Israel having to hitch-hike from Holland.

After his second marriage ended he lease-purchased a million dollar campground in Pipersville Pa area and endeavored to begin a project called "New Family Ministries". Which he had grandiose vision for but was lost after conflict with the local government over zoning and other issues. It was after all this that he relocated to the Lancaster Pa area seeking an alternative lifestyle amongst the Amish. He also went back for college his first year there. (Lancaster Bible College), after this he taught school for a while in a one-room Amish school house. During this time he also met his third wife, Maria Knepper of Fulton County Pa., and they soon relocated to the middle TN area interested in a conservative group that had a formed a community there. Maria bore Jonathan four children, Jedidiah, Obadiah, Abigail and Christiana. This marriage lasted about the same length as his previous one after losing custody of his children.

Later Life

After the end of his third marriage he moved to the Asheville NC near his daughter Angelyn and her family. He then received work and residence managing a trailer park there. During this time he developed his website further and began producing independent programs for Asheville's public access television which he is still involved with. After managing the trailer park for approximately 5 years he secured a place in the mountains of Yancey County where he enjoyed the nature and outdoors that he loved so much as a child for about a year before returning to the Asheville area. His current enterprise started in october 2009 when he opened a cell phone store in West Asheville and has hopes of opening a cafe in the same building.

Update: March 2011. Sold my cell-phone store to a friend and as of now planning to meet up with my son Joey end of this month and try our pioneering venture probably in TN one more time.

(April 2012)Been here a year now and making progress- got a horse an some chickens- and fellowshipping at a great conservative church!

UPDATE: April 21, 2013. Been living here near Monterey TN 2 years now but I guess im packing up to create a new home one more time- maybe this will be my last in the land of the living?

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