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TRUE: You AGREE, (and you could/would make the same/or similar statement) ?- DON’T KNOW: You are NOT SURE, (uncertain, no comment, or other) F- FALSE: You DISAGREE, (and could/would NOT make the same/or similar statement)


1 Love for GOD shown by LOVE FOR OTHERS is the primary fruit of the Spirit in a born again person, and is also the essence of the Lord’s two great commandments. T ? F

2 Where people will spend eternity then, should be the Christians number one priority, (if their life is in order). T ? F

3 The greatest demonstration of love from a Christian to another person is their concern for the other’s eternal destiny. T ? F

4 Glorifying God by getting the message of salvation to the lost should be the primary goal of the Christian’s life. T ? F

5 If something is the PRIMARY GOAL of one’s life, then they should be as devoted as possible towards accomplishing it. T ? F

6 To accomplish one’s primary goal in life, all of their time, efforts and resources should be wisely used, directed and/or geared towards it. T ? F

7 If the Christian’s goal is- other’s souls in glory, then it makes sense that they should be willing to sacrifice some temporal comforts and pleasures of this world, in order to further the cause of that (much) more important higher goal. T ? F

8 Human nature basically tends to be selfish, and therefore people in general, do not want to, or are not really inclined to want to, sacrifice, or give up their enjoyments etc.,for the sake of others. T ? F

9 The Gospel message IS one of sacrifice and “self-denial” for others, (even as Christ demonstrated for us) T ? F

10 It is rather difficult, or even challenging, to try and live sacrificially for others, in a world and culture that is mostly oriented in the opposite direction, (of self-centered gratifications). T ? F

Reminder: T (TRUE- You essentially AGREE with the statement) ? (OTHER, uncertain etc.) F (FALSE You essentially DISAGREE)

11 Just how much of this world’s things, (comforts, pleasures, amenities, toys, etc.), should be sacrificed in order to devote as much as possible to the “Furthering of the Gospel” is a somewhat difficult question. T ? F

12 Missionaries should NOT have to beg (from churches) in order to have their needs met. T ? F

13 Sacrificing for the cause and furthering of the Gospel, should involve ALL Christians, (From the top with the pastors and church leadership on down). T ? F

14 If Christians really devoted as much time, efforts and resources to the work of the Gospel, as they do to making their earthly lives more pleasurable – There would probably be a world wide REVIVAL! T ? F

15 Considering the higher goal, of the “Great Commission”, Christians should carefully evaluate the use of ALL of their time, efforts and resources, to insure that they are being used as wisely, efficiently, (and sacrificially), as possible- towards the Lord’s work. T ? F

16 Christians should not have just occasional “sacrificial giving” but should instead have- ongoing SACRIFICIAL LIVING! T ? F

17 If the church (as an organization) had greater financial resources, it would be able to prepare and send forth more “Laborers into the harvest fields” and to better equip those already there. T ? F

18 A Christian should not keep two coats for himself, if he knows someone who has none and could use one of them (This is still a valid Biblical principal of love for others). T ? F

19 Being concerned about others physical needs is Biblical, (and often a means to minister to someone’s Spiritual needs, as well). T ? F

20 Every Christian needs to examine their life and pray that God would reveal anything in it (unnecessary indulgences, or whatever), that they should give up, sacrifice (or repent of) for the sake of others. T ? F

21 The church should not judge hearts, however, they should be in a position to council, Guide stewardship, and be a channel for the resources of God’s people for the work of the kingdom. T ? F

22Pastors and church leaders, should be leading by example in their sacrificial lifestyles for the cause of the Gospel. T ? F

23 The church should be like a family, (“body”) operating harmoniously toward the same goals. T ? F

24 Christians should all have the same ultimate goal of sharing God’s love with others. T ? F

25 People can not have two equally important “masters” (or goals), and expect to serve both of them wholeheartedly. T ? F

Q’s 23-30 PG 3 SURVEY SURVEY Q’s 26-40 PG 3 T (TRUE- You essentially AGREE with the statement) ? (OTHER, uncertain etc.) F (FALSE You essentially DISAGREE)

26 Christians can not be pursuing worldly temporal attainments, and gratifications etc., and simultaneously be wholeheartedly laying down their lives sacrificially for Christ (by serving others). T ? F

27 The values and standards of living of our culture, society, and the world around us, should NOT be setting the example for the Christian’s lifestyle. T ? F

28 The expression that “One can not see the forest because of the trees”, implies that sometimes a person may be so closely involved in a situation, that they can not get a clear perspective, or see the “big picture” of what’s going on (or how to objectively solve a particular problem). T ? F

29 In this modern, fast paced and complex world, a Christian, if he is not careful, can get so caught up in it, that he loses sight of what his life should really be all about. T ? F

30 An enemy will often try to gradually lure someone into a trap by deception, and once entrapped- that person may not know how to get out. T ? F

31 If someone is caught in a trap, someone on the outside will probably be more able to help them get out, than someone who is in the same trap with them. T ? F

32 People in general, would probably agree, that most modern “Christians” (especially in America) are dedicating their lives, and sacrificing greatly, in order to meet the needs of others, and see souls saved. T ? F

33 Christians are demonstrating that they can live victoriously and unaffected by the world and the morally destructive forces in it- while they are interwoven with it. T ? F

34 An environment with an abundance of comforts, pleasures, conveniences and entertainment, is conducive to Godly living. T ? F

35 God never warned His people to be “separate” and to “be not unequally yoked together” with the Godless and unbelievers.

36 It would NOT be hard, difficult or challenging, for a righteous person to live in a a “Sodom and Gomorra”. T ? F

37 Most Christians spend as much time, in Bible reading, prayer and witnessing, as they do- watching television or playing with their computers. T ? F

38 There is really NOT a lot more that Christians could be doing for the cause of Christ. T ? F

39 There’s so much good stuff on TV- that it’s easy to avoid seeing and hearing all the filth. T ? F

40 Most Christians give as much to the Lord’s work as they do for their personal possessions, pleasures, and comforts etc. T ? F

Q’s 41-50 PG 4 T (TRUE- You essentially AGREE with the statement) ? (OTHER, uncertain etc.) F (FALSE You essentially DISAGREE)

41 God does not expect Christians to live with less (things ,comforts, pleasures, toys etc.) than those around them, (in order that they might have more resources to put more towards seeing souls saved) T ? F

42 The pastors and leaders will NOT be held any more responsible (or accountable) than the “flock”- for the direction a church goes. T ? F

43 I t would NOT be wise for a preacher to risk losing his following, (or to be unpopular), by preaching the truth too strongly. T ? F

44 Jesus got the blessing and confirmation of the religious leaders of His day before preaching what He knew was the truth, and was also careful not to offend anyone or lose their support. T ? F

45 (Generally), religious leaders today, are NOT like the Pharisees (at the time of Christ), and therefore, we can trust them, and look at their lives as true examples of sacrifice and self-denial for the cause of the Gospel, and further, we can also feel confident that our churches have not been led astray by the “spirit of this age”. T ? F

46 Our society and economic system of debt, independent competitive living, insurance, Godless theories, immorality, extensive education and careers, fast paced hi-tech materialistic entertainment filled lifestyles- provide wholesome Spiritual environments in which to raise our children. T ? F

47 God is pleased with Christians living like the world, (with it’s values and priorities etc.), provided that- they go to church each Sunday and give at least 10% of their income to it. T ? F

48 Getting souls saved is a good thing for Christians to do- whenever they can get around to it, (or pay someone else to do it), but that should NOT be the focus of their love and concerns, or of their lives. T ? F

49 I like sitting idly by with my “Christian” friends, enjoying my life… while the world goes to Hell in a basket! T ? F

50 I think I essentially AGREE with what the author of this survey is trying to convey- T ? F (Continue if you answered the above as “TRUE”) and I... (multiple choice- A,B, C or D)

A Still don’t care to do anything about it A

B Will pray about it B

C (I HAVE BEEN), or: I AM WILLING NOW, by God’s grace, to seek the Lord seriously about my priorities, and as the Lord leads, to sacrifice and deny myself for others- that more souls might be saved (LOVE). (“All to Jesus I surrender”) C

D OTHER (Please explain) D

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