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"Selby Specials"

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Newest Selby Special #8

"The Tea Party"


"Jonathan's Journey"

Airing Every Sunday Evening 5:00 PM

"Jonathan's Journey", a regular series Sundays; is not so much a travel log as it is the producer's, Jonathan Selby's, personal spiritual journey. Not only does he bring you up-to-speed on what he has learned and currently believes (though rather controversial), but he also takes you along as he explores new realizations and considerations as to the real meaning of life.

To make a comment on this program Email: jonathansjourney20@yahoo.com


"Shawns Cafe"

(Combined with "Jonathan's Journey" July 2008)

"Shawns Cafe", was a regular series on at 8 PM Thursday Nights, looking back on and following the life of its producer, Jonathan Selby, who has led an interesting life so far and shows no sign of stopping. You can see through his eyes and hear through the ears of his camera as he travels about wherever the Spirit leads. He shares his own inter-most thoughts and feelings as he likewise seeks out others to share theirs as well with his personal interviews and "Surveys". This series will be a collage of his experiences and more.


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Previews of Upcoming Jonathan's Journey Programs

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Episode 40 "The Talent Show"

Scheduled for Sun Feb 2/8 5PM, Tue 10th 7Am & 2:30 PM and Fri 13th 5:30 AM

(These Programs are also available on live webcast at www.urtv.org



Episode 41 "Freedom in Christ" Sun 2/22/09


Episode 42 "Angie's Baby" airing Sun March 1st 5 PM

"Angie's Baby"

This Episode is available for viewing now (free) via URTV's video on demand

Click Here to watch the full episode


PreviewEpisode 44

"Sin or Suffering"

Ran 3/22/09

Click here to watch full Episode




Preview: Asheville "Downtown"

EP 45 Airing Sun 3-29-09 5 PM

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Preview : Selby Special #7

"The Secret Meeting and One World Currency"

Airing 4/5 Thru 4/18

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Preview: Jonathan's Journey Episode 46

"Mules and Cowboy Churches"

Airing Sun 4/5/09 5PM

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(You may view some excerpts on "Youtube" via link below)



Asheville's Mountian Express Article


For further information about him and his beliefs you may also check out his web site: www.jonathanselby.com. and send him feedback via email at: shawnscafe@yahoo.com

For contact info go to: "Contact Information"

Please Continue exploring my site: www.jonathanselby.com


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