Man chooses to reject not only the divine creation, he chooses to ignore the sin and the separation between him and that divine creator, he chooses to reject the only plausible redemption and restitution for that separation (or that caused it), that only restitution being the one God (who) also provided in His Son Jesus Christ. All of man having a free will, God creates a world wanting a being in his own image which (means the being) would have to have, which therefore necessitated (it) having, (this being having) this human being having a free will, demonstrated right from the outset by the tree in the garden of Eden- representing that free will. If there was any other way God could of created this being in his image he would have done it. He wanted for his pleasure a being like unto himself and he knew the only way it could be done was to put him into a situation where he would have, where man would have, a free will. A free will, not a forced surrender to the higher being. Look at it, look at the patterns all around you feeding your mind, as you were, your subconscious, look at it, it's so clear, day-night, black-white, life-death, giving-taking, laughing-crying, pleasure-pain, sorrow-happiness, right down the line, you're on the surface of that, you have a free will, OK, God, (in) all his righteousness, all his holiness, demonstrated by all the good things in the world. Listen, I'm no more anxious to accept my responsibility to God then the next person. I would love to pretend that this life is not going on, if, (well) ah, later maybe I'11 get into more of this philosophy
(Nevertheless) It s hard to believe its happened, what ever it took to make it happen most certainly happened, didn't it? and you didn't create it, and I didn't create it, something else put it together, (so) don't be a fool, don't kid yourself for one second, probe your own heart and mind, you know it didn't just happen, it did not just happen, no way, just trace it back a little bit, If there was once in the universe absolutely zero, nothing, there would have always been absolutely zero- nothing, no matter how much time, eons of time went by, you would have never gotten something from nothing, so obviously there was never only nothing, there was never zero, absolute zero, something has always been in existence. If this something that has always been in existence, if that something that has always been in existence was lifeless, zero, totally Inanimate, life would have never happened, there would have always been total inanimacy, nothing would have ever existed with the life in it, so this something that has always existed has been a life form, a living thing. Now look at what's around, would you think that the living being whatever this living existing thing was, do you think it was creative, or do you think that it was uncreative? well obviously it was creative, obviously it was intelligent, so you have obviously, always in existence, a living intelligent, creative being, what being? OK, no, initially maybe not a being- if that connotes a (physical) body, until it gave birth to a son. than it had a (human) body, in Jesus Christ, which we are in the image of. OK, "In the image of God created he them", all right, for his pleasure they are created and for his glory, but he had to create this world to purify, to purge for himself, OK, to try by means of (giving) freewill (to) another being. So it is high time we awake out of sleep, surrender our lives to the creator of the universe, to His son Jesus Christ, the very person of the Godhead who gave Himself for us, to redeem us unto Himself. -


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