a beautiful plan, that's what life is all about, not what you can get out of it, not the empire that you can build, not to keep yourself alive one day to the next. That is not the Bible, that is not the gospel of Christ. There is a warfare going on, don't you realize that? There's a battle going on, for the souls of men, and against the enemy of our souls. Do you look like a soldier? hmm, I mean have you, (or) are you fighting the battle? NO! you're far from that, we all are, as I said, we're asleep, we re dormant, we're going on a canoe ride, and there's a falls coming, you know the falls is coming, I'm on the bank, so how would you like to answer me, would you like to say, "Please don't bother me I'm having such a nice sleep- having such a nice rest, don't rock my boat". If you were suffering under this battle, you wouldn't be so anxious to go back to sleep and ignore it all. That's right, if you were poverty stricken, if you were hungry, if you were cold, if you were desolate, Listen, it's not right, Christian, this is not the mind of Christ, the life you're living, caught up in this Sodom and Gomorra, interwoven into this decadence of this society, oppressing your brother with your brothers and sisters suffering with you, suffering twenty minutes down the road from you. Its not right. I have (for) a long time (been) holding my peace, (but) Christian, I'm not going to let you sleep, I'm not going to let me to sleep, I can not be content with it the way it is, I'm going to do my best to change it, I'm making this movement, writing this book, because it is high. Time,we awake out of sleep, it is high time that we make a change and we change it all.

BELIEVERS "come out from among them and be ye separate and I will be your God and you will be my people". God is not a tradition that you fulfill, He's not a ceremony that you go through, He is to be a living active ongoing communing part of your every waking and sleeping moment, (you are to be) filled with the spirit, speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, (but are you?) come on , you're not even close, you know you're not, witnessing should be so spontaneous- it should be ongoing, it should be the most exciting and interesting thing in your life. It should be the first thing flowing from your lips. Oh listen man, you're more important than your job is, and (so what do) ya talk about- peanuts, baseball, popcorn, applepie, ya talk about everything but what's really important, you talk about everything but God. Send me to a church and I'll listen to the conversations after that church (meeting) and I'll gage their spirituality. How many of them are talking about the Lord? and what an, an exciting- ya know, I'll be honest right now, (as I am) starting to write this book, I haven't been that spiritually enthralled(lately) OK,I'm going through a real restructuring in my life, and now I'm coming out of it, I'm getting things back together, I'm reassessing my priorities, but I've been there, I've been there, when the Lord was such a part of me. When was the last time you witnessed? huh man? when were you filled with the spirit and you're walking with him, witnessing is as spontaneous as, as frequent as breathing, (but instead) well probably when you witness it stands out, you probably say, "hay I witnessed today", or "I witnessed last week, I can't believe it". (You may ask) "So what's the change going to be Mr. Selby? OK, you're right, we're defeated, we're bland, our spiritual lives aren't worth two cents, they really aren't. I've got to jack it up, I need a, I have to keep going to pep rallies for my spiritual life,


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