("A Call To Action!")


I have really quite had it with all their "teachings" and songs, it's like when the children of Israel were bringing me their sacrifices and burnt offerings, but had no heart for what I was really looking for from them- a broken and contrite spirit.

Enough! with all their studies, and they can keep their praises too, leave their gift at the alter until their hearts are right, until they are first loving their brothers whom they can see. God desires mercy and truth from the heart and not to leave the other undone, for the whole law is accomplished in a broken humility, the heart of a servant in love with His master and one another.

Leave your pretty houses, fine clothes, sweet music and worship in outward appearances, and crawl into the streets, considering your own selves, that were it not for the grace of God alone, you would have likewise been consumed. Go to the homeless, the druggies and the prostitutes, go to the starving children and breaking homes, the discouraged, the widows, those in prisons, those enslaved in sin-

You don't need a bigger church, you need a bigger heart for the lost and dying, that's where you're robbing me by your covetousness. "Wherefore", you say, "Did we do this?" and I will say, "Depart from me, for I was hungry- and you were eating in fine restaurants, I was naked- and you were buying designer clothes, I was in prison and you were on your boat, I was destitute and you were dancing on carpeted floors, even offering praises that you I was receiving from you, but you were not worthy to offer them".

Oh children of God, let's face the real issues, true religion, let's get in touch with the heart of God, let's get a grasp of when our lives are worth while to Him, let's let the love we claim to have for Him be seen on the bottom line of manifestation- that of servitude, sacrifice and self-denial for others, a genuine sweet smelling sacrifice- with that He will not be displeased nor refuse our praises.

Then, when the wine of true love is streaming from our broken hearts and bodies, we can enter His gates in jubilant song and in right relationship with our Lord, and He will receive us with a "Well done" and a smile, into the joy and warmth of His glory.

"If ye then be risen with Christ, (Truly born again- transformed!) seek those things which are above, (of eternal value) Col. 3:1

A Call to Action!

Put on that helmet of salvation, lift that shield of faith and take your stand with your sword of the Spirit in hand and begin wielding it against this vicious enemy! We do not have to be destroyed like this, Our king has given us all we need to be victorious- all we have to do is realize it and avail ourselves of it! Your daughters do not have do not have to be on birth control or pregnant out of wedlock, your sons and daughters do not have to be given to drugs, perversions, lusts or in jail. You and your children do not have to be suffering from stress and broken homes, drunkenness, crime and hatred- this is not the Lord's will, nor plan or fault that we are being defeated. The weapons of the enemy's world of Hollywood, materialism, secularism and modernism do not have to be exploding within our camps, destroying our lives and effectiveness for Christ.

(There will be a remnant that comes through this battle, that has their garments washed in the blood of the Lamb and be clothed in white raiment- a remnant will overcome!)

What kind of soil are you? Will you just lie there and die? Or will you take hold of eternal life and live? Quit ye like men! Choose ye this day, He sets before you life and death. It will not be easy in your weakened condition to receive the adrenaline of His Spirit and stand up and fight as a man to the very end. But unfortunately this decision is the most crucial of your life, for your eternity, and possibly the eternity of your loved ones is at stake. Don't let them go to hell, you've got to hear this call, you have to muster the strength, to struggle to your feet and make a final stand- to expend yourself 100% to destroy this enemy once and for all- SOLDIERS OF CHRIST ARISE!

...Now the general himself kneels beside your wounded and dying body, He is pleading with you, bandaging your wounds, wiping your brow, pressing on your heart and breathing into you the breath of life- But will you respond? Will you have the will to receive His power and fight to the end? Will you awaken out of your coma? Will you do your part in this and demand your body to obey His orders? He loves you and is trying to drag you out of a burning building, saying, "Brother, come on, you can make it, at least try for your helpless babies and children, they are depending on you!

You do have a choice and a part in this, and the battle for the souls of men is not over yet- in fact, the battle is just about to reach its zenith, and the war will soon be over. There is about to be a great assault of God's people against the enemy, and a great calling out of His people during this great falling away, But you will have to fight to be one of those who survive what is coming upon the earth, and unless those days were shortened even the elect wouldn't be saved. Are you a soldier of the cross? If you can hear our captain calling you- awaken now! Don't let yourself fall back into unconsciousness, for you may never awaken again. Rise up now and put your hand fully to the plow for the balance of your life.

Wake up Christian! Strengthen your loins, dress for the conflict and give yourself fully to it- for the battle, the victory and the glory will be to those who overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the testimony of Jesus.Eph 6:10-18 Luke 21:34-36

The Lord's army is in need of a transfusion of revival Spirit, including another real "Apostle's feet breaking" again of His people- loving one another again as when their hearts were broken at Pentecost, only then will we see the power and promise of His Holy Spirit in full measure. The harvest fields are ripe and we need to pray that God will bring this revival of His Spirit, that there might be laborers brought forth- even many full time soldiers and prophets to go out and stir up His army- to rouse His troops to action- for the enemy is upon us and surely at hand, that we might turn God's people away from the covetousness that Egypt's idolatry has taught them, (and the goods which their covetous practices have gained them) and to put all on the alter of sacrifice. You don't need a bigger house, another car, two sets of clothes, or food for tomorrow- what you need is a full time, active, Spirit filled relationship with God- and let Him take care of the other details, ("Seek ye first the kingdom of God"), serve Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, loving others more than yourself, Let go of your junk, throw off the bondages of Egypt and this life, and be free to serve Him in a life of faith, one day at a time-


Why are you hearing this? Could it be the Spirit of God WARNING YOU to flee what is about to come upon the earth, and not to be partakers of her fornications? Will you then bring forth fruit showing your repentance? Don't say amongst yourselves "We have our preachers, and we have our churches" for I say unto you that God is able to raise up preachers from amongst those you esteem least- and that your preachers are for the most part wells without water, entangled and even overcome by the pollutions of the world, and behold now the ax is again laid to the root of all evil, and any who will not believe this- sell their goods and part them to every man as he has need, and will not bring forth this good fruit, will be hewn down and cast into the fire!

Hewn down, lose whatever light they may have had and be sucked into the "Mother of Harlots", even this late religious world system- the great Babylon of the end of this age.

You should ask: "What shall we do?" (Or just shun this truth and be prepared to run away faster than the "Rich young ruler" into your psudo-church caves until you cry out for the rocks to fall on you- in an effort to hide from the wrath of the Lamb- because you would not repent).

But if you will repent, I will answer: "If you have two coats, give to him who has none, and let that premise be the scalpel of spiritual surgery, even to the circumcision of your heart- in every area of your life- all of your time, efforts and resources laid down in love for others.

"After all these things do the gentiles seek"- but you who have been transformed, seek first the kingdom of God, He will take care of your physical needs. Oh ye of little faith- Where is your focus and priority? Even your true love? God or mammon? Are you entangled in the affairs of this life so much that in truth you are effectively put out of the battle for the souls of men, and likewise prevented from laboring for true riches? Have you not yet learned that the Father knows how to feed the birds and clothe the flowers, can't you trust Him to take care of you? Will not His army have their needs supplied.

Money is no problem for God, (especially after "His people" have been accumulating by covetousness for years). Our captain is calling His people to clean the idols out of their houses, to liquidate their unnecessary possessions and follow Him, quit with their worldly holey fishing nets and become fishers of men, following Jesus. We are not imagining things- the world has changed essentially overnight and is rapidly chain-reacting towards the grand-finale of all things- it's time to awake out of sleep, cast off the works of vanity and unrightousness and get into the harvest fields for the souls of men.

Now God is choosing a few good men to be like the apostles again- men who can be trusted, full of the Spirit as Stephen was (Acts 6) NOT men that buy this worlds goods while others perish, but men who having food and raiment will be content as the needs of the saints and others are being met...Christians who are willing to separate themselves from this present evil world and change their diet from ungodliness to holiness.

Your life is a one-shot deal- there is no second chance! Our mission and purpose will never be repeated in eternity, so you are- everyday you have left investing in heaven by what you accomplish here on earth; for the Spiritual and physical needs of others in Christ's behalf and by your love for Him (II Cor. 5:20)


Our priorities are wrong, our lifestyles, concerns and values are too much like the world's, we want to go about this warfare but we're too entangled with the affairs of this life. HOW DO WE GET OUT OF IT? How do we get from here to there? What about our families, our homes, our jobs, how do we survive, how do we remain responsible and still move on to this higher ground- this place of richer Spiritual life, and greater service for Lord? Where is this beautiful Church of Christ?

WHAT SHALL WE DO TO BE SAVED? How did the early church answer these questions?

First, there is no getting around a fundamental principal which has been around since the curse put on man in the Garden of Eden, and that is the responsibility to work and provide for our own,(eg:II Thes.3:6-15) and to have to give to those in need as well. So this is a constant aspect of the Christian's life, however, we need not, either, be consumed by or under a legalistic or judgmental bondage pertaining to this, as we are under grace and led by the spirit, and our priority of labor is always the spiritual things, (Unseen) especially the souls of men- so don't be sidetracked from the ultimate purpose and focus of our lives so as to assessing things according to worldly standards, anxiety or fears- for the Lord provides,

but We must be careful to always do our part, whenever and however He leads- Christ didn't word (Physically/manually) probably for at least three years, and the Apostle Paul had a "right" not to work, while he was involved in spiritual concerns, however, he felt it was a good example to do so. Don't value monetary things as the world does- God will take care of that as long as you're open, yielded to and following His Spirit- that is what's critical (even if you get off track, for that matter).

You must be willing to set your fishing net aside and follow Jesus. Trust Him fully, He knows what's best for you, thought it won't usually be easy, at least in this life, remember: "Our Lord knows the way through the wilderness, all we have to do is follow".

The FIRST thing you need to do is to take some time off to SEEK THE LORD. Pray about everything that you have. Pray about the job you are doing, ask God if that's what He wants you to continue to do, for the time being anyway, then SELL everything that you do not need to live and serve Him., and be prepared to give, or possibly receive depending on your circumstances.

Unload all the bondages and trinkets of this Egypt, have a yard sale, an auction, run ads, however, or just give it away and burn any carnal junk which might contribute to someone else's ungodliness. Possibly sell your house, if it can not be used efficiently for the Lord, or if there's debt involved- we should not be in debt to man for anything, but to love them, the borrower is servant to the lender. If you can get by with a cheaper car, than do so. Don't have two coats of anything if your brother has none.

Also, begin seeking fellowship with plain living, like minded believers, who are likewise separating themselves from the unrightousness and ungodliness of this present evil world. Once your life is stripped down to necessities, and your debts are all paid, (and the church may be able to help you with that), you can begin asking:where to from here?

If you are not immediately joining an existing church community, you will need somewhere to live until your church, (or the one which you are starting) has found some acreage on which to establish a settlement, like a pioneering village, an encampment of God's people. You may share the house you may currently have or another until you find where the Lord would have your church as a base of operation, however, once you have been able to purchase some land, you can go about moving on to it as soon as possible, and developing a simple, independent lifestyle from the world system and influences- but NEVER take your eyes off the goal, which is to cover your basics and get to the battle for the souls of men, even all the while, whenever, doing all you can to win the lost, and share the good news of salvation, never passing up an opportunity to minister or be ministered unto.


The night is far spent the day is at hand, prepare ye the way of the Lord, let His bride come forth from the world, and wash herself from the filthiness of her flesh, and be in unity for which our Lord prayed, truly in love with one another- self-denying, self-sacrificing, sold out in love for the souls of others. Now is the time to bring forth such fruits indicating repentance.

Turn away from this present evil world and surrender all for the cause of the battle: don't look back- press on for the kingdom- that the world may see and believe, that Jesus is the Christ. This will not happen for you if your heart is still desiring Sodom or Egypt. "Quit ye like men and lay hold on eternal life" Choose ye this day to serve the Lord fully, regardless of the cost, for the balance of your life and even your life itself.

There is so much more Christians could be doing if they would stop living like Egypt! The needs spiritually and physically are so great here and abroad, and one of the primary results of sacrificial, simple community living is the cream of resources which surfaces for the Lord's work both financially and in the number of available laborers for the harvest.

During the Vietnam war, and even more recently in this Persian Gulf crisis, many Americans were frustrated, and almost angry, that the United States, with all its power and resources, didn't just- go in there and get the job done once and for all! But evidently, because of "Political reasons" the US was restrained from really unleashing their full power against the enemy. Well, I feel kind of like some of those Americans did regarding the way Christians are fighting their enemy- We have more than sufficient power and resources to put out enemy on the run, but we're instead held back- by what?

Brother and sister, what are your "political reasons", just POOR EXCUSES, nothing more than enemy distractions and entanglements that are keeping you from getting the job done, and I think our Lord is angry too! And if He was to walk into our lifestyles right now, that He would do some powerful "Temple clearing"! And possibly that's just what He's about to do! I pray so, for it's the only thing that's going to save us from pending disaster.

Brethren, can't you hear those babies crying? Don't you believe that the heartache, hunger and hatred is real? And that it is going on all around you and within your reach and responsibility? As you instead of responding, hoard the light of the gospel, and squander the Lord's blessings on comfortable living.

Church, tear out those stained glass windows and padded pews! Get rid of that million dollar pipe organ, and half million dollar gymnasium, you built to entertain the kids, (or convert it to a shelter)- or sell your foolishness to those that don't know any better.

Brother, I don't want to sit and watch your videos- I want to stand on the corner and witness with you, I don't want to bath in your Jacuzzi with you, I want to cry out to God with you in a prayer closet. And I don't want to ride in your fine air-conditioned car to resort seeking lusts, I'd rather walk a dusty road in the wilderness seeking the lost- I'd rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.

I think some modern churches have pretentious overseas missionary works because they feel it produces good public image locally (for "promotional reasons") especially when I see them sending someone to darkest Africa, but won't send workers to a domestic urban ghetto (however, I will admit that I am not sure which is the more dangerous, but fear should not be a factor to the Christian, who trusts solely in God and has already considered their life crucified with Christ).Lost people by the thousands are lost people by the thousands, whether at home or abroad, and just because sin takes on different forms in different places, and different kinds of satanic oppressions, does not change the equality of their desperation and need for salvation- or our responsibility to "all creatures".

To try to ignore the home mission field, or the lost in developed countries with an excuse like- "Well, they're within the sound of the gospel" doesn't cut it, all man is equally under the mandate to "Seek and ye shall find the truth", the only differences are the walls Satan uses, and therefore God's method regardless of where, is one-on-one evangelism, here and abroad, loving all. And desiring that none perish- anywhere.

The bottom line is that none of our missionaries should have to beg or struggle while supposed "Godly" people live in luxury or unnecessary comforts and indulgences. Missionary work is what real Christians are all about, which also includes "Jerusalem and Judea" meaning all these desperate situations all around us here at home as well.

Further, we need to use wisdom as far as what modern advances can be utilized without ensnaring us. All things are lawful for us, but not all things are good for us. We must not become obligated or defendant upon the world's things, or a slave to them- especially as the times of persecution intensify, Christians must be in a position where they can survive without anything modernization provides. Which is also why total self-sufficiency should be one of the sub-goals of the community as well.

Some of man's developments in medicine, transportation and communication may be used advantageously, but with wisdom, moderation, wise stewardship and caution for the time being, and likewise as far as employment, products and services, that brethren are involved with as well. Just be sure that none of those things contribute towards vanity or frivolity. We are engaged in a warfare that requires utmost conscientiousness.

Here are some other reasons why I feel that community living has more advantages over the "way we have it" in this battle. Christian communities provide an overall more consistent and healthier environment, especially for the children, and there is much more constructive things for them to be involved with. Also, there are the benefits of more intimate and improved accountability, fellowship, communications, organization, support and encouragement, plus more efficient stewardship, more available full-time workers, non-competitiveness, better physical health, and a brighter light as a separated Godly people, who have an alternative for themselves and for converts from the destructive satanic influences of this age.

To summarize the advantages of community living consider these 5 "E"s

1. E evangelical emphasis and priority

2 E economical advantages of living simply and sharing, allowing more resources for evangelism

3 E efficiency of working, communicating and pooling recourses as a unit

4 E encouragement for one another by edification and mutual support

5 E environment, an environment separated from the world system, closer to God and nature.

"If you would be perfect- go and sell what you have and give it to the poor" Jesus, Matthew 19:21...

Don't be "choked out by the deceitfulness of riches and the cares of this life" trees not bearing fruit, to be "hewn down and cast into the fire". (Jesus)

Brethren, now that we know these things, let us fully submit to His Spirit within us, if we are truly sons, in order that He might cleanse us from all filthiness of the flesh and Spirit, and perfect His holiness in us, as we appreciate and reverence what he has done and is doing in us. Let the time past in our lives suffice us when we wrought all manner of fleshly deeds for which we are now ashamed, and now forgetting those things which are behind, press on for that high calling.



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