It is high time that we "awake out of sleep, the time is far spent, the day is at hand, watch (for), we know not what hour our Lord doth come "" we are stewards of the mysteries of GOD " we are the watchman on the hill- Take those priorities, take what God has said, that life is truly all about. Look at Christendom today, are they exalting, is their whole goal to exalt the person and work of Jesus Christ? Is that their priority? What is the number one attribute of God? HOLINESS, look at our lives, what is the number one sin that the children of Israel did that insulted God the most? It was things, other Gods, idolatry. That is what's wrong, we have lost sight, we have lost focus, of what this life, what this world, is truly all about and we're dormant and we're dead, and we are asleep, and we don't know what to do because we're so asleep. Someone has to, someone has to be used to start an awakening, waking people up, shouting, raising up the believer to realize, to remember, to fall on their faces and Say, oh God, wake me up I'm asleep, I'm next to as dead as the lost and unbelieving people, CHRISTIANS WAKE UP!, if you can (in order to wake others up) you have to be willing to make what ever change is required. Generally people resist change, especially those that are in the rut of life, they hate to admit that they are really doing very little with their lives. (they) hate to admit that they' re not walking with God, they have no real harmony there, even the Christians that read their Bible even once a day, and pray, and go to church a couple of times a week, witness on occasion, they're not really alive for the Lord, its not an ongoing (activity), their not as Enoch, their not walking with God, essentially they're defeated, they're defeated by the life that they're into, the mundane, they don't want to change, no one wants to change, those that are living with the materialism and the security, and the safety of it, (those) people that have life nailed down, they don't want a change, they don't want to realize that they're living dead, defeated lives. The only people that are willing to change are the people that realize, the ones that are under oppression, under bondage, they realize that they're going-no where, they realize they can't get anywhere, they're just grinding out everyday, one day at a time, living from one pay check to another pay check, just barely making ends meet, they're living each day just to get each day done, and get the week done, to get a check,to pay some bills, then go right back into the same thing, living in anxiety and frustration, most of them have signed on the line to the extent that they've signed their lives away just about, "No man can serve two masters". They have signed their lives away to the system essentially, they've been entrapped by it, and they're stuck in it,


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