Why am I doing this?!


"Something POWERFUL is in my briefcase!"

There are many "injustices" that have gone on, and are going on, in the world.

From the mass genocide's such as done by Hitler to the innocent life of an unborn child. I have at least nine in my own personal life I can think of right off- no make that ten- I forgot about that (1) fiasco in Tijuana where they put me in a cell (cold dark closet) for a few days- for parking on the wrong side of the street, and then the police took all my money, kicked me around in this cell and robbed my car... and then there was the straight razor against my neck in NY city, I won't even count that one, but let me cut to the more significant ones, especially where the government was unjust- for they are usually the culprits in the most horrific of human injustices- and nothing as bad as this most recent, even of the loss of my four dearly loved and deeply bonded children. (However I suspect that there is at least one more to come when they take my physical life as well).

I can describe some of these examples in my life for you (most of these are contained within my site so I'll describe here in any detail only the ones which are not), this (2) very serious incident, cost me my first home and two children, after I was arrested for wearing a blanket in wildwood NJ, (Misc. articles this site: "Freedom in America")

then (3) one time in Cincinnati Ohio while traveling as somewhat of a Hippie I was arrested and jailed a few days for "breaking and entering" after my car was stolen and a neighbor said I could stay at a place they had just moved out of, but then denied it later when asked by police- though there had been no "breaking" (the neighbor had told me which window they had left open), however that first visit at a jail was somewhat spiritually refreshing, as I spent time in prayer and fasting (the public defender for some reason at the outset of the trial told the judge that I would do well defending myself, which the judge than allowed and which I did), and being in the Spirit with God's help- the court room even applauded my defense and the judge released me immediately. (The jail I suppose was glad to be rid of me anyway after such singing, preaching and carryon as I was therein engaged).

Then there was (4) the incident in Golgatha hill where those Arabs almost crucified me, the gate was open and I had been just sitting up there meditating and doing some art work- not grave robbing! ("The Sacred Hill")...

and this next one (5), a relatively minor incident, but it is just an example of how ridiculous and prejudice the system can be. While living in Cape may NJ one time there was a neighbor a few doors down that would go visit a neighbor behind him and would let his German shepherd bark incessantly for hours, and it didn't seem to bother him but it drove me nuts. I had only approached him as courteously as possible on some of these occasions but these neighbors went ballistic on me and even physically assaulted me on my own property. One was arrested for this after even not restraining himself in front of the police and trying to attack me, anyway, when it went to court the neighbor had counter charged me with public swearing! (which I do not do- anytime!) and these neighbors all testified to the same, (and though my pastor and friends testified contrary)- and even though a few of these dog barking neighbors were even rebuked by the judge for shouting profanities right in his court room! I was nevertheless convicted of that and had to pay the same fine as the man who had assaulted me!

Then there was (6) the incident where the government tore down our treehouse in Hatfield boro there was no necessity to do that, and there is a writing about that on the site and/or newsclippings, as there is with (7) the "New Family" ministry project which they closed down by arresting me for wiretapping- for taping a public meeting, and that would have been a glorious blastoff kind of project of help to a lot of people- if the government had stayed out of it, and (8) there was that beautiful hollow on the mountain in (Pikeville) TN that the government would not help me protect from the Hastings land barren and the adverse neighbors he sold the property out from under me to, then (9 )in Greencastle, Pa, after a flew fire, though I would have done whatever the government required they still forced us out of that home, (especially due to an unwarranted nasty attituded fire inspector from the state police), but all of these pale in comparison to-

(10) this most heartbreaking, discouraging, depressing event of the government destroying my most recent home and taking those four precious children from me.

But these injustices to me, even though I admit give me anger, are not my real concern. Though they may fuel my fire somewhat, these are passing things, temporal pertaining to this life. And I admit that I contributed to many of these things through foolishness or whatever. That is NOT the answer to "Why am I doing this?"

If you read my site you'll soon see that I have very strong convictions about the state of CHRISTIANS!
and this IS paramount-because there are souls going to Hell for eternity as a result of it and THAT'S SERIOUS! and that is not the "LOVE" they claim to have. And they won't let you preach that (against covetousness primarily ) in their churches without being run-out (Look what happened to my brother- (see site page- "Living Jesus Now"). you see...I can not just sit around watching the world go to hell in a basket, (especially having no life left after what the state has done), and to not make known this greatest injustice of neglect by the church".

Further, like my brother Daniel answered someone regarding this issue of covetousness in the church: That man had said to Daniel "Speeding can kill" (car accidents), but I said, "COVETOUSNESS kills millions! everyday in the world, who are starving for food & clothing- while we "fare sumptuously everyday"and live in luxury in comparison to most. Friend- this neglect ("For he that knoweth to do good and does not- is sin") is not only SIN but the great injustice of the "Church" of Jesus Christ to the world they have been commanded to sacrifice for, deny themselves for, and to LOVE.

That is why Iam doing this because of "INJUSTICES" especially by the church for neglecting the "Great Commission"- I am trying to bring some attention to my convictions via my website in hopes thereby, that by God's grace, there may be an "AWAKENING".


A bomb in my brief case?

You bet!


Let it go off in YOUR life!

"For the word of God is quick, and POWERFUL, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart". Hebrews 4:12


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