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Some Thoughts with Sexual References

Who can argue that the sexual sensation and as it is tied to the mind before and during the sexual act is unique and exceeding in pleasure to all other human activities. In the physical food does not compare, a hot tub does not compare, a nice spring morning, a roller coaster ride, the thrill of power or fame, as far as physical sensation, it (sex) has no rival- even close.

And is it just by chance that this one far exceeding experience should be relative to reproduction? Why don't we have that feeling for example every time we create some physical object, to motivate us in that direction? for example how would/could random chance or chaos ever create such a feeling for such an ultimate purpose? no way, that ultimate feeling had to have been created to coincide with mans' greatest purpose, and that is to bring another life into the world.

Now these things are awkward for the Christian to speak of, and yet they are a real part of life and what God has created, and are pure within the context He has created them for. It is ignorant to ignore or attempt to discount the significance and supreme attribute of of the sexual experience or to explain it by chance due to its uniqueness and purpose. Yet some will try.

To the same extend of superseding outstanding uniqueness in the physical for the procreation of the human beings physical lives and bodies, so stands the man Jesus relative to the salvation of our souls and the giving of eternal life. Just as the supreme physical experience gives birth to finite human life, so the spiritual act of faith in Jesus Christ gives birth to everlasting spiritual life.


As climactic sexual experiences are relatively brief events of great pleasure in this temporal world- I believe that praise and worship to almighty God will be a continuous and never-ending spiritual euphoria in heaven.


PS: (Not of sexual reference- just a thought)

When your spiritual batteries seem about dead, our initial sometimes rote prayers can be a mustard seed jump start to the spiritual engine of praying in the Spirit cycling from God.


(Note: "Ike" was the nickname for President Dwight D. Eisenhower, but the clue "ike" for finding this page was selected only to make it difficult for a younger person to find this page and has NO relevance to the subject matter contained hereon).


Feb 11,2005, To: Citizentimes,Asheville NC

To the editor: Recently you were so kind as to publish a letter from me regarding the parents that took their children from fostor care at gunpoint. (Thank you) If this state is really so concerned with the welfare of children why is this going on here?... This is a portion of some lyrics (If you can even print them) that a 13 year old boy was playing and singing too which i happened to overhear- these are readily available for download to whomever (with no words/letters blanked out)- iv heard enough- imagine somehow that it even gets worse! This is horrendous?! and this is the kind of stuff thats destroying our children that we and the state need to get up in arms over!

"We can go to the park after dark smoke that tumbleweed As the marijuana burn We can take our turn Singin' them dirty rap songs Stop and hit the bong like Cheech and Chong It still takes from here to Hong Kong So roll, roll, roll my joint Pick out the seeds and stems Feelin' high as h--l flyin' through Palm Dell Well I was standin' on the corner sellin' rap CD's when I met a little girl named Jan I let her ride in my Caddy cuz I didn't know her daddy was the leader of the Ku Klux Klan We f----- on the bed F------ on the flo' F----- so long I grew a f---in' afro Then I f----- to the left F----- to the right She s-----d my d---k 'til the s---t turned white The m-----f----r whooped my a-- all night But I ain't mad at her prejudice dad That's the best d--n p---y I ever had Got a bad of weed and a bottle o' wine I'm a f--k that b---h just one more time But she whooped out a d---k that was bigger than mine I met this lady from Japan Never made love with an African I f----d her once I f----d her twice I ate that p----y like shrimp fried rice Don't be amazed at the stories I tell ya I met a woman in the heart of Australia Had a big b-- and big t-----s, too So I hopped in her a-- like a kangaroo See I met this woman from Hawaii Stuck it in her a-- and she said I E Lips was breakfast P---y was lunch Then her t-----s busted open with Hawaiin punch Met Colonel Sanders wife in the state of Kentucky She said I'll fry some chicken if you just bump me I c--- in her mouth Put that p---y in a coma Met this lady in Michigan I can't wait 'til I f--- that b---h again Met a real black girl down in South Carolina F-----d her 'til she turned into a white albina F----d this hooker in Iowa I f----- her on credit, so I owe her F----d this girl down in Georgia Came in her m---h now I thought I told ya __________________ Above excerpt from Afroman's "Tumbleweed"


This may be one of my last entries on my site: Take a look at the geography of Israel particularly the dead sea and the sea of Galilee and to the female anatomy and tell me this is not the origin of all civilization. 10-7-05

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