Uneditied Misc. writings by Jonathan

Most "Christians" would say that they have no problem with the foregoing list- why then do I seem to part company with them
between points 5 and 6?

It seems to me that most "Christians", for all intents and purposes, effectively stop at point 5, they think they have gotten saved, but then go about their lives like the Egyptians, and everyone else, except now they say they have faith in Christ and go to church- Instead of their lives being fully offered as a love sacrifice for the needs of others and the battle for the souls of men.

If upon examination (Prove yourself if ye be in the faith at all) you realize that the logical order is correct, and you too have have really dropped out of the race at point 5, I suggest that you repent and pray to God that you might be truely saved- (For faith without manifestatation is actually non-existant- "dead"), or-Correct me if I'm wrong.


The following Jonathan posted on a pop machine at a "Christian" retreat and repeatedly torn off and finally officially requested not to be posted by the sponcers of the event:(Bedford Pa. via Charity Christian Fellowship, Leola, Pa.)



"...and whosoever was not found written in the Lamb's Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire which burneth forever and ever." "If any man would come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me."

Freewill baptists and other kinds of Christians claim they believe that everyone has a free will to choose to believe in Jesus Christ, (and thereby be "saved" or "born again"), or to continue to reject Jesus and thereby be thrown into hell for all eternity.

I QUESTION IF ANYONE REALLY BELIEVES THAT- (including me) If there is anyone who really believes that, I'v never met them or knew by their lives. If there are some people out there who do believe that, they either have no grasp at all of what an eternity in hell would mean, or they have little or no love, or both, when measured by their response

(Def. note- (Agape) Love: "The primary indication of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit". JS)

Could you believe that Jesus could make this statement: "Peter, do you love me?...Than love others as I have loved you and laid down my life for you." If anyone really believed, (That people who had a free will to receive Jesus and didn"t, would go to hell for all eternity), their lives would be sold out 100%, all of their time, efforts, and resourses, "beyond the call of duty", to rescue those souls on the way to hell. NOBODY is fighting this battle like that. WHO will live that out?, self-denying, self-sacrificing, all that they are, heart, soul, mind and strength, to loving God by loving others, especially with foremost concern for ones eternal destiny ? The command has been given- "GO ye into all the world and preach the gospel". If not us- who? If not now- when? Will you foresake all and follow Jesus- are you really a believer? ...or will you walk away from this, back to your fishing nets, denying Jesus? (For the price of following Jesus is your life).




Answer: They that live Godly in Christ
Jesus- will suffer and deny them-
selves, take up the cross and follow
the Lamb. ( II Tim.3:12 & Mk 8:34)

SUPPORTED BY THY WORD" (And His promises)

Isaac Watts



"Without a vision the people perish" Proverbs: 29:18

How should Christians be living in these modern times?
Certainly the "Ultimate" Christian environment will not exist
until Jesus is visibly present with us, however, what is the
"Alternative" to this present "World system"? For, our current
culture and society is a fast paced whirlwind of blurred vain
dreams and lusts, leaving masses of humanity in it's wake,
frustrated and hopeless- and sadly, many who have some faith
in Christ find themselves victims of same. Is there any real
solution, is there any feasible alternative to this vicious
"Rat-race" cycle, which either consumes or expels by its cen-
trifugal forces so many into desperation, heartache, depression,
and discouragement?
"I HAVE A VISION", though it is not for everyone. It can
only be for the people of God, for the people of their natural
father, (the devil), can not appreciate the virtues of Christ.
Further, the "Vision" and "Alternative" can only come into
existence if and when enough of God's people repent and truely
come together in mutual love for one another, (even as Christ
taught us).
The morals, values and economic struggle, of satan's world
is no wholesome place in which to live, and the fruit of its
destruction is everywhere- it makes a great battleground, but its
no pittCfc; Lu rctlau children. T know of a group of people, that
I will refer to for now, as the "Horse and Buggy" people, who
have proven an alternative that works, however its "walls" are
very high for most people to get into or to survive in. However,
I believe that God is calling a more viable vision into being,
and calling His people to respond to it.
God's people do not have to live in selfish competition with
one- another as the worldlings do, they do not have to have a con-
stant bombardment of the enemy's filth or self-gratifying influen-
ces- nor do their children. We have the resources to have some
peace in this world, some haven from the storm, (afcleast for a
while yet), communities of love and nurturing, and with practical
outreach to those in need, spiritually and physically. But we
will have to "Come out 'from among them, saith the Lord", from
among this mad world, and come together in genuine, (even self-
denying) love, for this to happen.
If we'll submit to the Holy Spirit now, and be mindful of
the nature of Christ, there may be atleast some alternative, some
middle ground, between the world which doesn't work, and the ex-
treme of the "Horse and Buggy" people, which will also work, and
is likewise according to God's will. A place where Christians
can both dwell secure and still minister effectively.

It's hard to describe one of these existing "Christian
Communities", so you really need to visit one, to appreciate
them, and the concept definitely works,and is by a long shot
better than the way we have it, and obviously closer to the way
we should be, than as we are, (which is much closer, if not the
same, as the way the world is- which lies in darkness!)- if you
follow what I mean. These environments are rustic, shady, (except
for the fields, of course), with fresh streams, peaceful, humble,
quiet people, healthier children, void of self-centered competition
and instead people living in love with the Lord, and therefore with
love and concern for one another. They work with more basic,
natural means, devoid of almost all modern developments.
We need not go as far as they, no motors or electricity at all,
but nevertheless, we need to learn what makes their system of
living Godly lives work, for the ones that we have now, critically
infected by the world, are not working- if you are honest in ex-
amining the results and fruit. What time is it?- Do you know where
your children are? and what will they have if they continue to
follow this "world's" course?,(if it isn't too late already).
Lusts, abortions, divorce, drugs, sleeplessness, greed, frustration,
and finally, most likely, to end up in hell- is that what the Lord's
will is for you? I think not, so why not change if you still can?
THERE IS ANOTHER WAY to live and die, but it will take some
faith and effort to get there. We can build basic homes together,
in a pastoral environment, and work simply, (Without the family
being scattered all day, and what's left being given to the TV,
and parents and children hardly knowing each other).
We can provide an "Alternative" to the "world" and for those being
destroyed by it. Friend, brother or sister? It simply isn't work-
ing the way it is. Until you've tasted of the honey called,
"spiritual harmony", even the unity of love, it's hard to imagine-
Therefore, COME AND SEE.
and, only by God's grace, that "VISION" will be fulfilled
for us too, only somewhat different than the way it is for our
friends in the Amish style Christain Communities.
Note: There are only about five of the aforementioned, that we
know of, that are essentially fundamental to fch@ faifch, (Not
"Amish" or not of cultish nature).
Please feel free to come and visit us and get a better idea of
the "Vision".
Jonathan Selby

The vision of the "ACC" is to have, by God's grace, a community
of conservative Christians, sharing or owning land ).n close prox-
imity to one another, wherein they can mure erficionfcly and effec-
tively work together for the cause of the Gospel. By living in an
environment of this nature there are obvious advantages for Believ-
ers, as opposed to living in the competitive, self-centered ".Rat-
race" of this modern world. For one» a rural, God-centered, nur-
turing, family oriented setting is much more wholesome for all mem-
bers and more protective, especially for the children, from "world-
ly" values and influences. Also, economically, it is much more eff-
icient than totally independent living, and resulting resources
above "needs" can be more readily channeled to the Lord's work.
Further, by working together as a church "family", more time is
freed-up to go out and share the gospel and minister.
Homes should be built as practical as possible to accommodate the
members of the household, but not at all "lavish" whereas to cause
a "stumbling block" of covetousness.
Most employment should be of a "Home-business" nature, as opposed
to mothers and fathers having to work away from their families any
more than absolutely necessary.
Clothing should be modest providing no occasion bo the flesh, in
that the over-riding rule of conduct is our love for one another.
In any areas of "Doubtful disputations", (see Rom.M) let each be
persuaded in their own minds, (within reasonable Biblical standards),
as to what they allow. Therefore,
In keeping with the priority of love for God by love for others,
the central purpose and goal of the "Alternative" Christian Comm-

The ACC Church will therefore endeavor to maximize all resources,
spiritually and physically, to the accomplishment of these goals,
(Including by such means as personal sacrifice and self-denial),
Fundamentals of our faith:
1) The authority of the scriptures, which state:
2) "By grace are ye saved through ^aith" (alone) in the
shed blood of JESUS CHRIST our LORD, (even God-incarnate),
risen and soon to return in power and great glory,
3) "Faith without works" (effect) "is dead" (non-existent)
4) "Love not the world neither the things that are in the world"
5) "Come out from among them and be ye separate, says the Lord"
6) "and this is His commandment that we love one another,
7) "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel."

All ACC property will be held "In Common" by all the members,
(Regardless of the amount of money one may have contributed).
At any time a member desires, (or,is asked), to break fellowship
with acc, The acc Church will endeavor to reimburse such a mem-
ber, if they so desire, but only if the church has sufficient
funds to do so, without jeopardizing the solvency and progress-
ion of the overall community and the goals thereof.
Regarding any dispute pertaining to the above, all members will
be asked to acknowledge this understanding, that any and all
monies invested are, in essence considered as "Gifts", to the
Lord's work, and that ACC holds no liability to perform any
obligations from moneys received, (Accept such responsibilities
as the church has to God alone).
I, the undersigned, do hereby acknowledge, that I have read
and understood the above pertaining to any and all moneys,
(including time or effort) that I might invest in the ACC.

(NOTE: Although the vision for a community of this nature is desired the "ACC" as an organization does not currently exist)



My Vision of a Real Church
When I envision a real church I see a church like the one the
early apostles were part of. I look for the same attributes that
were seen when the Holy Spirit was manifested in that first church,
(in and through His people). I also look to see the attitude of God's
people when this great out-pouring of His Spirit occurred- the condition
of their hearts.
What were the attributes of the Spirit demonstrated there, and
what was the attitude of His people at that time- and are we meeting
the qualifications? Qualifications like being broken, yielded, moldable
clay, obedient to and fully surrendered, to the Lord, and anticipating
the Master's promise, even the out-pouring and empowering fullness of
His Spirit that we may be able to do His work- His way.
I should state, at the out-set, if it is not already obvious, that-
1 do not believe that that initial "ideal" church was some special event
which God did not intend to continue, or that He would never grant again.
I believe that His Spirit, (and all of the fruits, gifts, ministries,
power and even signs thereof) are available and perpetual to and for
all He calls, without repentence, even the fullness of His Spirit- if,
provided that, (conditionally). His people, (us), which are called by
His name, would do their part, and humble themselves and pray, and seek
His face, and turn from their wicked ways, (Show works indicative of
repentence)- as the early church did, then God would respond as before,
even in surely keeping His promise to us which be at this time afar,
with the same kind of intense out-pouring of His Spirit in these last
days, even a resantification of His bride, prepared for His return and
that great wedding celebration.
Knowing that God will always do His part, and does always fulfill
His promises, surely it is us (even His church and bride), who is and
has fallen away, and are not doing our part- not meeting the qualifi-
cations of having a broken and contrite heart, and have instead commited
adultery by allowing ourselves to be drawn after the idols of Egypt.
Where is our willingness to completely surrender to the Master? Do the
scriptures confirm that God's people of the early church had a require-
ment pertaining to these things- and so therefore there is also a
requirement for us that we might also receive His promise?
Acts chapter one and verse two shows that the process started with
the Lord giving commandments (plural), which now of course apply to us,
and a specific commandment to first go and wait together upon the Lord,
(at that time in Jerusalem), for the promise and power of the Holy Ghost
to come upon them, (Acts 1:4 and 8). Note: These brethren had already
been saved and received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit when the Lord
breathed it upon them (see John 20:22)- but there was a greater fullness
to come, and which they had, to have to truely be His witnesses, they
could not, nor would they be expected to carry out the awesome task of
the "Great commission" without that accompaning power, and they were
willing to do their part- to be obedient, in order for the promise, to
be bestowed upon them.


We know that the principals of the Lord's commands have not changed,
nor have they been removed, and likewise that He would not break His
promises, which are to all He would call (Acts 2:39), So I say again, that
the problem surely lies with us and not God, as if He were not willing,
or that He would give us a "stone" instead, (though false prophets and
wolves will and in fact are, and poor counterfits at that, which would
deceive even the elect- if it were possible). The sequence of the process
for God's promise to come is quite easy to follow in our minds, if we can
just be obedient by a willingness in our hearts and readiness to respond.
(1) The Lord gives His commands, (and He has). (2) Then we need to be
obedient, (but have we?), and then (3) He responds and bestows His power
and blessings. What is this obedience than that we must be lacking, (For
surely we do not have and have lost the power that His early church once
had- and needed that they could do the works of God)?
The disciples and that early church (of about 120 people), had been
given and knew in their minds what the great commission was, (as we),
under the banner and mandate of-"Love for others", to go and preach the
gospel to every creature. But something else had to come first, and this
is where we need to retrace our steps. The early church, first became
of one mind and heart, united and obedient, that they might then receive
His power to go forth. Granted that even our obedience is by His grace,
and even this grace is available, however- we must open the door- be
willing- even to foresake all and follow Him to the death of our selves.
We have been going forth in our own power, even the strength of our flesh,
and have picked up from our church heritage, a lifeless and powerless body
We need to fully submit to our Lord Jesus Christ and be willing, which the
producess obedience through His grace, that we would then receive the
fullness of His power and annointing upon us. This is why we are failing
so miserably- we have not been willing to, and therefore have not become
obedient to, denying ourselves and thereby separating from the world for
His work. If and when our hearts become united in willingness, then we
will be obedient, united (one heart, one mind, one body) and in the right
place to receive the power of the Holy Ghost to do His work and be His
witnesses. We need to go back to square one and begin the sequence again.
From His command, to us being willing and obedient, to receiving His power
and then by His strength, going out to the ends of the earth with the
gospel of eternal life, carrying the cross of Jesus, a pure santified
bride, united in the power of His love. (John 14).
The brethrens first act of obedience, knowing that they could not
run the race without God's full annointing and power (Why can't we admit
that) was to do nothing else until they knew they had received it- and.
when they had there was no doubt about it- they were empowered! and so
can His church be again, if they would but humble themselves under the
mighty hand of God. It was their first and only priority to get on track
with God- all to Jesus they surrendered, all to Him they freely gave, the^
would always love and trust Him, in His presence daily live- not just Wed-
nesdays and Sundays. Are you willing (square one) to surrender everything,
to put it all on the alter of sacrifice? for you'll never be blessed and
have peace and sweet rest till you yield Him your body and soul, your
reasonable service considering all He's done for you. How can you do less
than give Him your best and live for Him completely7


Jesus's first command, to get on track, was to go to Jerusalem
and wait for His power. (Be assembled at a specific location), and they
continued there, they had no other place they wanted to be than in the
service of their Lord, in one accord, and I believe without ceasing,
(one continuous fervent prayer for revival power to fall on them, being
unified in the Spirit and in desire to serve the Lord with nothing less
than the full power and annointing of the Holy Ghost, as they were also
pleading and supplicating to the lord,prostrating themselves before God,
exposing their hearts to His deepest surgery that they are willing for
Him to have His own way, totally broken at the cross, willing to foresake
all and follow their Lord, regardless of the cost- that, my friend, is a
broken and contrite spirit that the Lord will not reject, nor refuse to
grant His promise to!, even the full measure of His Spirit. (That awesome
power of almighty God flowing out of a regenerated soul) Do you see the
attitude of their hearts and how far from there we've been led astray?
That, I believe, was the condition of their hearts that the Lord had
brought them to- through their willingness to the potter, when the day
of Pentecost had fully come.(Acts 2:1)- They were still there in one
accord, in prayer and fasting! (Being sure to the fullest of their know-
ledge, that they were doing their part in being obedient and that their
hearts were right). Then when they were. God kept His promise and fell on
them with an incredible and powerful force, empowering them to truely be
His witnesses.
Note: I do not buy, that this current charismatic movement- ("get
rich quick, you can have it all, fat-cat televangelist spirit) is the
same humble genuine power that was seen amongst the apostles of our Lord.
The power of this popular movenent is more like that of Simon the sorcerer
than Simon Peter.
The spirit and attitude of the Godly people upon which the Holy
Spirit fell in a dramatic way, was one of broken contriteness,surrender
to the Lord, manifested by self-denying love one for another, to the death
of their own selves and the glory of Jesus, (again, not what we see
going on so far out there, which is just the opposite, one of self-esteem,
emotionalism and covetousness). When the power of the Holy Spirit (not
a counterfit) fell it welded them together as a family, deeply in love
and surrendered to the Lord and one another, "and they that gladly
received the word. were baptized (Acts 2:41), united with them and contin-
ued together in fervency, not worrying anymore about their possessions,
sharing all that they had, daily together and in one accord, and seeing
souls saved the way they should be when His power is present- by the
thousands, and with this church then. God granted great signs and wonders,
as the united, powerful and santified bride of Christ demonstrated who
she was for the world to see, even that Jesus Christ is indeed the Messiah
sent from God to be the Savior and King of all- and He wants to do it
again if we'll be willing.
May be you're not. May be you won't respond to this cry, may be you
are already in too deep with this late babylon and the "Mother of Harlots"
However, Just because you may not be willing to pay your life to be part
of it, does not mean that there will not be a visible church (bride) for
our Lord to return for.


I think, pray and believe that there will be a clearly visible
body of Christ, (Bride/church) prepared for our Lord's return, and I
desire, if the Lord preserves me by His grace to be a member of it.
and I pray and labor that this revival will soon begin, especially as
it seems that all the worldly things are ready, that again the multitude
of us who believe would soon be brought together and His power again be
seen, that the place where we pray would be shaken even with all the
undeniable manifestations of His Spirit as before, including that
beautiful demonstration of real agape love for one another, the opposite
of covetousness when no one considers anything that he has is his own
and none of God's people lack anything that they need- a true family of
God. . • (partial paraphrase of Acts 4:31-35
What do I think this real church would look like?
A real church is not a building where/or a group of people meet
several times a week and then go about their lives effectively dis-
connected the rest or majority of the time, doing their own thing for
their own benifit, (except for a few token gestures of their Christianity
The church I envision is an intimate family, joined all the time as a
body is, living together for the common purpose of glorifying, demon-
strating (and growing into) the very image of Jesus. As we have it now,
ever since the persecution of the early church, we have been blown into
pieces (though initially allowed by God's purposes), however in these
last days to be brought together again by our mutual love. I am holding
out for, believing, praying and dedicated to seeing His body in unity
again, as the Lord also prayed (John 17), especially for His return.
It is simply not working the way it is. ^cconmically it is not wise
stewardship for God's people to live independantly, there's no account-
ability that way, we're defeated on everyside by the enemies people,
their Gods and influences^and we have no unified front against the enemy.
His local churches need to be independant church/family units to be
protective as Abraham and no longer living as Lot. I believe that it is
the Lord's will and mind of Christ for His people to pull out and regroup
at this time as it was at the beginning of His church and in preparation
for the end time events and His return, and even if His people will not
repent and withdraw from this wicked generation on a large scale, may I
by Gods grace be part of a remnant that no longer defiles herself with
the filth of the world she is in. When He comes will He find faith on
the earth- or will they all be lulled to sleep by this worlds anesthesisr;
Wake-Up Church of God your redemption drawefeh nigh! I pray, hope and wor}
towards that end, even if the response of His people discourages me till
my death. I pray that I will not cease, or look back, or to the right
hand or to the left, but to perservere for the kingdom of God to soon
come- even so come Lord Jesus. Even though His people remain as Isaiah
said in chapter 6 verses 9 and 10 and is written in Acts 7:51-53, may I
by his grace be found faithful.
A real church is a family, operating as one flesh and one unit, one
mind, one heart, one goal, one vision. The body can be seen in the world,
but its individual members are not split up parts with the world, or
with the members of the world mixed together with them. We exploded with
the bomb of persecution , may we now implode by the force and power of
His Spirit and love. (Be brought back together in love, santification
and unity.


In His church, that is Christ's church, no one lacks, no one goes
hungrey while another is filled, no one has two coats while another has
none- that would not be love. No one lives in a mansion while another
brother, (or anyone else for that matter) lives in a shed. One brother
does not have an air-conditioner while another lacks a heater, (and
your brother is anyone in need). One would not have a luxury vehicle
while another drives a broken down wreak. One does not consume a lavish
vacation while another brother toils excess hours in the hot sun for his
bread- thats not love. One who loves always sacrifices for the other,
and esteems the other more them himself. Love denies self for others.
Thay don't work that thay have have to consume it upon themselves, they
work that they may have to give to others. If anyone says that he loves
God and doesn't love others, he's simply a lier for he really only loves
himself, and worse yet the love of the Father (The Spirit of God) is not
in him- be not deceived, regardless of what he says, if he doesn't love
others- He's lost, not born again of the Holy Spirit- on his way to hell-
(Good-by rich American, you've foresaken the .crossT\
The true church of Christ (and there be some carnal churches that
have the nerve to call themselves that while teaching the doctrines and
commandments of men), is, as well as, being totally surrendered in love
for the Lord and therefore love for others, is a separate entity from the
world. It is not a part of Sodom and Gomorah any longer, it has separated
and washed herself from the filthiness of the world, in the name of Jesus
and by His Spirit. It does not look or act anything like the unregenerat<
groups of this world. She's recognizable as a body separated (set apart
as holy),sanctified unto her 1-usband, Christ Jesus, and is conformed to
His image- not of the world and their father the devil. They live modest:
(not showy as the world), they live simply, (not entangled in the affairs
and extravagances of the world), they live together in peaceful unity,
(not as the world in selfish enterprises building independent kingdoms
to their own gratifications), instead they sacrifice in love for all
others, both for their brethren and the lost, (not hording to themselves)
They share all that they have without fear, not considering their owns^^a.
their simple homes are both shelters for their families, and any extra
room is open to any in need, their lands, crops, tools, clothes and basic
possessions are for whoever has need. They are just not at all like the
world or the mentality thereof, they've been transformed. God's people
truely love and care for one another and desire even that the whole world
would be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth- that i s_jbhe_ir_g o a 1.
They have little need of the modern world or its products, and want
little of its influence either. The world's perspective is this world,
and for God's people it is the kingdom of God, where Jesus Christ is Lord
of all. Their clothes are modest giving no occasion to the flesh, just
fulfilling only the purpose to cover and protect their bodies and nothing
put on to be seen or accepted by man. Their food is also simple and basic
to the strengthening of their bodies for the service of the Lord with
no expenses for the pleasing of their fleshly appetites (Is it love for
me to spend money for ice cream if I can find someone who needs bread?-
What can I tell you- is this not the cost of true discipleship, even
self-denial to the death as Christ loved us and gave Himself for us)?
The true Christian's concerns do not go beyond their basic necessities,
for all above their basic provisions is for the cause of love, which is
spreading the gospel to all creatures and the supplying of their physical
needs-(not wants and desiresJ»


The bottom line is, and the church I desire to be part of,
and could believe is the true visible body of Christ on earth, would
be a family of people, set apart from the world by God, empowered by
His Spirit, living as a unit in love with one another every day, and
striving together by all Godly means, working and living for the
salvation and needs of all men, demonstrated by simple, modest, self-
sacrificing, self-denying lives. They will live close to the earth,
from which their physical bodies were formed, providing their bread
and physical needs in the most natural way, and have the wisdom of God
to serve Him as efficiently as possible, being built up and strengthens
in the faith an able fighting force against the enemy, to go out and
retrieve the lost sheep, especially those bound up and blinded by the
enemy. May God strengthen His people to repent, to be willing to
sacrifice all, to be in unity, and annointed by the power of His Spirit
as it was in days past, that they might accomplish His will in these
last days, and be a bride prepared for their Lord's return.
To the human eye these church families would look like quiet
rural pioneering villages of plain living people, with simple homes
and primitive trades. They raise their food from small gardens, may
plow their fields with horses, work and worship together, sharing all
things equally and trustingly. Within this community everything above
their basic needs, (Time, efforts, money and resourses), is offered
and sacrificed in love for the salvation and needs of others. Within
this church are always a few extra houses for visitors, homeless or
newcomers, and some of the families have an extra room for same. This
family community has gatherings and common dinners several times a week
to which all are welcome, including each family's individual Bible
reading and prayer daily. Individual family life is important, alfchougl
everyone works and interacts closely and all are accountable one to
another. There is a peace pervading this community and frequent singing
and praising the Lord can be heard. All homes and meals are open all
of the time, for anyone to join with and share whatever they have. No
one is turned away, and everyday brethren from this church go out into
the hi-ways and bi-ways, into the cities, towns and country, sharing
the good news of salvation, going by twos or even in large groups,
sharing the love of Jesus and bidding all to come. (To come to Jesus
and to also come out from this world system and be truely part of a
family of God).
Not only are these communities of God's people safe havens and
alternatives from the corruptions of this modern world, (and where
covetousness is clearly on the list of serious sins), but these servants
of God go all over, and use other means besides their light house
church communities to call out God's sheep wherever they may be. They
may even rent buildings to be used has "fishing nets" in the form of
shelters, soup kitchens, half-way houses, they visit prisons, schools,
ralleys, hospitals, nursing homes- anywhere that there can be a hand
of love extended and the message of salvation given.
The disciples in Christ's church are known by their love, even
the real church that has laid down their lives for others, on the alter
of sacrifice, they are the true followers of Jesus Christ and will be
endowed with and confirmed with the power of His Holy Spirit-
a bride with their lamps burning bright when their Lord returns.


(The author of this writing, is NOT saying, that the following
Concepts, hypothesis, ideas, etc., are true, or that he believes
they are. But presents them only to open the minds of some to the o^s'i
diverse possibilities as to the essence of life,<whereas, too many °
seem to be just carried along in^without any serious concern^
1 If God could create, as it were, an illusion, state of mind, or what-
ever, (like an intense dream), which would appear and seem to us AS
REAL as this life does, would he have to build an actual one, for us
to live in, (in order to accomplish His purposes)?
2 If it was, that ALL that we perceive as LIFE, and the physical world,
was made of the same material as a dream, or it was a "dream",
would that make any difference?
3 If something is infinite can it have any fractional parts?
4 Do time and distance represent fractional parts?
5 If in actuality a day was no longer than a second, or visa-versa,
or if a mile was no longer, in actuality, than an inch, or the size
of a whale no difference in actuality than that of an amoeba, if
time and distence were just relative attributes of a created impress-
ion, would it make any difference?
6 If time was only a created illusion, and in actuality and infinity,
7 If life could be, or were, an intense dream, (for lack of better
words), but had the same effect and impression on a person as what
we call "reality", COULD an individual PROVE, or know for SURE, that
any one other than themselves, REALLY existed as a separate entity?
8 If you found out today, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you were
NOT living on a "Physical" earth, floating in space somewhere, but
were actually living, as it were, awake and conscious, in a perfectly
real seeming dream- would it make any difference to you?
Would you do anything different?
Would it effect your perspective of anything?
9 Ip LIFE were some kind of "State of Mind", and you were living
in a created " Idea"/^nevertheless, COLD was still COLD, HUNGER
still occurred as HUNGER, and PAIN was still^real as PAIN- but)
What would DEATH be?
Possibly just a passing between "Dimensions", even to, or back to,
the "TRUE REALITY" or presence of God?
10 Are there any sides, corners, portions, or locations possible
within an INFINITY?
IF Not-<Where are we? (No longer lost in space but all in the
same place?)

Let me be the first to tell you- Life is more than what appears to
the eye- in fact they are only the "Tip of the iceberg".
11 If you were to travel 50 skillion light years in a given direction,
are you any closer to the other side of infinity?
Have you than gone anywhere at all, really?
12 Than what is "Big" and what is "small"?, is it not more accurately-
"Everything is everywhere, and nothing is anywhere"?
13 If life is really just an "Intense dream" what kind of material
is that made out of?
14 And if it is really composed of the same material as imagination,
What are the scientists and archeologisfcs actually digging into?
Their imaginations, and than passing on the same ideas and images
to others?
("I'll let you be in my dream if you let me be in yours")
15 Can you PROVE that LIFE really has any more "Players" than you
and the creator of it? All else than could suddenly dissipate,
and you could find yourself standing alone with GOD! Just YOU
and the creator of the chess game?
or another possibility-
You created it, (and forgot you did, or purposely caused yoursel:
not to remember that you created it), or
B) Another created it- and must be somehow ahead of you-
because your subject to it.
If "B" is more likely the case. Wouldn't it be rather dangerous
to "Fool" with Him?
16 Could the power, essence, and mind of God, have a manifestation
or form which looked like a human shape- and which we could have
been made in the image of?
17 If it WERE true that life was really composed of "entangabl-e" things,
(Like "faith") would it make more sense than that God, as it is said,
could- "SPEAK things into existence"?
18 Would "BELIEF" in something have more power and potential?
19 Which becomes of more concern- the things "Seen" or "unseen"?
20 (Hebrews- BIBLE)- "Through faith we understand that the worlds
were framed by the WORD of GOD, so that THINGS WHICH ARE SEEN-
were NOT made of THINGS WHICH APPEAR". (Other physical things).

Mertz LBC



Do you woman who have cut your hair short, (following this
ungodly culture), think also somehow, that you know more than
GOD, who gave you that hair, and said to let it be long and to
keep it covered ? ^ cor. 11:15
and what about your overall appearance, in I Peter 3:3-5
God commands us to dress modestly, as the woman of God in
old times, not fashioning ourselves after the manner of the
world, with outward adorning of clothing, apparel and hairstyles,
but the hidden person of the heart, even that of a meek and
quiet spirit. We are also told not to cause a stumbling block,
or occasion to fall, (a temptation) in the path of those we are
commanded to love. (Rom.14:21), Do you consider these things
when you prepare to dress,
and while we are on the subject of disobedience to God and His
word, the scriptures also teach that women are to be keepers at
home, care for it, teach their children, and help raise them
according to t_hese kind of Godly standards,
Titus 2:3-5, I Tim. 5:14
and further, to be quiet in church as well,
I Tim. 2:12 I Cor. 14:34,
dear sister, (or brother), please receive this exhortation in
love and meekness, and keep in mind that God gave us these
principals for our own good, and if you turn aside from them,
and the Bible which He has blessed us with, that you have like-
wise turned away from Him and are following satan.
I Tim. 5:14-15
I Tim 6:3
With love,
your brother and servant in Christ,
Jonathan Selby

References-from-p'T'(-'-•oc' text:
*a Romans 1:26-32 *e Eph 5:-33, 1 Cor. 31:5-^
b I Corinthians 11:10 f i cor. 11:6
c I Cor. 11:3, 14:34-35 .- -r por 11-14-15
a ^——L^;24 J J gi: ||i|,<- p-p->
o^£ K


0 - 10 % DEAD (No detectable spiritual respiration)
11 -25 % Asleep
26 - 50 % Floundering
51 - 65 % Awake
66 - 75 % Worthwhile
76 - 85 % Thriving
Title Achievers:
86 - 90% "Servant of the Lord"
91 - 95% "Soldier" of the cross
96 - 100% "saint" of God-

Positives : / - , .
(Based on totals for one full week)
Devotional time:
i Bible reading Number of chapters read (1 pt.ea.t
,? Prayer time 1 point per every 15 minutes
3 Church time 1 point per hour attended
^ (witnessing 5 points per person (Strangers)
^ Tract distribution 1 point per tract
fe Helping directly with a PHYSICAL need 5 pts. per person
-7 Special Mission (Particular ministry- Hospital, prison, miscl.,
encouraging others, etc.) 1 point per hour
S Giving financially ($ Local church or otherwise)
1 point per percent of net incoma (spouses jointly)
Discipling that soul (and/or getting them out to church)
1 Point per visit
BEFORE DEDUCTIONS (see opposite side for negatives)
note: "For by grace (alone) are we saved through faith,
and that not of ourselves, it is the gift of God, not of works
lest anyone should boast. " -p -^ 9.a_g
-f OVER ^

Deduct 5 points for each occasion of the following:
For each' hour of non-Christian TV or videos
Loosing your temper
entertaining a carnal thought- (immorality)
Choosing to do something for the flesh over something spiritual
/y/Z^)^^) ^/ -7-y ______
Spending money covetously ____
Vain words, foolish jesting, gossip, etc. ___
^Wasting time ____
Indulging in a vice ___
Immodest attire
Worldly music ___
Not doing something good when the opportunity exists ___
Disciplining in haste or anger ____
selfishness or lack of consideration for others ____
Impatience ___
Arguing __
Cheating ___
Other known acts of ungodliness ___
-s^- Breaking one of the "Ten commandments"
(Except for the keeping of the sabbath which has been
superseded with "Not forsaking the assembling")
Note: the author of this "Report Card" is quite aware that only
faith in the shed blood of Jesus saves a soul and that no
works of rightousness in any way compete or contribute to-
wards one's salvation,
• . However, "we must all appear
before the judgement seat of Christ to receive for the things
done in this body)," therefore this test is just to possibly
indicate in someway our degree of service to our Lord, our
concerns, priorities, and the growth process of "sancti-
fication going on in our lives.
POSITIVE POINTS (From opposite side)- ____

NEGATIVES (Minus deductions above)- <____\ =
TOTAL GRADE/SCORE (Week of:______THRU_____) ^
Grow in grac.= and knowledge of Him- Press on for. the ^''arK
Jonathan Selby 12925 Ridge Road, GreenCastle, Pa. 17225


January 6,1998, re:Harry Bethel, Berryville,VA>

Greetings, Brother Harry, in the name of our Lord and Savior, JESUS,
from your brother in Him, Jonathan Selby,
I recently received an excerpt of what I understand to be of your
authorship by way of my brother Daniel. (I would like to receive directly
any of your writings or periodicals etc.) This particular artical, which
in essence I agree with was stressing the importance of "repentance"-
however, in our zeal for people to turn from unGodliness lets not make
the lord seem like a liar, for the truth clearly stated is that to believ
in Him Jesus is salvation and life eternal. After all, why would we
preach repentance to unbelievers? John the Baptist preached repentance
to those that were first believing in God, and likewise, now that Christ
has come, repentance can on only be preached from the basis of belief
(which changes the heart by the existence of the Spirit of God within)
Exhortations towards repentance are bs lacking/ however, we can not
get the "cart before the horse"- why would someone repent of something
which they had not yet believed? How would they know sin if the Spirit
was not fchere^would not define, reveal, convict and empower them to
repent- these are not natural qualities of the unregenerated?
Yes, those initially believing in God, prior to the revelation of Jesus
could respond to "Prepare ye the way for the Lord (Jesus), but now that
Ch rist has come in the flesh, as the Lord said- "Belief" can and does
stand alone as the conception of eternal life.
Man is powerless to create,, earn or maintain salvation by His flesh,
nor would he desire to/and^each men to do such a thing as a criteria
for salvation, would also be of the flesh. There are a number of "first
fruits of salvation" eg: confession with the mouth, baptism, repentance,
etc.,('given in various orders) however none of these is any avail to
having their sins washed away by faith in the blood and it is blasphemy
to put any other thing in psudo-competition with His saving work of
I am convinced, that only the supernatural rebirth can change the heart,
and that any other endeavors, though seemingly rightous or good intention<
is as "filthy rags" in comparison- Only Jesus, genuinely living in ones
soul causes genuine, and lasting, repentance. Though I suppose you realizi
these things, and I appreciate your concern, ^'QSE writing seemed to
convey to me, anyway, that man was somehow capable of saving himself
by repentence from sin and turning towards good works- which grieved
my spirit to be in some way discounting to the shed blood of Christ
alone, <$rhich atleast for me is all my hope and pleaf) Though some
scripture passages may give an impression that repentance or baptism,
can wash away sins, any mature Christian knows that by grace we are
saved through faith, and not by any works of rightousness ,C or unrightousne
for that matter) but by His mercy, though I'm sure you know these things,
lets always be sure we're pointing to the cross with all the glory and
exaltation directed to our Lord and Savior Jesus!
Love, in Him, Bro. Jonathan
cc: Bro.Daniel,Steve Mayo
^7^0 ' 1>
'0^ ^^" 0.
^vW ^^° ^<ry/c-
^l//i>e-^t t^- f'fl-^

Wednesday, February 25,1998
Dear Brother Harry, (Notice I'm not afraid to make a statement of faif
and to the Wiser than "The bulk of the early church Fathers"
who according to him, must have been only using "man's reasoning",
Your position regarding "Divorce and remarriage" (Which keeps you
acceptable to the very conservative), presents this issue
very cut and dry:
"If a man divorces his wife and marries another woman,
that is an adulterous relationship and they should separate"...
(and ditto for all the other situations as well- how convenient!)
This position leaves no need for discernment, mercy, or effort, but
unfortunately lends nothing to making it the truth, nor does it agree
with the fact (like it or not), that this issue is as scripturally
controversial as predestination, ES, escatology, baptism, trinity, etc
However, I DO appreciate your warning from James 3:1 as to the
responsibility, and/or conseguences, of being, or desiring to be,
a teacher- as it is a blessing or a curse, depending on the truth
of the doctrine taught by such a one.
IF the enclosed hi-lighted guotation is inaccurate, these "early
church fathers" are guilty of that "greater judgement", however,
if you are not- wiser than they (oops!), that judgement you reminded
me of- might come back on you.
All pious men discern only with the scriptures, and one without
scriptural defense would be using only "man's reasoning".
To be lawyers of the Word, as some think they must be, is little
different than "man's reasoning" if it is not accompanied with the
illumination of the Holy Spirit and mind of Christ.
We need to be very cautious about judging things harshly, which many
MEN OF GOD have seen differently, for to think ourselves to have
greater light than they, may very well be proof of just the opposite-
and to humbly disagree is one thing, but to condemn is far more
dangerous- which we must ALL guard against with eternal vigilance!
I pray that we can speak and seek together the truth in love, and
pray for that unity for which our Lord also prayed.
With love in Christ,
His unworthy servant, and
your brother in Him,
Jonathan Selby
cc: various brethren


Quit trying to steal all my days,
Quit blinding my eyes
and pushing me through vanities.
These sunny days are mine- God gave them to me,
and man, stop trying to make me your slave-
just because you are.
"Responsibilities!", you shout,
but my babies want these sunny days too.
Just because you wall yourselves up,
why must you try to inflict me the same way?- instead,
"Take no thought for tomorrow",
and live like the birds and the lilies.
"What about your debts- and what will people think?"
Let the dead bury the dead,
you who are alive seize the day,
greater sins are committed by most Christians
than desiring to appreciate the basic pleasures
and beauties which God has created.
You that are in bandage to this world,
you of the system that compel me also to be a victim of debt,
and you who will not free yourselves from it anyway,
then you pay the debt you contributed to,
(an'? evidently believe in as well),
for you first violated his law of not to owe man anything-
and lured me into the same-
well I claim the right of "Jubilee" and declare
that I am free from all men.
So wallow in your vanities if you choose,
strive for what will perish,
enslave yourselves to the illusive unattainable carrot,
and drown in the perdition of fruitless works with the ungodly,
but please excuse me and my children,
for we care not to go with you.
We care not to labor for that which is not meat,
for even now, if my mind were set as yours,
I would not be writing words of spiritual value,
but instead be in your prison,
treading the same mill of futility-
however, I did not deliver myself from that fate,
But I was delivered by my master's grace, hand and providence.
He has been directing my course,
(even in spite of failures on my part),
So complain to Him if the way I am displeases you,
Why tell the clay- tell the potter that forms me,
as I pray, "Make the way plain oh Lord,
and grant me the faith and strength to do thy will".
JS 2/99


Who still like Adam
are subject to the words of your wives,
who have virtually been stripped of your authority,
and though at times try to take the reins,
cower inside to the fear of her scorn-
and no wonder-
for your world system, (by force),
and your churches, (by peer presure),
have succumb to the same and supported the feminists.
Though some make bold sounding statements that
women sfeuld be submitted unto their husbands in all things,
they quickly turn around and negate and contradict it by
telling him to love her without firm leadership or real authority.
You seem helpless to me, oh man,
and lack the strength to pay the cost,
(if necessary), to take your rightful God given place.
You huddle in your groups,
fearful of independent thought,
afraid to go it alone, even if you believed it true.
Yet, as it's been said,
"Truth is still the truth even if no one believes it,
and a lie is still a lie, even if every one believes it".
and speaking of the truth, it surely is, that-
a married man, (by his own choice),
is enslaved to please his wife- unless,
ha is fully committed to serving Christ,
regardless of if she follows or not.
and if not, be that on her,
for it's better to dwell alone, than with a contentious woman."/
JS 2/99


Dear brethren,
It's very hard for any of us to be absolutely honest, even
with our own selves. We all have our "Pet" ideas and convictions
(Which probably mostly because of pride), we are intent on supporting,
almost regardless of the strength of another view- even if it would
be from the Holy Spirit Himself. It's like we hold up a blinder
to fully seeing, and prayerfully considering some possible truth,
just because it might conflict with something we want to believe,
or have almost always believed, and propagated, or maybe, partially
hold on to because we felt it was "Our" idea. This kind of predisposed
prejudiced thinking is dangerous because it can block us from seeing
the real truth pertaining to something- and we are all victims of
this human weakness. Sometimes, we are so clever, we don't even
realize we're blocking fully considering something,{because we
see the block coming in the distance and turn away before we even
get to it) Sometimes we avoid the truth because of what it might
cost us, in some way, (the sacrifice) if we had to admit it was
true, or because our family, friends, or church holds a certain
position, or because we want to leave room for a certain sin in our
lives, (very dangerous!), or because of that very common problem
of simply having to admit that "we were wrong", or maybe giving someon
the satisfaction (in their flesh) that "I told you so". Remember,
"Our hearts are deceitfully wicked, DECEIVING OUR OWN SELVES"-
Therefore, we'll believe only what we want to, or are willing to.
We need to pray and seek God earnestly, that we might allow
His Spirit, the true discerner, to knock down these walls of precon-
ceived convictions that we have built which might keep us from
facing the truth of something. By the way there is no such thing
as "real truth"- it is either the truth, or it's a lie- truth doesn't
come in various flavors.
Now, having said all that, pertaining to all of us. Let me knock
down somewhat of a wall around, an element of truth, which J have
avoided facing straight on. (some of you that know me, may be hoping
at this point that what I'm about to write about is my position on
"Divorce and remarriage"- No, it's not, I'm still firm on my position
regarding that, and also pray that Im being totally honest and "in
the truth" pertaining to same). Which is, the-way the church is
separate as opposed to my belief that we should all be living in
Years before I even became acquainted with Eimo Stoll's "Christia
Communities", I felt that a church family community was the only
way to go- and I still do, really, for reasons I will soon mention,
BUT, (This is the big "However" I m having to concede), that;
For the most part, the Church of Jesus Christ- HAS NOT LIVED
IN COMMUNITY. (I hope I'm wrong about that, and I'll be pleased
if someone would let me know otherwise). But as I read the epistles,
there does not seem to be any indication that the brethren were
living in a tight-knit, common purse, separate from the world,
independent. Godly community, but instead that they probably lived
like we have it now, as far as, having independent homes and enter-
prizes, within a relatively local area, and met together regularly
at various places.

Therefore, I can not say that it is impossible to live a Godly life
while interwoven in the secular society. Yes, I suppose it can be done,
if one is fully committed and really empowered by the Holy Spirit,
BUT, (and here's my "return however"), IS IT WORKING?- are most of
God's people living victoriously so integrated in this culture as they
are? Be honest about that. Does it work? What is the bottom line
fruit of the way we have it, for the most part?
For example: I understand that the divorce rate amongst quote
"Christians" is now higher than that of the unbelievers- that's
Now some, in conservative circles, will, (Kind of smugly),
just say, well,"they're not really Christians anyway", and just
kind of brush them off essentially- or "write them off", unless
they come crawling into their assembly in repentance, or have
the the same attitude for the carnal Christians that spend as much
time with the television as the world does- I think that's a cop out.
I think "these" conservative brethren are avoiding facing some truth
there, and that many quote"Christians", out there, though in your
conservative perspective are simply "Lost", really do love the Lord,
but have just been blinded by the Spirit of this age, especially
because of a bunch of hireling ministers that are likewise under
the same delusions. Some of you "conservative brethren need to
check your heart attitude for pride here. I've moved in a lot of
"Christian" circles, and what we need is a real heart of compasion
and humility towards all of God's children that are astray and in
bondage.. You may be surprized on judgement day, as to just how
many really do have faith burning in their hearts , {^though may be
just an ember^ but that God in His mercy, has included in the "Lambs
Book of Life".
But that is not the trust of this article, it's really about
God's people living in community as opposed to the way most "Believers"
are. I just have a general dissapointment with what most Christians
are getting out of their faith, or the way their faith is effecting
them. From,(I can judge, (for however accurate that may be),
fc'(?frH-" (How can I say this. Lord?)
...and what I am saying goes for me too, when I look at my life,
when I'm living like most Christians, and I look around at what
are to be "GOd's people", and I look at the people of their father
the devil, when I look at their priorities, zeal, concerns, values,
activities, work, what they think and talk about mostly, how they
spend their time, etc.- I say-
I mean, for us Christians- is this all there is to our faith?
Brethren I want to be filled with the Spirit of God all the time.
I want to be livj&ing (Jesus) far above my flesh. I think that our
faith is not consuming us nearly to the extent it should. Our impact
for Christ upon this world, our passion for the lost, the backslidden,
our fellowship, communication and interaction seems so weak, I just
think that we are seriously anemic and missing out on what God really
has for us.


A Story...

I have been a man of war and a student of the military all
my life. I have also fought in numerous battles, and when it
comes to text book theories on warfare I can hold my ground with
the best. Further, though I have some deep scars due to some
mistakes, I will not fear a fight, because when it comes to
wielding a sword, there are few I hedge to compete with.
Such was my testimony when I was selected to be part of a
small group of men who would be sent on a special mission to the
center of the most crucial arena of the present conflict. The
purpose- espionage and analysis of the status from a first hand
perspective and recommendations accordingly.
"IT was a clear day as our small band of men made our way
apprehensively through thick underbrush towards the top of the
final hill, from where we would see our first view of the actual
fighting. For several arduous miles already we had been hearing
the noise of weapons, swords clashing, and what sounded like an
organ drawling the cries of agonizing men throughout the hills."
What civilized person would have ever imagined that such a
high-tech generation with sophisticated weaponry would be drug
into such a gruesome and all encompassing war as this? Who would
have ever thought, that what would be called "THE LAST GREAT WAR",
would be a massive blood-bath of human carnage?
"Such is what we beheld when we arrived at the summit- falling
to our knees or prostrate, hands over our mouths, arms over our
heads, and tears flowing profusely into the dirt."
After timeless incoherent moments and floods of emotion,
an abundance of thoughts raced through my mind crashing up against-
"How will I ever accomplish this mission I've been sent on".
How can I put into words, and convey back to those that care,
this horrible state of affairs- and mostly, how will they respond?
Stand with me now, if you dare to bear it, on that same summit,
and look through the eyes of my voice as I describe what unfolds
before us.

The battle ground below us spread out like a panorama of an
endless sea, only this sea is composed of every kind and age
of people entangled in a bloody, confused struggle of self-
destruction wherein friend or foe is obliterated in the chaos.
Things to horrible to mention, but nevertheless- Fathers killing
their sons, mothers their own babies, and brothers and sisters,
unbeknowns to each other, fighting to the death... and within the
context of what we behold in horror, a strange paradox emerges
through the mist of the forces below.
Surely there has never been a battle like this, though horrible
as they may have been, they pale in comparison to the ultimate
massive waste of human lives sprawled below us in this seemingly
boundless valley plane. To describe the blurred lines of the
emerging paradox, and to convey the strategies of the hosts herein
engaged, is beyond the scope of adequate description.
Nevertheless, It's like viewing an immense base ball field from
a high box seat- however the perimeters of the arena below are
beyond our vision and horizons. The field is a hundred square
miles and in each area where a base would be is a mass of humanity,
and each mass is converged with the others.
What would be the area of home plate is the primary direction
we see our forces emanating from. They are moving towards the
figurative pitchers mound but paradoxically dividing into battal-
ions of thousands and even millions towards all areas of the field.
The enemy's forces are emanating from the direction of center
field, miles out beyond the second base area, where the north hills
rise into view above the smoking inferno below us. From these hills
the armies of the enemy appear to be regurgitating out of cracks
and caves in innumerable swarms thick as tar, cascading like lava
down upon our foremost troops, massacring them like helpless
victims of a sudden all consuming flood. Within moments we
realize that our side is losing on every front, but most per-
plexing to us, as we regain some semblance of emotional control,
is that we can not understand this paradox of divisions which are
occurring within our ranks and negating our power.
"What is going on down there!", we cry out, "Have we no commun-
ication, unity, or leadership?".

In order to provide and accurate and expeditious- assessment
of what was happening, we divided our special group of ten men
into five teams of two, determining for each team to get through
to each of the five major areas of separation which had occurred-
'Po-r phere seemed to be no reasonable strategy or logistics for
what was going on and the enemy was getting a decisive advantage
because of it.
Being the person I am, I wanted to be on the cutting edge
of the battle and charge directly over "Pitchers mound" and be
part of the elite group which was engaging the enemy straight on!
(little did I realize that almost our entire fighting force had
started out with that same determination). So the group split up
towards our agreed areas, understanding that we would rendezvous
back at the summit as soon as possible, compile our findings, and
E-e-pe-s-t^sa-tee to command ^ar^r-ai ^"ii'i^,1 1 1 ws T'l^mi.g,0! "D.
/v jf^,^- ' • ; ^vm
^> Adrenalin pulsatjytg through ^y guenched grasp of my sword
<7^ as we desended out of the underbrush onto the field approaching
i^y ~"~ -"umpires position". The throng of our forces thickening about us,
as Mark and I^began to persevere and maneuver towards our goal-
Our goal? To^'''"pitcher' s Mound", meet with our men'w'no were separ-
ated directly unto the battle, and- Not leave before inflicting
our own mark of some significant damage on the enemy!
,^, ^ r-i -^ ^ • f^ ^^-' ufc/<> l^^'^"-
However, strangely, we were a-lr&ad-y ^€p .hear mixed orders
being shouted about. Not that we cared, we'^were clear on what OUR
mission was, and we would never be side tracked, but we hadi^r^
gone much further'u^h&1 we noticed confusion beginning to weaken "n/v^
q>:«r solidarity a;s--^--rrgtrtT-ftg--ua4-fc. and resolve of the force.
^—'^-S^ *••*'"'-7 ^
"Who is calling these orders?", I shouted to Mark over the l^g^-^"
ening din."They're coming from all different directions" returned
Mark- "Don't they know the goal is straight ahead"!
But unfortunately the mass of soldiers were not moving
straight ahead, for it was like some kind of unseen magnetic force
was pulling them in different directions. For no visable reason
a fellow soldier would just start meandering off towards who knows
what. And though we might try to hold on to him, it was like he
had no power to resist this unseen pull, and it seemed we couldn't
prevent him without going that way ourselves.
Even being the determined soldier I wanted to be, I felt
like I was being carried along in an ocean of men with a tide
and undertow continuously trying to drag me anyway but straight.
It took immense perseverence for Mark and I to keep our mission
in mind and to reach the men that we were determined to join.
At times it would become weirdly dark, whether it was fog
or smoke, I couldn't discern, and especially at those times,
unknown fellow soldiers seemed to be groping after me, to pull
me in the direction they were going. This was sheer insanity!, and
contrary to anyway I had ever heard of fighting a war.


people in
Him, would
John 3:16
"For God so loved the world" (Does love all the
the world) "That He gave His only begotten Son"
"That whosoever" (Those that) "Would believe in
not perish but have everlasting life".
However, Jesus did not pray for all those people in the world,
(though He loved them all). He only prayed for those that already
belonged to God, (John 17), those that were given to Him out of
the world, before it was even created, and all those that were
"Ordained to eternal life believed"
or to paraphrase, (again): "I don't pray for all the people in the
world- but only for those that YOU (GOD the Father), have given
me, (from amongst them, or) out of the world- they were always yours,
Father, but now you have given them unto me, (e^^cspt for Judas that
fell)_ however, hereafter, I ask (and I know that you will), keep
("By the power of God") all the rest.''
Further, the Lord wanted to make this.principal perfectly clear
to His disciples, and said: You must realize, that you have not
chosen (to believe in)me- BUT THAT I HAVE CHOSEN YOU, and ordained
you, even to go on and produce good works-
Like it or not. God gets the glory for all of it- it's by His Grace
alone that we are saved (and not even instantly consumed!)
It is He that hath made us and not we ourselves. He has ordained
(Chosen, sanctified and set us apart) to demonstrate His glory,
even manifest Himself working in us both to will and to do His good
pleasure. (Christ in us the hope of glory) If His rightousness
is not being produced, if we are not bearing friut, than we are
simply- Not one of His, (and not works of rightousness which we can
do, but according to His mercy, for every good and perfect gift
comes from Him!)
It was not God's plan, desire or will, that anyone should perish,
(No more than it was His will that Adam and Eve fell). But according
to the purpose of election, even as with:"Jacob have I loved and
Esau have I hated"- even before they were born!, having done no
good or evil,
Like Jesus said, in effect, in the garden: Isn't there any other
way to accomplish man's redemption?- and there wasn't. Do you think
that Judas really had a choice?- the prophecy was already in stone
before he was even born! Brethren, my flesh resists this teaching
probably as yours does, in one sense, however in another, when,
(and as long as) I see the faith victoriously burning in my soul,
I rejoice in the confidence of the gift of my salvation, and that
for reasons unbeknown to me, and with nothing deserving of it,
that I have believed, and therefore have the Lord's assurance and
promise of eternal life- for to believeon Him is life everlasting!

Therefore, What can we say to these things- shall we argue with
the potter? Doesn't God have the right to make one vessel unto
rightousness, and to make another to show us how merciful He's been
to us, in not giving us what we also deserved for our sins, had
He not suffered for us? _ _ ,,
^^ a»k ^--i. o—

No one's pride wants to accept that we/are but clay, only to submit
and be moldable to His use- instead that old_rebellious nature
that is so determined to be "stif f necked" /^ne'e'asr^to be broken and
surrendered, but HE that hath begun this good work in you (Salvation)
HE will continue to perform it until the day of our perfection,
and further, you can be sure, that what He has promised HE is also
able and will do!, for I know, that in me, that is in my flesh,
dwells no good thing, and that HE alone is the author (creator of)
and finisher (The one who will see it through) of our faith.
Therefore, Beings that GOD has created and is sustaining all
>3v /-^/s. />^»^^i?e.^ /f-c^.-^-.y^^c- ^s'
. HIS children. Who &e-a^ stand against us? Who could separate
us from this everlasting love of our God!
I know whom I have believed in, and I know that He alone will keep
me until that day when all the struggles of this flesh are over.
Brethren, now that we know these things, let us fully submit to
His Spirit within us, (If we are truely sons), in order that HE
might cleanse us from all filthiness of flesh and Spirit, and perfect
His holiness in us, as we appreciate and reverence what He has done
and is doing in us. Let the time past in out lives suffice us,
when we wrought all manner of fleshly deeds for v,'hic'h now we are
ashamed, and now forgetting those things which are behind, press
on for that high calling.
Suffer words of exhortation, which are "Dooropeners" to His Spirit,
that His grace might do it's work of sanctification, always remembering
that" HE alone is worthy of glory and honor and praise, for He alone
has created all things, including this great eternal salvation,
and for His glory we are and were created- therefore then Glorifiy
our Lord in all things.
"Now the God of peace, that brought again from the dead our Lord
Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of His
everlasting covenant, make you perfect in every good work to do
His will, working in you that which is well-pleasing in His sight,
through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.
Your brother in Christ,
Jonathan Selby


Part I. The Lord's Prayer
The real "Lord's Prayer" is not the one found in Luke 11:1-4
which begins with "Our Father which art in heaven", which the Lord
gave us as a pattern or manner in which to pray, (for we do not use
"vain repetitions") but the prayer more accurately called the "Lord's
prayer" would be the personal fervent prayer of Jesus found in John
chapter 17, wherein He especially prays for those who would believe
and thereby follow Him.
There are several outstanding and important truths revealed in this
prayer that are crucial, irrefutable and yet easily overlooked. Let us
first notice that the things which our Lord asked of His Father,
apply to us, (those who believe) as well; which of course must and will
be answered and granted, (for He always and only asks according to the
Father's will). So remember as we look at the requests of the Lord,
that they have now also become God's promises to us; for although the
Lord begins by praying more exclusively for the disciples. He later
incorporates us by praying that all who believe would be likewise
included. John 17:20 states, "I do not pray for those alone, (the
disciples ) but also for those who will believe in me through their
word" (or the reading or hearing of their word).
Knowing that we are also included in this assured prayer lets
notice first that we belonged to the Father before the foundations
of the world and were then given into the authority and ownership
of Jesus Christ Himself. (John 17:2,6&9)- (and it doesn't sound like
we had much to do with that). He goes on to say that He has lost none
of those given to Him, (except for Judas in order to fulfill a
prophecy) and prays that all the others who would believe would be
kept. Judas, previous to this prayer, had fallen away; and now Jesus
has asked His Father to keep all who were to believe on Him, (which
would be us).
Jesus knew that although He was about to depart from the earth,
that the Father would soon send the Holy Spirit; and of course the
Spirit would fulfill the Lord's request, and now (and forever there-
after) keep all those who the Father would give Him, (through the gift
of faith).
What I hear clearly in this is God's sovereignty in creating us for
salvation, which is eternal, and therefore which God by His Spirit,
would likewise be the keeper and sustainer of. He specifically said
that He was even saying these things so that we would be assured and
know that we have two very special and great benefits with this
package called salvation. One is that we can have joy, and also that
we can have victory and be delivered from sin, or the "evil one"
(John 17:15). Who is going to save us (give us to Jesus), keep us
(give us eternal life), and according to His promise, give us joy
(satisfy us with the fruits of the Spirit)..Who is also going to give
us victory over sin, (deliverance from the temptations of the enemy.
It says here, that the Father will - in answer to the Lord's prayer.
Here is another promise from this passage of what God is and will do
in His children: He is sanctifying us by His truth, even His word
in us (John 17:19). He is setting us aside from those of the world,
purposely creating us as holy vessels to His glory- working in and
through us, for His purposes, having been foreordained for same.

We were sheep amongst goats, following wolves, until we heard the
shepherds voice in the wilderness of sin, and began to seek Him and
His perfect way. We were in the world but not of it, and are now
returned to the shepherd and bishop of our souls- who bought us before
we even knew Him with His own blood. We did not choose Him, but He
chose us, and redeemed us by His grace, even as it is the gift of God.
"for that Day will not come except there be.."
There remains yet another great and exceeding promise, even a
fulfillment yet to be seen- that of our perfection- the Lamb and His
beautiful bride prepared for their marriage, and that great wedding
celebration. This must happen: the bride,(the church) must be drawn
out of the world, and washed, and dressed in white robes of right-
eousness. The world will then, (according to the Father's answer to the
Lord's prayer) see and know who God's people are, without spot or
blemish, that of love and unity. By this great demonstration revealed
in this passage, even a final wondrous work, the world will know that
Jesus is truly Messiah sent from God the Father. (John 17:21-23)
"That they all may be one, (no divisions or denominations), just His
redeemed people, born again of His Spirit and made perfect. By this,
their unity, and by their love, will all men know, see and believe,
who Jesus is.
This fulfillment can not be during the millennium, for that occurs
after Christ returns for His bride and the great marriage supper of the
Lamb. We know that He must first return for"His perfect bride, and
then be escorted into heaven for the glorious event. The two most
convincing evidences seen of God's people, which the Lord requested
in His prayer (and which surely will be seen then, before He returns
for His church) will be their unity, and their love. (John 17:23 & 26)
How will this happen- by man's choice, by might or power, or by
His Spirit? Will this happen by some one prophet, or some denomination,
or some church thinking that they are it- they have it all figured out
and that God has chosen them- above all those who have died in Christ,
and/or are living by faith in Jesus Christ?- I think not. (His ways
are not our ways).
Just as our salvation and perfection is His work alone, through the
power of His Spirit; so according to His time. God will begin- and
seemingly has already begun, to call His sheep, wherever they may be,
to gather them into His fold, to be ready for the great wedding.
"..that they may be one"
"Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope
of your calling". (Eph.4:3,4) The Spirit of truth (and unfortunately)
the spirit of error as well, is already at work in this world.
It seems that God's people, even many that are called"Christians"are
coming to the same conclusions, realizing the same things, and being
called to the same changes (repentance), through out the whole earth.
It is not a matter of compromising our convictions or pretentiously
trying to walk with those whom we disagree; it is instead God's people
coming to the knowledge of the truth, even the message of this late
hour- as it is being revealed to all of His sheep regardless of and in
destruction of, all man made boundries. "Be ye separate" from the world,
but not from other believers. No weapon formed against us will prosper,
and the strongholds of sin on His people will be thrown down and crushed.
Our God who is mighty to save will do this!

This message that you have heard and have fallen away from, even
that John the Baptist preached before the coming of Jesus- a baptism
of true repentance from selfishness and turning away from covetousness-
that ye might receive the fulness of the Spirit, and be a pure bride
for the Lord's return. (Luke 3:7-11)
Why are you hearing this? ..could it be the Spirit warning you to
flee what is about to come upon the earth, and not to be partakers of
her fornications? Will you then bring forth fruit showing your repent-
ance? Don't say amongst yourselves, "We have our preachers, and we have
our churches", for I say unto you that God is able to raise up prophets
from amongst those you esteem least; and that your traditions are vain
and your preachers are for the most part wells without water, clouds
carried by a tempest, entangled and even overcome by the pollutions of
the world. - . ,- , . - . -
And behold now the axe is again laid unto the root of all evil.
Any who will not believe this- sell their goods and part them to every
man as he has need- and will not bring forth this good fruit, will be
hewn down , lose whatever light they might have, and be sucked into the
"Mother of harlots"- this late religious world system, even the great
Babylon of the end of this age.
You should ask: "What shall we do?", (or shun the truth and run away
faster than the rich young ruler,into your church caves, until you cry
out for the rocks to fall on you- in an effort to hide from the wrath
of the Lamb- for you would not repent).
But if you will, I would answer: if you have two coats, give to him
who has none, and let that premise be the scapel of spiritual surgery
for your heart- in every area of your life, all of your time, efforts
and resources, laid down in love for others.
A note about church services
These are not to be spectator/entertainment type events to the
uplifting of the flesh; nor are they to be like a catered affair by
paid professionals. Instead they should be more like "covered dish
suppers" where each brings what the Lord has given them to share-
fully open to the leading of the Spirit- however decently and in order,
but not traditional or forced into any particular patterns. Several
of the brothers can preach; all can have a word of testimony, or a song,
or a prayer- however and for however long the Spirit would so lead,
till He has finished bringing all that He desires to His honor and glory,
Further, quit with being judges and putting those who profess Christ
on some kind of spiritual probation until you (mere men) decide who
is worthy to be part of your body of Christ; surely those who are not
acceptable to the body will go out from amongst of their own accord.
If and when we see the signs of an [apostle] truly wrought in one,
then we should give more consideration as to their discernment above
another. However, should not our attitude be that of complete humility,
effectively "falling all over newcomers" in love for their souls,
esteeming each more than ourselves, doing all of the good that we can
for all men; remembering especially that it is the sick who need the
physician. So get down from your self-righteous pedestals and condescend
to those of low estate; put your noses down knowing that there- but by
the grace of God- go ye, oh man of like passions.

(instead of the "Promised Land")
"After all these things do the gentiles seek"- but you, who have been
transformed, seek first the kingdom of God, and let Him take care of the
needs of your physical life. Where is your focus and priority, even
your true love- God or mammon? Are you entangled in the affairs of this
life so much, that in truth you are effectively put out of the battle
for the souls of men, and likewise prevented from laboring for true
riches? Oh ye of little faith, have you not yet learned that the Father
knows how to feed the birds and clothe the flowers; can't you trust Him
to take care of you, will not His army have their needs supplied? Money
is no problem for God,(especially after "His people" have been caught up
in covetousness for hundreds of years).
What we do need is a true revival, including another real "Apostle's
feet" breaking again of His people- loving one another as when their
hearts were broken at Pentecost- only then will we see the power and
promise of His Holy Spirit again in full measure. The harvest fields
are ripe for harvest, and we need to pray that God might bring this
revival of His Spirit, that there might be laborers brought forth, even
many full time soldiers and prophets to go out and stir up the Lord's
army- to rouse His troops to action; for the enemy is upon us and surely
at hand. ..And to turn God's people away from the covetousness that
Egypt's idolatry has caused them, (and the goods which their covetous
practices have gained them), and to put all on the altar of sacrifice.
"Leaving us an example, that ye should follow
in His steps"
You don't need a house, or a car, two sets of clothes, or food for
tomorrow- what you need is a full-time, active, spirit filled relation-
ship with God- and let Him take care of the other details. Serve Him
with all your heart, soul, mind and strength- loving others more than
yourself. Let go of your junk, throw off the bondages of Egypt and this
life; and be free to serve Him in a life of faith, one day at a time.
Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.
The Lord may provide you a house, or a vehicle, or some non-contracted
work, when He so leads; but let His Spirit lead you even moment by
moment. Stop making what you think are needs and physical goals the focus
of your life- its supposed to be love for the souls of others. Money is
nothing to God, why then do you make it so paramount? Just concern
yourself with serving Him; He knows how to feed you and your children-
as you step out and walk in faith, investing in the Kingdom of God,
(The Promised Land), not in the temporal things of Egypt.
Men, expect some resistance from your wives, for naturally being more
"nesting" minded than men- (who are like soldiers) they require an extra
measure of faith and grace to invest such trust in their husbands and
the Lord, and to forsake all and follow Christ wherever.
The Lord is calling His people to clean the idols out of their houses,
liquidate their unnecessary possessions, and follow Him. Quit with your
fishing nets and follow Jesus; for we are not imagining things, the
world has changed essentially overnight, and is rapidly chain-reacting
towards the grand finale of all things; its time to awake out of sleep,
cast off the works of unrighteousness, and get into the harvest fields
for the souls of men.

The night is far spent the day is at hand, prepare ye the way of the
Lord. Let His bride come forth from the world, and wash herself from
the filthiness of her flesh, and be in unity without spot or blemish-
in the unity for which our Lord prayed, truly in love with one another,
self-denying, self-sacrificing, sold out in love for the souls of others,
Bring forth such fruits indicating repentance; quit ye like men and
lay hold on eternal life.
The enemy has come to us, and challenged us as the Philistines did,
defying our God. Its time to stand up and resist him with all the power
of the Holy Ghost; this will not happen while your heart is still
looking after Sodom and Gomorah. Turn away from this present evil
world and surrender all for the cause of the battle- don't look back-
press on for the kingdom, that the world may see, and believe, that
Jesus is the Christ.
Don't continue in your complacency- resist the world's or the
church's anesthesism- and choose ye this day to serve the Lord fully,
regardless of the cost, even your life.
"Yes, if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves
and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then
I will hear, and I will respond and heal them".
Lord God, break us by your power, deliver us "from the bondages of this
Egypt, and lead us into your promised land, a bride adorned for the
this I pray, in Jesus name..... will you join me?
with love for my brothers and sisters,
Jonathan Selby


January 12, 1999

Dear Dr. Dobson

You spoke tonight on the way America has changed and
betrayed Christian principals, eg: Partial birth abortion,
Bill Clinton's immorality and America's indifference to it,
and God's judgement. Do you realize the roll you may be fill
ing by doing so?
Look closely at this passage- (maybe you never noticed
this element before). Hebrews 11:7
AS YET" (God's coming judgement),
AN ARK", (reacted in the physical
merit. If you read that as I do, a
pronouncing their ungodliness, reacted by faith in the real
world, and thereby mandated God's judgement upon it-
realm), "AND" (watch this:)
and ushered in God_^s Jrudye^
man indicted the world by
Essentially, as Noah did, you have (already- and possibly
innocently) acted as a prosecuting attorney before the court
of heaven i.. the jury, (God's honest people),_have concurred,
and the true judge of all things, MUST execute its rightful
punishment accordingly.
If no one had publicly presented the case, ("NOW THEY
HAVE NO CLOAK FOR THEIR SIN" Jn. 15:22), handed it to the jury,
rendering the obvious verdict, possibly the inevitable punish-
ment would have lingered, however such clear pronouncements as
yours can only go to shortening those days.
Thank you for allowing God's Spirit to honor you with
such a high calling. A STRATEGIC MAN IN THE END TIME PLAN.
May our Lord continue to bless your crucial niiniRfcr y .
Your brother in Christ,

Jonathan Selby


I was brought up in the Philadelphia area, but not in the city proper.
I came from a fairly large family of six children, five boys and one girl
being the youngest, and myself about in the middle. My home life was good
as was my parents marriage, however, I think we should have been closer as
a family. Church was a regular part of our lives as was some degree of
family devotions. All of the family profess Christ and five of the six
children still demonstrate a relatively strong relationship with the Lord.
I personally accepted Christ as my Savior at a home Bible club
which met in the neighborhood after school. I can still remember kneeling
and praying to receive Christ as my Savior, however, the date is unknown.
I would say I was between the ages six and eight years old.
As for my school experience I was not a good student. I seemed to
spend more time "day dreaming" than studying, from what I've been told.
I always did well in art and for the most part I guess I was a "loner".
In junior high I blossomed somewhat into a few activities such as plays,
school radio programs and also had some success in personal evangelism.
In senior high school I think there would have been more extracurricular
activities except that frcm early on my Father was big on us boys having
newspaper routes. I also begun a number of enterprises and successful
sales endeavors during my school years, and summers were usually spent
with my Grandfather along the Deleware Bay.
After high school my Mother strongly encouraged me to go to Bible
college, and so I enrolled. Unfortunately though, I had been holding my
breath to get out of high school and was too restless and questioning
of life to persevere at that time. I now feel that it was contrary to God's
will and detrimentally consequential for me to drop out, (however. God
still loves and will not give up on me- praise God for Philippians 1:6 !)

Page <.'
Christ ana the ct-n-irch has always been Important to me, spiritually and
socially. I have always attended church and participated in activities thereof.
Mostly they were fundamental evangelical independent or Baptist with some
occasional "Charasmatic" involvement after high school, (However. I am not
of that persuasion except for their zeal, enthusiasm and joy, even in
prayer and evangelism). I have led some services, taught some classes, led
some groups, and shared musically and desire to continue to do so.
After,(My initial) school years I was employed in various and diverse
employments. Even during school I had worked jobs besides newspapers, such
as landscaping, card sales, puppet and magic shows, Christmas tree business,
published a little newspaper, restaurant work, and others.
I did about six months active military duty in the Army, after which
I was married. Having high school experience in mechanical drawing I was
led to a cumulative of about eight years in drafting. Besides that employ-
ment I have about four years in photography, doing mostly family and children's
portraits. I have also done some mechanical work, driven tractor-trailer,
had a small marketing corporation, several other businesses such as horse-
back riding, coffee house, land development projects, etc. I also have a
couple of years in human services, assisting in special education classes,
delinquent youth facilities, group homes, residential treatment programs and
camp grounds.
I was married for twelve years, and have four children. Two girls,
teenagers, and two boys, pre-teens. My ex-wife had professed salvation prior
to our marriage however there is no visible fruit of Christ in her life,
to my knowledge. Approximately five years ago she became involved with
another man, left with the children and took up living with him, unmarried
to date. We are legally divorced about two and a half years ago and I
recently, after much prayer, wrote her a final "Bill of Divorsement" based
on adultery.
And now, having viewed and experienced significantly the ways of God and
the ways of man, I desire to do as God will desire, direct, and allow so that
I might nevertheless be used as efficiently as He may so choose to His honor
and glory. Jonathan Selby
Philippians 3:14


Personal writings etc.


Recently I had opportunity to discuss briefly the issue of abortion
with a woman at work. I asked her what she thought of an artical,
("Double Standards") which I had given to her a few days earlier,
and she replied:
"well, what I can't stand is when a man trys to tell me what
I can or can not do with my body".
and I said:
"There is some validity to that, however, what does that have
to do with an infant child living within your womb? Does that
make the child your body"?
and she responded:
"Yes, if it is inside of my body, than it is my body".
and I said:
"That's interesting- you mean, if I swallow a goldfish that
makes me a goldfish?'
(No answer)


Mrs.Jones was walking out of the bakery with a fresh baked box of
blueberry muffins tucked under her arm, as she hurried on to work.
They smelted so good that she couldn't resist taking one out and
beginning to eat it on the way. "Ouch!", she said, as she crunched
down on something very hard, almost busting her tooth, and inadvertently
swallowing whatever it was. Just then a woman came running up to her
from out of the bakery shop and called: "Excuse me, Mrs.Jones, but
a most unusual thing seems to have happened. Right before you left
the store I noticed that a very expensive diamond has evidently broken
o\r1 -i->-S- of my ring and I'm sure it must have occurred while I was vigorously
beating up those muffins! Could I have those back please, and I will
gladly get you more from another batch plus some extra for your trouble?"
Mrs.Jones gulped, thought for a moment and said, "Sure", as they turned
and walked back into the bakery shop and she exchanged her muffins and
and collected her bonus. (However, everyone noticed that one was missing
and she apologized for same and guickly left.
A couple of weeks later Mrs.Jones ran into some financial difficult-
ies and went to the local jeweler in hopes of selling her marvelous new
found diamond for some cash, and the jeweler said:
"Mrs.Jones, this is indeed, as you supposed, a very unique diamond,
exquisitely cut by a master craftsman and looks to be part of a
beautiful and wonderful arrangement- why its priceless, and surely a
family heirloom", (Pause), "In fact, I think I remember who it belongs to'
"Well"' Mrs.Jones blurted, turning bright red with anger soaring
into her countenance, as she ripped "her" diamond from his hand and
bolted out the door shouting back:
"It was in my body and that makes it mine!"
(Leaving him looking not just a little bit puzzled).
Needless to say, that this case of "Who the diamond really belonged to"
finally went to court and the decision was undisputed: Because the
diamond had been in her body did not make it hers to dispose of as she
pleased. You see, this special diamond reflects the beauty and the
brilliance of its creator, and belongs to someone who loves it far more,
and payed a much greater price for it, than Mrs.Jones could ever begin to,


Like walking outside one morning and almost by surprize,
noticing and feeling the signs of early spring,
there's an excitement activating in the souls of believers,
just a subtile stimulating sence of the imminent return of Jesus,
simply an awareness that it's all about to come to a conclusion,
a realization of the working and movement of the Spirit of God,
and the hand of God bringing the shape of world events
into their final form,
His people stirring and awakening from a dreary winter's sleep,
lifting their heads and looking about-
Just a certain escalating trickle of joy as though inspite
of the struggle, a healthy child is about to be born,
Like you've been in love, and though no date had been set,
somehow knowing that the wedding day is finally at hand!



The Mystery Journey

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To be Continued

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