I will admit that I'm a very human being, very much so. I really don't think that I have been defeated much more than any other believer is by the world that we're in. One of the primary things that illustrate this is Abraham and Lot. You see, what we've done is, maybe Christianity did it as whole, they pitched their tents toward Sodom and Gomorra, they really did. The early church, the very initial Christian church, seemed to be like Abraham- they were willing to give up all as one, as a body, and live in the spirit and fullness of Jesus CHRIST, and that's when the spirit manifested itself. One of the reasons I changed from Pentecostalism is that I think they're trying to feel, appreciate and have that fullness of the spirit in an environment which is far, far, from it. The fullness of the Spirit could never be felt part time. I think, now I am not a dispensationalist, I do not believe that God changes, or that the gifts change, but I believe that mans relationship to God changes and the gifts will change in the same proportion. So what is required in order to get to the environment where I feel I can help myself, my family and other believers get into an a lifestyle which is more conducive to walking with the Lord? The problem is that because of the system the way it is now you can't just go out and say to people, "listen- you people have to be freer and out from under this yoke of bondage" and expect them to change. This is going to be, (there's going to (need to) be a lot more background (here), but in other words, the idea, the overall goal would probably best be described as the following. To have may be in more than one area, several hundred acres of land, good fertile, agricultural and wooded land suitable to a very basic lifestyle and essentially (ideally) self-sufficient. I Should also get into differentiating how this differs from kibbutz's, communes in houses, farming type communes, cults of various natures- (for) none of those things are the intent of this vision, OK, so here is the basic intent and substance of it in a nutshell.
Dear Lord bless this book to your honor and glory, may this book, (and/or) the talks I (may) give, this project if you fulfill it, be only to your honor and glory, and if I ever deviate from that in the least please bring it to my attention, (or) bring someone to to bring it to my attention, (to) show me how I've gotten off the track. Because the whole thing is that I think people, that believers, should live closer to you, and I don't think it can be done with believers being so interwoven in the fabric of this society as they are now, we're living in a Sodom and Gomorra, we're living in a Noah's age before the flood, and the way I read your gospel this is not the way it should be. Help me to do whatever I can to change this to your honor and glory



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