George Bush Vs/ John Kerry (?)

A Comment on Republican George Bush verses Democrat John Kerry:

Coming up on our 2004 Presidential election, (and hopefully Iraq's as well) Iraqi Insurgents and terrorists appear to be significantly escalating their attacks- and of course the worse the Iraq war looks, the worse it looks for the Bush administration.

This appears to demonstrate that for some reason (?) the insurgents and terrorists would rather Kerry be elected than Bush.

That alone should make one wonder if voting for Kerry is the right choice.

Further, although Kerry comes across strong (for example in debate with Bush on the defensive), and even though Kerry is probably right about Bush misleading us, rushing into this was for ulterior reasons, and not fully considering the outcome, etc., (and until Iraq is settled we will not know if the world is better off as a result of our efforts),

there is nevertheless NO way I can support a party (Democratic) accepting/condoning of gay agenda's, and abortion etc.


Am I a Democrat or Republican?

(maybe Independent, Libertarian or just confused.? (Probably the later)

My current understanding of this country's parties leaves me leaning largely republican but not all together. For example, the Democrats are big on big government and government control- and I would pull the plug on most of it. Like national defense, space exploration, welfare and child support systems etc. We'd be better off without it- most of it's a waste. Of course on the abortion issue I'm clearly republican (opposed) and... I don't care about animals (accept as they may be of service and whatever that requires), however, as far as capital punishment I suppose I'm more a democrat because I feel people can be helped, and on sexual issues I believe in God's standards so that makes me republican there, I suppose, I am against drug use of any kind (ideally), but I think the government should essentially stay out of it, I'm republican as to education whereas it should be left more to the family, as to my property, it seems to belong to the government according to the democrats, to which I disagree, just as they seem to think it is their responsibility to care for all the "disadvantaged" whereas the republicans might tend to be more supremist, I resist that later perspective.

Actually, much of the democratic perspective would be somewhat viable in a "Christian community" as to human services and property being more equally distributed, and their social concepts, but I do not believe that these ideals can work in "Caesar's" system. Religion is more do your own thing with the democrat's, where as the republicans seem to say that there really is only one truth, to which I would agree. So if this is the bottom line, that democrat's are more social and big government and republicans more business, individual autonomy and survival (and closer to Biblical standards), I guess I m a conservative republican for the most part. However, I guess I am more democrat as far as attacking other countries because I don't believe in going to war at all (in the physical).

In summary the politics of this world is not my thing, I don't see myself as a Jimmy Baker or Jerry Falwell, because Christ's kingdom "Is not of this world", therefore my battle is not with this world- its for souls. The goal of the gospel is not to save the world, its to change hearts for eternity. What the world governments do is their business- I just wish they would stay out of mine. However, (I do believe in Caesar' police force and courts for genuine criminal activity, that's Biblical).

So let me know what party you think I fit into (if any) after you read my writings...maybe I'm some kind of new "Christian communist/socialist"? (If that's possible) (If communism can also mean (without a dictator but) living with "all things common" in community, or if "socialism" can mean things are owned "collectively" and delegated by the elders- that might work)? but really...I Don't know if I fit into any political party (?)

Jonathan Selby

PS: "Yet he (Dwight D. Eisenhower) chose to declare that he was a REPUBLICAN because he believed that Democratic policies were promoting centralized government at the expense of individual liberty" ...I tend to agree


November 2,2004

I voted today, and as indicated above, I felt largely inclined to vote straight Republican for the reasons expressed above, unless there was a libertarian available, and except if it was a woman candidate Vs a man- I voted for the man, only because (Biblically) woman are generally not to be in leadership positions over men. However, relative to the Presidential candidates, I did not have confidence in the integrity of Bush, nor in the values of the Democrat Kerry, had not explored the credentials of the only other available, the Libertarian candidate, which only left me with the "write in" option, therefore, (some would say wasting my vote- but in hopes my name might come up somewhere as a result, and thereby some might visit my site and that my convictions thereby might be further shared), I did what IM sure the candidates themselves did, and voted for the one I know and agree with the most (Jonathan Selby)

PS: I made the decision to be a "write-in" candidate at the pole, (without first researching it- duh) and now I find out that for that vote to be counted I first was required to submit 500 signatures to the state board by a July deadline in NC in order for the vote to be counted- oh well, now I know- guess its time to start collecting those votes for the next election- (can i put you on my list?).


Could this be John Edwards?

(just kidding)


Comment on Constitutional Rights

The Bush administration is blocking the constitutional rights of certain citizens. If the constitution does NOT read: "The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed unless a felony conviction is involved." Then the supreme court should uphold those rights- or at least provide a mechanism for a citizen to have their case reviewed and their rights retained- and likewise regarding other rights denied convicted felons.


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