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There is a growing need for real "Christian Communities" especially as times worsen drawing closer to the return of Christ. These literal villages of God's people are havens, refuges and alternatives to evangelized persons.

Here are some reasons why I feel that community living has more advantages over the "way we have it" in this battle. Christian communities provide an overall more consistent and healthier environment, especially for the children, as there is much more constructive things for them to be involved with. Also, there are the benefits of more intimate and improved accountability, fellowship, communications, organization, support and encouragement, plus more efficient stewardship, more available full-time workers, non-competitiveness, better physical health, and a brighter light as a separated Godly people, who have an alternative for themselves and for converts from the destructive satanic influences of this age.

To summarize the advantages of community living consider these 5 "E"s

1. E evangelical emphasis and priority

2 E economical advantages of living simply and sharing, allowing more resources for evangelism

3 E efficiency of working, communicating and pooling recourses as a unit

4 E encouragement for one another by edification and mutual support

5 E environment, an environment separated from the world system, closer to God and nature.


The Ten Commandments of Christian Community Living

1. Due to the intensity of the warfare in this age, Christians should (ideally) live and raise their children within separate communities from the world, (which has become the later Sodom and Gomorrah), only going into this "world", or its market places, keenly aware of their primary purpose as missionaries and soldiers of the cross.

II Cor. 6:14-18

2. All "worldly" influences and involvements are to be avoided, resisted and/or abstained from altogether

I John 2:15-17

3. A community should be as self-sufficient as possible- independent from the world, its products,systems and influences.

II Cor.6:17

4. All of God's people should evidence nonconformity to the world, being transformed that they might recognize God's good, acceptable, and perfect will, and especially in such things as modesty.

Romans 12:2, I Tim.2:9/10

5. That all should share all their resources equally, no one considering anything which he possesses as his own, and not one person living above or below the other, but all working together as a family for the common good, even the kingdom of God.

Acts 2:41-47, 4:31-35

6. All of the brethren are to be mutually respected for their gifts and opinions, and for man to have authority over the woman.

Eph.5, Phil. 2:3, I Cor. 11

7. The church service should always be open to a word of testimony, a word of wisdom, an exhortation, or an individually selected hymn. The worship service should take its example from the new testament: "For you can all prophesy in turn".

I Cor. 14: 26-35

8. Generously, openly, and trustingly being "Given to hospitality" towards all brethren, friends, and strangers.

Romans 12:13

9. Avoiding "Judging another man's servant" (each man being responsible to Jesus Christ), in any areas of "doubtful" issues, let each be persuaded in their own mind in what they allow -however being careful, not to cause a "stumbling block" for another.

Romans 14 .

10 Having our homes in order , and being content with the practical provisions of simple food and plain raiment, (basic shelter)... FOCUS ALL PRIORITY ON THE BATTLE FOR SOULS (Evangelism!)

(Their eternal destinies and their physical needs)- in other words-

I Timothy 6:8 Mark 16:15



We are currently seeking new members, setting aside funds, (Though personal resources are Not a requirement) and seeking land for our first community. Please study this site some and if you feel the Lord may be leading you to join a community like this please contact us.

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