They weren't so ultra extreme like the Amish, where as the Amish felt they could be totally withdrawn from this society, because that focus then became their God. The Mennonites at least moved out to the extent where they realized Christ and they realized that there were certain involvements that were going to be unavoidable.

Nevertheless we are warned regarding this world, to be in it, but not of it. However, they've lost sight of that, they really honestly have as far as I'm concerned, and I will try to express in this how and why I feel that they've lost sight of it, and I won't pick on just them, but I will pick on them because of their standards that they claimed and which I think they have quite clearly gotten away from, but I'm going to take a brief attack at every prominent religion including the one that I'm (was) a member of, which is Baptist.


(A fundamentalist Baptist church). I'm going to take a very strong attack at them. The reason I'm not going to attack them foremost is because they are not even waving a banner of non-materialism because they don't want to rock the boat, and I have some (very, which they may take as insulting) reasons why I believe that they don't wave that banner. I will go into in this book, and I will describe also how I believe CHRISTIANS, true believers in Jesus Christ, the person of Jesus Christ, those who claim salvation by faith in Him alone, How I believe they can change, and how I believe lifestyles of those Christians have to change in order that they can actually live fulfilling their purpose as born again believers. I will go into my theology as to what I believe, and why I believe it. I will also get into some of my philosophies. If I get into some philosophies which are not contemporary I will clarify them as such and say that I do not necessarily hold them out as true. I do not really want to venture out of what has been commonly held as Biblical fact and truth to where I cross into the realm of what may very well be just man made theory. Now, I have for a long time held, and been frustrated by, my feelings about these things, and I had hoped by a number of different means to do something about the state of affairs in my personal life so that I could be closer to God, by the change of lifestyle I'm going to describe. I have for a Long time been frustrated by it because I was oppressed by the same thing everyone else is, but if I can do it for myself and I could do it for others as well, that would be tremendous, and it would be a tremendous ministry as well. I will also go into in this book different ways, different things in my life experiences that happened to me, I will admit my faults and weaknesses,


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