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15 Question Public Opinion Survey

Re: Current Events and Basic Beliefs


1. Would you accept a government sponsored "National ID" card?

2. Should traditional marriage (male to female) be upheld?

3. Would you accept a "Fingerprint" (or other) matching Body/card ID system?

4. Would you accept it if was law or if you HAD to in order to still transact day-to-day business?

5. Do you think there will be an end to the world?

6. Do you think it might be relatively soon- say within a hundred years?

7. Have you ever heard of "666" and or the "Mark of the Beast"?

8. Do you believe that there is a "God" and there is also a "Devil/Satan"?

9. Do you believe that there is a "Heaven" and a "Hell"?

10. Do you believe that "JESUS" is the "Messiah and/or the Christ"?

11. Do you believe that He (Jesus) was God incarnate (in human form)

12. Do you believe in His death as the only atonement for our sins and His resurrection from the grave?

13. Do you believe that He (Jesus) is coming back again?

14. Do you believe that He (Jesus) is the ONLY way to Heaven?

15. Do you think or believe you will go to Heaven?

Why? (To your above answer)



86 Questions

1. Would you accept a government sponsored "National ID" card? Y (yes, sure, no problem) O (Other)N (NO- count me out)

2. Would you accept a "Fingerprint" (or other) matching Body/card ID system?(Be it via fingerprint, face voice or retina scan, DNA etc.) Y (yes, I would not be worried about it) O (Other, no conclusion etc.) N (No- I would want nothing to do with it)

3. Have you ever heard of "666" and or the "Mark of the Beast"? Y (Yes) O(Other) N (No- never heard of it)

4 If given enough time, the way technology, scientific research, archeology, and space exploration are going, science would eventually answer most all questions pertaining to the origin of life and the universe, on the basis of their current theories. T ? F

5 Believing in YOURSELF is what’s most important to obtaining success T ? F

6 If I had a LOT OF MONEY, I would probably buy a big house, costing at least a couple-of hundred thousand dollars, an expensive condo, elegant apartment, or whatever to live in. T ? F

7 If you are making “BIG money”- than why not be wearing fine clothes, driving an expensive car, living in a luxurious home- enjoying the “Good life”- after all- if you earned it or received it- whatever- you deserve to enjoy it! T ? F

8 I believe like most scientists say, that the earth resulted from a massive Explosion billions of years ago- the “Big Bang” theory. T ? F

9 I believe that life developed from tiny organisms, or whatever, and after millions or billions of years, humans finally evolved from something like monkeys. T ? F

10 I believe in “UFOs” and/or life (in some form) on other planets somewhere. T ? F

11 There may be forces or power at work in the universe, but I do NOT believe in a “Supreme being” or entity- which supposedly made and rules all things T (There is NOT) ? F (There IS

12 I do NOT believe in ghosts or spirits of ANY kind. T ? F

13 All religions contain some truth, therefore it’s not important which one you follow if it helps you or makes you a better person- they are all just different paths, or ways people use to come to God, or a conclusion about life. T ? F

14 What people do in their personal lives doesn’t matter at all, as long as it doesn’t bother or have a negative effect on themselves or someone else. T ? F

15 If a person does not want to raise THEIR baby, they should have the right to get rid of it by any LEGAL means (and all legal forms of abortion are acceptable) T ? F

16 People that are essentially like “Vegetables” should be just painlessly removed from their struggling lives, (and under such circumstances their consent is irrelevant. T ? F

17 The Bible story of creation does NOT explain things as fully and as well as scientific theory, and leaves too much unanswered. T ?F


18 SOMETHING would have never come from absolute NOTHING (No matter how long you waited) T ? F

19 The SOMETHING that must have ALWAYS existed, has also ALWAYS had some degree of either energy, power, or life. T ? F

20 Creativity and intelligence are known characteristics of rocks, and they are likewise capable of reproducing same. T ? F


21 The SOMETHING that must have ALWAYS existed was, (at one time):

A) INANIMATE (Lifeless), powerless and unintelligenT. A (comment: yet somehow produced all these things because they exist now)

B) ANIMATE (Has ALWAYS been ALIVE), powerful and intelligent B

C) DON’T KNOW, no conclusion, other, etc. C


22 There is a law of physics (or thermodynamics), which essentially states that over time- things (unless acted upon ), tend to:

A) Accelerate, progress and/or develop A

B) Deteriorate and/or lose energy B

C) OTHER, Don’t know, etc., C

* NOTE: “COMMENTS” are NOT to be considered part of the statement or question, but author’s opinions only.

23 I prefer to put my beliefs of creation and/or the origin of life in: (multiple choice)

A: Inanimate objects (with or without energy)> A *(comment: Which somehow produced all things, (even creative, wondrous and intelligent) by chance and circumstance, etc.- (and to which I don’t have to worry about possibly being held accountable- either).

B. An awesome LIVING God.> B *(Comment: Who has given us this opportunity called “life”, and a free CHOICE to accept Him out of LOVE, and not because of FEAR- ( Not of fear because we can believe a lie instead if we want to).

C. OTHER, (Don’t know, other, etc.).> C

For a Narrative on this Subject CLICK HERE


24 A “choice” is NOT a “choice” at all, without at least TWO options to pick between. T ? F

*(Example- “comment”: Likewise, therefore, Man would NOT have a ”FREE WILL” to believe in God, (or the truth), unless they could also choose to believe in something else instead- if they wanted to, for example, to believe SATAN, (or a lie)- (thus possibly, the reason for satan’s existence).

25 If, in a certain matter, there were only TWO choices provided, and they were opposite in nature, then the results or consequences of making that choice- would probably be opposite as well> T ? F

*(“example/comment”) “CHOICE”: 1) Believe and accept the truth, (of God) and ( result)= LIVE, (Spiritually/ eternally), or: 2) (reject the truth), believe and accept a LIE (of the enemy) and (result)= DIE (Spiritually/ eternally)

26 You have to make it on your own, and others are not responsible to, nor should they be expected to help YOU- so just “Look out for number one”- take care of yourself, (and those close to you, or dependant on you).> T ? F

27 People need to be, and should be, PROUD of themselves and of their accomplishments- (“Pride is a good attribute).> T ? F

28 Due to man’s inherent “Fallen nature”- we ALL betray God’s love to some extent. T ? F

29 Failure is failure- if the penalty’s the same regardless- than the penalty’s the same. T ? F

30 If GOD mandated a penalty or consequence, (for whatever reason), then it would have tobe paid- (by someone).T ? F

__________________________________________________________________________ (Hypothetical Questions)

31 If you really loved someone, and they could not afford to pay for something, but you were able too, than you would probably do that for them. T ? F

32 If you wanted to help someone, (and you knew they needed your help), however, that person wouldn’t accept or take your help, (or didn’t appreciate your love), and in effect said that they didn’t need it, or want it- and that they could handle the situation without your help, (and you had previously promised and determined that they would have a free will, and make and be responsible for their own choices,(as you) then: you would not force them, (even if you could), to take your help, against their will. T ? F

33 If someone offered you a check for ten million dollars, and you knew the check was good, but you NEVER accepted it, or cashed it, or had it deposited in your account, would your belief in the validity of the offer do you any physical good? Y ? N (yes) (no)

34 If someone were to knock on your door late at night and say- “Your house might be on fire!” you would either: (multiple choice)

A) Find out RIGHT AWAY- before anything else, if it was true or not, and if so- you would immediately do something about it! A

B) You would say, “Thanks for your opinion- I’ll check it out sometime when I get around to it”. B

C) You would ignore them altogether and go back to bed.C


35 Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, therefore, churches and religious people should NOT be going around trying to influence other people to believe the way they do, or telling them how to live etc.- (or even trying to influence their own children for that matter), to believe the way THEY do! They should just consider everyone intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions about things, without being fanatical, or acting as if only they have the “right” answers or way- (and just about everybody else must be wrong). T ? F

36 What you believe is- TRUE for you, but that doesn’t mean it’s TRUE for SOMEONE ELSE (the truth varies depending on different individual’s beliefs). T ? F

37 A lie, (or falsehood), maintained in one’s MIND so long, (because they are unwilling to accept the truth in their heart), may finally incubate, or develop until they end up actually believing the lie in their HEART as well. T ? F

38 I do NOT believe that there is LIFE after DEATH. T (Agree- is NOT) ? F (IS)

39 I do NOT believe that there is a place of “EVERLASTING TORMENT” or what some fanatical people call “HELL”. T (is NOT) ? F ( IS)

40 Many people in various religions give up a lot more for their beliefs than Christians, (and even live better and more dedicated lives), therefore, Christians should NOT say these other people of different faiths are all going to “HELL”- just because they don’t believe in, or have not accepted and obeyed their “Jesus”. T ? F

41 A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, and likewise, this concept of investing ones life in some hoped for- future “heaven” is foolish. After all, we only have one life that we are sure of, therefore we should enjoy it to the fullest and get as much out of it as possible. In other words- if it’s legal and it feels good> DO IT! T ? F

42 Putting ones faith or confidence in churches, religions, doctrines, rituals, or “good works” is NOT what God is looking for from people. What God desires from us is personal faith In HIM, and a life lived in appreciation for what He has done for them, (on the cross). T ? F

43 Though there are many opinions, theories and beliefs, and though no one knows exactly, (though some would be closer than others), there nevertheless remains- SOLID and ABSOLUTE TRUTH to the REALITY of ALL things, and the sequence of events. T ? F

44 It takes more “FAITH” (belief in something unseen or not personally experienced), to believe in the (scientist’s) theory of creation by time, chance, accident and chaos, (“Random selection”), than it does to believe the Biblical explanation of creation by an orderly, intelligent and powerful God. T ? F

45 Only an absolute FOOL would risk an ETERNITY, (Which they KNOW as NO end), over a LIFE, (Which they KNOW will END)! T ? F

46 The greatest thing that you could do for, or give your child, (If you had/have one), would be the goal and vision to receive the prize of going to Heaven. T ? F

47 It makes sense that God, would/should or did, provide and preserve for us some kind of witness, record, and/ or revelation as to the TRUTH, as to what life is all about. (Such as the Bible is purported to be). T ? F

48 LIFE IS A MYSTERY, that we’re all kind of stuck in-“there’s NO getting out of here alive”, (unless you believe in this “rapture” concept- where all the Christians are suddenly physically removed from the earth), Nevertheless, the essential truth of “What’s going on here?”, and “What or who’s behind it?” etc., (multiple choice)

A Can NOT be discovered by a person. (There is simply not, so far, enough evidence to form a definite conclusion) A

B A person can make the truth whatever they want it to be. (and that makes it true). B

C “Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you” C

D Other

Q’s 49-51 PICK THE ANSWER THAT IS CLOSEST TO YOUR OPINION ON THE STATEMENT: T TRUE- You AGREE with the statement (and would make the same or a similar statement) ? DON’T KNOW, other, NO comment, etc. F FALSE- You DISAGREE with the statement (and would NOT make the same or a similar statement)

49 The only thing that’s REALLY important- is what’s ETERNAL. T ? F (or of eternal value)

50 It has been said that: “there is NO such thing as a PERFECT crime” This expression means essentially that due to human nature’s subjection to err, for example, that if an investigator of a crime or whatever, would probe long enough, that he would probably find a clue to solving it, where the perpetrator “messed up”, overlooked or failed to take something into consideration. (would find the key or break that puts the whole puzzle together). T ? F

51 It would be easy for: a person to one day decide they would like to be the “Messiah” (of all history), then appear to fulfill all the prophesies concerning the prophet that would come, (including such things as where he would be born, and his ancestry etc.), convince a bunch of people to write lies about him, allegedly perform fantastic miracles, live a blameless life, and be so determined to “pull it off”- that he would allow himself to be nailed to a cross and DIE a horrible death. Further, it would be easy to arrange for your friends to steal (your guarded) body, and be willing to say that they saw you later go straight up into the clouds! It’s also easy to persuade your friends to be tortured to death as well, in order to make the scam look really good, and to perpetuate a LIE- (especially that you were even GOD!)- And-BE SUCCESSFUL at it (all without a catch), and further, IMPACT THE ENTIRE COURSE OF HISTORY UNLIKE ANY OTHER EVENT- and not be disproved even after 2000 years! T ? F

* NOTE: Please answer the above statement before reading and/or possibly being influenced by the following comment/opinion of the author. (COMMENT: The above described historical event could NOT have been a mere “Human endeavor”, for it would have been FAR more than just a “Perfect crime”, and would have been simply impossible to “Pull off”, (or to have occurred by accident). An event of that proportion requires literally thousands of inter-related elements, factors and criteria, as well as timing, to fall perfectly into place. If someone had set out to accomplish the predicted plan for the “Messiah” , (accomplished only by JESUS CHRIST), by human efforts, it would have never worked, and it would have failed somewhere along the line- simply due to the sheer numbers, complexity and extent of required factors- (study it a little if you doubt That). Further ,no doubt, someone involved , (of the thousands), would have exposed it, messed-up, blown it, or prevented it some way from happening as predicted, or discovered something to prove it a hoax before now.- The advent of “CHRIST” was definitely, nothing other than- divinely ordained and orchestrated, (In fact, because we can NOT disprove it, neither can we risk, (if we’re realistic), disbelieving it- and possibly ending up in HELL as a result)! It could have only have been, and He (Jesus) could only be, exactly what the Bible claims, (Not a scam, but), DEVINE and the ABSOLUTE TRUTH as to what life is all about- And who else even comes close to comparing with JESUS CHRIST? NO ONE- There’s simply NO contest! Surely He is the one-, and ONLY ONE, surely the world’s MESSIAH has come, accomplished what He had to- (and like He said)- WILL RETURN AGAIN IN POWER AND GREAT GLORY (and receive with Him into glory, all those who have put their faith in Him alone and His cross to save them from their sins).


52 Which seems wiser? (Multiple choice)

A. Enjoy this life for ALL that you can get out of it! (Ignore any concern about God- and possibly find out in the END, that you had defied God and that you WERE accountable, but WILLFULLY ignored the TRUTH- and SPEND ETERNITY IN HELL!). A

B (Possibly) miss some pleasure or whatever in this short life, and dedicate your life to seeking and pleasing God, and in the END, hear Him say- “Well done thou good and faithful servant enter ye into the joy of the Lord” (Forever!) B



53 There are a lot more important things to me than “Where will I spend ETERNITY?”. T ? F

54 Which of the following statements seems to be more generally the attitude? (Multiple choice)

A. Most people seriously ponder, probe, and are concerned and interested in considering and talking about what LIFE may be really all about. A

B. Most people would rather talk about anything BUT those kind of things- (“Baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet we can talk about all day”- but I don’t want to talk about- (OH NO!) “religion”- God forbid!”). B



55 I would have rather spent this survey time entertaining myself in front of my TV, or some other amusement. T ? F

56 NOT believing in God or accountability to him, would allow more freedom for a person to do whatever they wanted to, or felt like. T ? F

57 If you agree with the above statement, (or if it were true), could/would that influence some people to NOT to want to believe in Him, (possibly subconsciously)? T (YES) ? F (NO)

58 If life was like some kind of profound chess game between an ALL knowing GOD and something less- I would definitely place my bet on the prior rather than the latter. T ? F

59 If there was another, or better way, for God to have done things here, (in order for Him to accomplish whatever His purposes were/are), I’m sure He would have done it that way. (For Heavens sake- give God the “benefit of any doubt”)! T ? F

60 A person may realize more, (especially subtle things), in their subconscious mind, than they are aware of, (or care to admit), in their conscious minds. Also, one’s subconscious mind may pick up a pattern, (or even a message), and communicate it to the “conscious mind” where it can act as a choice or a warning. T ? F

61 Life seems to have been designed with opposites co-functioning (or competing) purposefully in it. (eg: Birth/death, day/night, pain/pleasure, love/hate, birth/death, give/steal and so on). T ? F

62 A person could be held accountable for what they know is the TRUTH, (Whether they ever faced it or not). T ? F

63 Some people give up almost everything so that they can give more towards “serving God” or the “Cause of the Gospel”- that’s really going TOO far, and is unnecessary (and even foolish). T ? F

64 If you live right and are kind to others, if there is a “Heaven” and a loving God- I am sure He will take you in. T ? F

65 Everyone does NOT have to“BELIEVE” and “ACCEPT” certain same, (supposed), Fundamental- ABSOLUTE TRUTHS, (about anything), in order to be accepted by GOD. T ? F

66 The BIBLE has been written and authored by people, been changed many times, and has more than likely, picked up many mistakes over the years. T ? F

67 I believe that there was a man, called JESUS, (or more than a man), who actually lived on this earth approximately two thousand years ago. T ? F

68 The way stories get exaggerated over time, I’m sure these quote “miracles” of Jesus, have been blown way out of proportion. T ? F

69 It has been said, and I suppose it is true, that NO one else has impacted history and the world, anything like JESUS CHRIST has, so therefore, if there’s ever been a “Messiah”- it must have been Him. T ? F

70 No one else, (at least that I ever heard of), is reported to have been born of a virgin, controlled the powers of nature, given sight to the blind, and life to the dead and more,- (just by speaking the words!), suffered and died on a cross for our sins, and left an empty tomb- with witnesses saying “He went straight up into the clouds”, and then later sent a powerful Spirit to His followers, (supposedly to help them), till He would come back for His “Grand Finale” event! (That’s some kind of an account if I ever heard one!). T ? F

71 The BIBLE claims that JESUS CHRIST was fully GOD IN A HUMAN BODY (“Incarnate”). T ? F

72 It wouldn’t make any difference if JESUS was actually “GOD IN THE FLESH” or not, or if He was “born of a virgin”, or not, (as some people say). , T ? F

73 There are prophecies (which appear to have been written hundreds of years before JESUS was born), describing a “Messiah” that would come, and these do appear to have been fulfilled by Him (JESUS). T ? F

74 From what I’ve heard about this “JESUS” it seems He must have either: (multiple choice)

A. Pulled off one of the biggest SCAMS in all of history, (and was a horrendous Liar)- A

B. Been- just totally out of His mind! (an absolute Lunatic), B (OR),

C. Been (or IS)- WHO HE CLAIMED TO BE- (the LORD even GOD incarnate!) C



75 I understand, (learned/heard), that the Nation of Israel , (Before Jesus Christ came), regularly sacrificed a spotless lamb* (demonstrating salvation from their sins, cleansing and/or atonement), throughout their history, (of man). T ? F

*CLARIFICATION: (NOT part of statement) Records do indicate that the Jewish people practiced various and ongoing “sacrificial offerings” as the aforementioned, all of which reflected conciliatory efforts, on man’s part toward God, but based, (supposedly) on God mandated principals, such as: (1) “The soul that sinneth it shall die”, and/or (2) “Without the shedding of BLOOD there is NO remission for sin”, etc. For further documentation on these beliefs see: Gen 2:17, 4:35, Lev 1-7, Ezk 18:13 (OT) or John 1:29 and Hebrews ch 9 (NT) KJV BIBLE (However, these practices were done away with, or soon after, the advent of Jesus Christ- “Behold the LAMB OF GOD, which taketh away the sin of the world” (John the Baptist).

76 The idea of a “BLOOD” sacrifice, (or a LIFE to pay or compensate) for “sins”, is a weird, primitive religious ritual and belief, and modern educated people, (like us), understand, and know, that they do NOT need to put stock in, or be concerned about such bizarre unpleasant concepts as part of their worship of a “Supreme being”, and also know that there’s no BLOOD or LIFE sacrifice, (of any time, place or kind) that has any bearing on us in this civilized world. T ? F

77 If a person does claim that they believe in JESUS, it makes sense that they would likewise try to follow His teachings. T ? F

78 “BELIEVING” (or NOT believing) something, (This “FAITH” thing), would NOT be the reason God would send a person to Heaven or Hell, (If anything it would be based on how good or bad that they were). T ? F

79 Many Christians say: That, just as there were numerous prophesies foretelling Christ’s first coming, that likewise, now ALL the elements, (and prophesies) are in place for His “SECOND COMING”- (but this time He will come in power and GREAT glory). T ? F

80 The BIBLE prophesied before He came, that JESUS would be rejected by His own people, (the Jews), vicariously crucified, and then believed on by the Gentiles, (non-Jews)- and that’s exactly what happened! T ? F

81 “I’m trying to ENJOY my life- if you don’t mind…and I wish I hadn’t bothered to take this stupid survey- (and should have walked away from it a long time ago). I hope this surveyor, or whomever, appreciates this, because I don’t need these kinds of questions confusing my mind, or making me wonder crazy things like- If I might be accountable to “God” or if- I might need “Salvation”! What an absurd thought- ME? no way! (These are my essential sentiments regarding this strange survey). T ? F OR

(though related, please answer each(81 and 82)question individually)

82 I didn’t mind this survey, and even thought it was rather thought provoking and challenging, and I don’t mind considering these kinds of things. (These are my essential sentiments regarding this survey). T ? F

83 People are as equally susceptible to believing a LIE as they are to believing the TRUTH- The determining factor of their believing something, or not, hinges more on their WILLINGNESS, (to accept or reject it). T ? F



84 Christianity is just another religion, (to be respected like any other religion), and “theory” of life, and we do NOT HAVE to BELIEVE that: “GOD loved us enough to: come down here, become a man, shed His BLOOD and give His LIFE on a cross, (so as to cleanse us from our sins and make us “holy”), in order for us to get into this supposed “Heaven”, (or that He was born of a virgin and rose from the grave!)- get serious! After all, let’s face it; sin is what you make it, it’s all relative, and we’re all human- so, just work hard, be considerate of others, eat, drink and BE MERRY! That’s all that matters. T ? F OR

(though they are related, please answer questions 84 and 85 individually)


85 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever BELIEVETH in Him, should NOT perish but have everlasting life”. I am THE way, THE truth, and THE life, and NO man cometh unto the Father- but by ME” (Jesus Christ). “for the wages of sin is DEATH, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ”(alone). (John 3:16, 14:6, Romans 6:23) T ? F _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

86 BQ FINAL BONUS QUESTION (Multiple choice-) Please pick only ONE of the 7 choices below (A-G)

A I DO NOT accept the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” as THE (only) TRUTH, or, that I need/have to believe on HIM to go to “Heaven”(if there is one). A

B I have been giving this concept of “Christianity” some thought, and I may accept, (Believe/receive), Him as my Savior, some time in the future. B

C I have been considering the message of Jesus Christ for some time, and I feel that I am ready to accept Him NOW! (If you are choosing this option, pray a prayer to Him now- expressing that). C

(The following are for those who have previously made a decision for Christ)

D I accepted Christ as my Savior some time ago, and HE IS LORD OF MY LIFE! D

E I AM a Christian, I accepted Christ as my Savior some time ago, However, I know that I haven’t been living for Him, (I’m out of fellowship and there’s sin in my life), But- I don’t care to get right with Him now. E

F I AM a Christian, but I haven’t been living it- and I know it, and I DO want to rededicate myself to Him and make Him Lord of my life again NOW! F (If you are choosing this option, pray a prayer to Him now- expressing that)

G OTHER (If this is your choice would you mind explaining below, __________________________________________________ Thank you

(We would appreciate your survey answers please see instuctions ahead to submit).


JONATHAN SELBY, PO Box 2326, Candler, NC. 28715


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