its really quite contrived, its really quite physical, its not an on going spiritual life , it really"... isn't, we've been separated, we've been separated by the world from walking with God and (separated by) today's system. What's it going to take? Its going to take a major upheaval, I hate to break it to you, its going to take a major change, you're going to have to change your lifestyles, you're going to have to get more time to live for the lord, an get involved in an environment that provides an ability to walk with the lord, the things you do have to be directly feeding and providing, you have to get the middle men out of your lives, and I'll go into all these things, what I mean by the middlemen, why, ya know that's just like a type of inflation, and all, interest (rates) and everything, its so complex, We have to get back to basics, out of the materialism, living with the things that we need to live, living the fullest we can to the honor and glory of our Lord, out from under the oppression, the oppression of debts and names on lines, we have to get into a more sharing relationship, a more basic down to earth relationship, its going to have to, you're going to have to acknowledge the problem, ask what will it take to change it, and if you want to change, if you're willing to admit the reality of the situation, (be willing to) pay the dues, and believe, that the Lord will really bless it, (as He will), don't expect to do it with a life the way it is now. It's all got to change, and start out by asking yourself what do I really need to live? so that I can, after I provide the very basic things I need for the existence of my body, and those I'm responsible for, for their bodies, so I can give the rest of the time to living and fulfilling a life to the honor and glory of my God and Savior JESUS CHRIST.OK, I just want to preface this side of the tape here, (because) side one, when I did that tape, I was thinking of (making) a somewhat longer book, you know, more comprehensive of (all of) my whole background and feelings, and thoughts, (however) as of late, since I did that first tape, (which was probably a month ago), I've been thinking, (instead) "really, all I want is just a very (short) kind of a commentary" on a, you know, just (enough) to get my basic point across (somehow) in print, just (to have) a foundation (as a foundational tool, my beliefs) in some written form. OK, and (have decided instead than to try and write) something more, a little more exciting, a little more dynamic, something geared a little more toward the general public, initially, (that hopefully might be) it will be interesting to them, and (also) then instead of getting into (my) the very strong religious convictions and so forth, (because) the general public, I think, and (because) I'm going to need a, I'm going to need (to get) some attention, OK, I'm going to need (in order) to really blast this off (to get) a lot of response. I'm going to have to really create, I think, a little bit of a an uproar, uh, I hope to start some controversy, in other words. I think this will bring the response more, and help kick the whole thing off the ground financially as well. So therefore (now) I think maybe the book ought to be geared more towards (catching) to catch the publics attention, a, maybe to set the stage for a controversy between the Christian church and the Catholic church and (amongst) the unbelieving people,etc., (to) get people asking themselves, "well who am I and where do I fit into this? and which one of the people described in this book am I?" Now, I think that I'm somewhat unusual (and) I have some unusual ideas, and, ya know, I really don't think that I'm a nut, I think I just have certain ideals, certain beliefs, (and) certain convictions, that I think are right, OK?


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