The Last Great Awakening

By: Jonathan Selby

a book in progress, balance thus far mostly unedited tape transcripts...


so that "after the discussions and feelings 'aMopTn?o?lsh-^:ft4---^
doting that someone says, OK, this is the way its going to go. Or
you can use democratic type voting, but there has to be leadership
and there has to be determinate council as far as that goes. ah right
lets get into this short book. AS of now I think best title is,
"e can change the world, just between us, its kind of a take off

12 (Continued)...

from a tune thats been going through my mind alot, I think its
Crosby, Stills, n nash &young, or, about, it must be fifteen years
ago, and. a anyway, the lyrics or mostly ya know, we can change the
world, -and a we can rearrange the world.

Dear Lord, bless this portion to your honor and glory.
Another song, now I'm by no means an endorser of-J§hn Lennons
philosophies and views, but , just to show that someone else had
idealism and thats all the points, 1811 give him for right now,
but anyway, in his <^ somewhat ungodly song. Imagine, ya, T(E says
well •U(»£this was so and this was so^ and he gets into some more
social^norms that could make life alot nicer, theres some real
validity in this, just like there was in the early church, the
way they lived. I don't think I should apologize to anyone for
^ the way I feel except that I'm sorry that 1 can' t be in agree
(y ment with tJjie^way everyone else thinks about things, ya, know, ^C^
I would like'\adeal^stically to make every body happy if everybody
concurred on__ey_erything wouldn'.t__l-t—-ba-_a__ sweet world, but it isn't
that way, and I^m the way I'm and you are the--Wa-y—yoT3—aI^e.~Lord
willing and by Gods grace I want to change things, I really do,
1 justdo not feel its right the way it is. 1 do not feel the world
is might the way it is. Now, I don't know if 1 can do anything
about it, but dog gone it, I just can't sit by and let it go the
way it is. Its wrong. It is ungodly. I've been a long tame holding
my pea^ce, Lord willing and by Gods grace I hope HE opens up this
door and I hope He allows me this opportunity to shout to as many
people as he cares to bring into hearing range what 1 have to spy.
World you are messed up. ^'ou are messed up, and I'm no better, but
dog gone it, 1 can see, you're messed up! Messedup' ANd thw worst
part is you don't care to see it. you're not, you've gotta step
back a little bit and look at it, and look at your mundane vanity
of life that you are into. Where is it taking you, what goog is it?
its zero, life is not justto stay alive for a hundred years,theres
far more to it than that, thats not what its all about, and its
not just tp raise children so they can stay alive for a hundred
years and they can raise children so they can stay alive for a
hc.ndred years. THATS WT WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT! ITS not to build
vanity and ^ build kingdoms that are gona be du'st. LoUK not at
the things which are temporal, but the things which are eternal.
1 also think that its going to be very important that I am very
open in revealing things about myself weather for whatever reasons
I care to admit them or not, I think honesty is going to be one of th
most important fabrics in a , this undertaking, absolute honesty,
and of everyone involved, ir- all ways, complete openness, here I'am,
th<-is is what I've done, this is where I'm at, this is where I hope
to go. SEE, because its all part of what flfr^^K^ps makes you pefifc the
person you are today, everything you've done is part of you, it isn't
going to go away, its part of whats formed your personality, formed
your thinking, ya know, its like, you are what you eat. Everything
you've ever done and experienced its all in your mind and its all in
the world and its in the people around you and Gods recorded it all
its all happened, theres no getting away from it. When you're a kid
you're just kind of charging through life for a while, and your^


kind of not realizing that everything you're doing is being
recorded and recorded in your own mind, and its all going to be
played back at different times during your life and you'^-'re going
to remember,it, and it will be there. Why don't they have a course
in school where they teach kids^^mat life is all about and a little
more of the substance to it. Man, they teach them all the mechanics
of science and math and history, they don't tell them anything about
life' and neither do their parents, what the heck is going on here,
whats behind it, and who's trying to prove what by it, and w^eres it
all. going and what are the real things that are going to make or
break their lives. I really have an awful lot to say/^an awful lot of
areas ^ really honestly doing and sometimes I'm going to overlap,
and sometimes I'm going to repeat things I've said before, I don't
know if this book is going to be Idmg or short, I really honestly
don't know. But I<^ wanta try to get all my thoughts out, thoughts
that I've had for the past, all my life^, as far as I even remember, I
don't care if I go back to grade school and highschool and everything
else, a if it seems like a worthwhile thought I want to say it, I
want to get it out and even if other people came up with it before, or
l,-'ter, durira, if it crossed my mind and I agree with it or something
I'm gona, an'd it happens, I'U put it on the tape anyway, and if its
an experience or something ,°'y"a know, what ever, its going to be some
stream of consciousness a ya know, talking here, to be transcribed
and edited into something I hope, ya know, and we'll go from there.
Iffwas wondering, is this the way books are written now?does this, 'jse-^
the modern way of writing jssw a book I a , I ya know I MY POffint
;oing to take a lot of points, I'm going to sa^ thats mine, I
;ht of it I'M just going, 1 have my ego too ya know, but a^ 1
things and I see someone else does it and thought of it too,
know,and l have a lot of ideas that I wanted to prppagat®, ya know,
and tell people about, and I'm kind of disappointed because I don't get
to put it out there and then I here it from a preacher or something,
and I say, boy, thats exactly the way I ielt, they finally realized
it, they finally, yes, amen,thats, I agree one hundred percent, and -^
ya know ,5. its'Kind of like a patient, you get an idea you wanta get a
patient on it, that was my thought, ya know, wasn't that good, its a
shame about ego, init,its a shame we all want points and credit and
things, oh maybe we can come to some sort of a situation where that
type of, or ego is minimized as much as possible. So what do you think
if anyone is listening to these, that ever listens to these tapes,
do I sound, now come on, do I, ami^amumbling, rambling idiot? I mean,
its a, how can I look at myself really objectively o^cL^y to evalue-
ate who I'm, and what I'm, and the validity of anything-t'm saying,
or the way bhat I put my words together? ^A Kr.iOW, I'm not in a
position to do that, I HOP'^ that I'M not crazy, I hope thati'm not
just a bumbling idiot, I hope that what I'm saying makes sense, I
Hope that its in some sort of order, and reason, and purpose. I hope
it says something different tJzett, because evidently I think things
are wrong, so hopefully I realized something, and I'm saying some-
thing different, that is going to make a difference,and people are
going to say ya, ya know, you're right, dog gone it, you brought it
out, I didn't see it, ya know, there's a change necessary, there is
there really, honestly is, this is garbage the way it is, its garbage
you can't tell me the way you're living is the way God wants you to
live, unless you're walking with Him every moment, and you're communir


and His Spirit is actively at work in your life a,nu. ^uu. know that
everything you're doing, or just about, is right exactly what He
wanted you to do, theres no, or, theres no or little inefficiency
in the money you're earning and what its being spent on, what the
times being spent on, you're not living above your basic needs,
you're sharing with other people, 1 mean, ya know, you don't have
two coats, ya know, you give to your neighbor ya know, and the
product you're involved with is directly to the glory of God, OK,
and you're earning your keep properly and your times not being
wasted, ya know, you're not spending hours of, and saying^ well I
need recreation and all that, no you don't, you need God, you need
a walking you need a harmony-with God, you need a sharing with your
neighbors, spiritually and a physically,, their material needs, thats
what you need, thats what life's all about, its not the hundred years
its not the survival, its a life in harmony with God moment by moment
living everything to his honor and glory, thats what life is all
about, you're here not ^to get through it^bo make a decision. Do
you want to serve God^live with God, and enjoy His eternity He's
prepared, make a decision to accept Him or yourself, thatd all it
is, what did Solomon say, fear God and keep his commandments this is
the whole duty of mankind, fear God, keep His commandment^s. Christ
said it, thou shall love the Lord \W^L God with all thy heart, soul,
and mind and your neighbor as your^eli, loving Him first, your
neighbor second, sharing, living, taking no thought for tomorrow
what ye should eat, what ye should drink, seeking first the king-
dom of God and His righteousness, thats what life is all about.That
is to be our purpose and reason, bringing our children up in the
nurture and admonition of the -Lord. Hi Now I said to my wife, the
other day, now, I want to get a lot of things about marriage, and
what constitutes marriage in Gods eyes, OK, I said to my wife. She
has all these things in boxes in the attic, and all these different
belongings and things all these things, OK, kind of like a pack rat,
^•4t(*use an expression, they build up all these things, I said, if we
went out of the house and while we were gone, t^ie house blew up,
it totally exploded into fifty skillion pieces, I means specsh,
I mean it just ya know, ail-that was left a, ya know, nothing no
bigger than a beebee, just a million pieces, what percentage of that
would you actually miss and would devastate your on going life, OK
How much of what you have do you need,you need cloths on your back,
you need a roof over your head, and you need food in your stomach,
pk, everything above that that you have you have to discern very
carefully and look at it, everything, any|b&mB that you invest in
something which is not providing that or 'directed towards helping
other people, your own family, sharing with God, you have discern
very carefully as to the value of that investment. Be good stewards
of the time G&d has given us, a major part of_ which is, what is life
all about,to make the decision, to live for Him, share our lives
with Him, to accept Him as God, and to do everything we can them to s
show others that thats what life is all about. Thats not where our
heads have been folks, lets face it, we've got to change the world,
Whoever does the initial work of transcribing these tapes, I assume
if you've come this far you're pretty much concurring with what I
have to say and a, I£ll tell ya, you'll either, ya know, can accept
it, or say really, ya know, thats not for me, -i- don't want to be ases
part of it^ia^go off the deep end, try and change the world, I can't
do it, you can't do it, you're crazy, for whatever reasons 1 ain't
gona do it, I ain't got the strength, I don't believe in it, or what-
ever you think, do it.I don't^ Va know, but hopefully whoever is


doing this a is agreed that they're going to do their best to
make a change, atleast in their own lives, hopefully in some other
peoples lives, and they're going to give their whole heart to it,
and their going to give -it their best shot, their going to give it
everything, everything they've got.
It just struck me while transcribing this, that the last preceding
taped paragraph I thought was going to be directed towards some person
other than myself. (I had thought that this job of transcribing would
be done by another person). I guess evidently I was talking to myself
at that time and didn't know it. therefojbeel must heed my own
thought and directive and follow through,
And thats what I mean , like right now l8m working here at this
store and I'm saying to myself, ya know, for a dollar something,
no, three something, minimum wage, if I wasn't doing^t'hrs^ if it
wasn't, and I think I Have a right ait here right now, theres really
nothing off hand I can think of that I should be doing, but you
look at All the time thats wasted in vanity, just vanity. I saw this
special on channel twelve the other night and they had this a
pueblo Indian things and they were showing all their ruins of the
pueblo Indians, they were showing these walls with all these ridicutou
stones that had been so laboriously placed in there, ya know, so much
man hours, and how they had to haul the wood from somewhere many
miles away and put all this together ,Mya looked, and ya thought of the
lives invested in that, lives and hours, and'<a3B|^, and for what, it
lies in dust for people to walk over and wonder what it meant, thats
life? and this house I'm living in,j I look arpund s-ndl^ some older
man lived there before and he left <^t^&®j^,SLSrfT)^lts''^andT^nutsand wires
all type of little things and this was his life, so then finally you'
re gone, I Snn't know if hes dead yet or whatever but anyway, but ^
hes not there, hes left it all, 8^> these little artifacts kind of,'^
of his, they were part of him, for what? for what? the money that
you spend for what? all these little things that I see that represent
money and hours end time, for what? My Mom reminded me a few times,
I don't know where the expression came from, the only thing thats
really important is whats eternal, look not at the things which
are seen but the things that are unseen, for the things that are seen
are temporal they pass away but the things that are unseen'Pare the
eternal , <what you giveAo your child, what you give to your
neighbor ,vthe influence^you have on them, that is whats of value.
Some would say you can't change, you can't fight city hal^, ya know,
one city hall for example, or one.^the system .Ym^a'ybe I can ,maybe
I can't, but I'm gona strike out, I'm gona try because its wrong the
way it is and I can't live with it and I can't ignore it, I can not
walk down the street and see someone hurt and not say I want to
help that person, weather its myself thats caught up in this thing
and needs help, or just my one neighbor, or weather its a world,
I want to somehow shout my message out there, I want to shout this
message out there, I want to say, People' its not right the way it
is, your priorities are way out of wack, your focus is way off base,
your life style is dishonoring to God, its a waste and an inefficiency
of time and effort, you're living in a materialistic cesspool of
qm&cksand. Yoy^feally, honestly are.


and you are building a futile empire of vanity, everyone of you,
you really are, I' mean a, not everyone, I'm going to give some
generalities, you've got too, OK , I'm g^ing -to—W?, tali-king to
a lot pf people I hope and I expect. This is going to be one good
part of, when this thing starts getting editted and 1 can look
back and I can say, well I've said that before, or I've said this or
that and I've got that o\x^, I've got that down, and I can improve
on it and modify, amplify it. This could almost get interesting,
it almost could, I just pray that Lord God guide me this book, this
is what^ve're going to do now, this is going to be the first stage
of it.J^sfe God guide it, give me the wisdom and anyone that works on
it^g^-ve them the wisdom to help put this together to say what has
to be said and to say it in the right way,Lord you agree, I hope
and I pray and I believe at this point t^as^ you agree that its not
righ"^, its gotten far away, the Christiansare being deluded by
whats going on here, Christianity has become a spectator-ship sport
for the most part, am I right or not wrong. So beings that this is
the case, I'm convinced of that then, then theres only one thing
to doy try to change it. Mow let me just pray about that for a
mople^t;. and seek Gods face, is this .really wrong, the way it is,
IS just spent a couple moments here^praying independently not on
this tape s aying God is it wrong, help me to know if it4rf^'vrong
show me, 1 don't wanta go off on a tangent, I honestly don 't
if its the truth I want to face up to it, but 1 want to know that
I'm right and if I'm right, and God if you give me the assurance
that I'am right, thamn Lord back me and help me to do what I can
to change it. and help me to straighten out the things in my life
so that I can be efficient in doing that. One of fahe verses that
keeps coming back, seek ye first the kingdom of God and his right-
ousness, I asked is it wrong the way it is. Are people wrong the
way they are, are Christians wrong the way they are. THE verse
comes back, seek ye first the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness
and all these other things shall be adoed unto you. PEOPLE are not,
do not, do they, have their eyes focused on Jesus Christ and His
righteousness, and Gi&d. and his righteousness, ."His holiness and His
purity and the communion, the devotion and the dedication to Him,
and everything else in life and all the things of life happening
to fall in place as they move along with His focus and eyes of
priority, do they have that,are they loving the Lord their God
with all their heart, soul and mind first, keeping that foremost
in mind, are they secondly helping their brothers and sisters and
neighbors, is their most important priority the eternal values,
which are number one, a souls salvation and eternal justification
and redemption, a souls eternity, is that the most important thing
in their minds and hearts and souls, OK are they looking at that
first, and t^ieir survival and everything else in life, just very,
very, very, secondary to that. If this is the case, if they really
have their focus, especially the believers, if thex world is
off like that, if something is deterring that and preventing that
and obstructing that, than its wrong and it deserves to be changed.
Someone, and some people than, should do their utmost to change it.
and not in their light way, ite. a big obstruction, its a big block-
age, its a big loss of focus, and its going to require a big change.-
they arn't just slightly out of focus, their priorities arn't just
slightly, t^lis is a time of major surgery, major surgery, thats what
its going to take.


DON'T think that you can go about it half heartedly and sit
around Sunday mornings in church and think about it lightly,
and go off back into it again, guess what, the time for major
surgery, for major upheaval, major change, major rectifying,
its a cancer thats engulfed the whole body its gotta change.
got to change, and its got to be radical, don't try to do it
half heartedly, do it completely or don't do it at all. I know
its easier to sit in church, to pr each >,mildi mannered sermons,
to preach on evangelism where people^^^^-r^AA^^Taiga&fail*s time to
give themselves to it, and live in a system thats inefficient and
wasting their time, Dieting their Christian testimonies and spirits
and trying to get them to, well take^ten minutes in the morning
and ten minutes at night or a half^^br what ever you can scrounge
up for God, Thats not what its all about, in no way shape or form
its got to be changed, the Lord, I believe, concurs with what I'm
saying. Its wrong, it must be changed, people have to change their
life styles, their lifestyles are not right 4-^ and the system that
they're involved in, I'm going to keep seeking the Lord about
this, Lord I'm gona fast about this, I'm going to pray about this,
because I want to know that hes behind me I don't want to go off on
anjif kind of a tangents, I want the Word of Gods endorsements and
Lord God change my life first, help. me to change every on e^Ttalk
to about this, bless this ministry^r prayp'to your "honor -ang glory^
oh God help me, oh God you've been sogood and merciful^and I wanta
be the one, I wanta do it, and if I don't do it let it be done, ^
let it change, don't let it just continue to be a disaster for/^for
the lost and for the believers in this world, oh God change it I
pjb&y, bring people to their hearts and their knees and get them
out from this system so they can live and walk closer to you I
PRAY HELP rHEM I pray Lord, help them to make whatever change is
necessary so that their lives can be more devoted to you, ^la-a-t" they
can walk closer to you and honor you better,forgive our sins,
forgive my sins, for everything we've all done •ta&^s thats been
wrong or dishonest or hasn't been straight forward. Lord, hasn't
been done in love, guide us and help us and bring us into your
leading and direction I pray, bring us into a lifestyle and a way
that we can live more closer with you and more in harmony with you
and have more time to seek and walk with you, oh God help us to do
it in a vicious world for the devil as a roaring lion goeth about
seeking whom he may devour and help him not to devour our lives
dear God anymore, bless our lives, use themto you honor and glory
and help me if theres anything I can do to help in this regard,
help me to be able to do it, and help me to pay whatever dues I
have to do, don't let me put dpwn my hand from this plow dear God
for the balance of my life and I really pray this in your name
Jesus to guide me in it, help me as I seek you to really determine
what is wrong and how to change itin my life and anyone else that I
can, help any that would get involved with me, bless them also I
pray, help me to ray whatever dues, give me the strength to pay the
dues, to bring about your will, oh God thank you, thank you dear God,
don't send me on a tangent dearGod because I want your will to be
done and your honor and gloryy pray, I don't care if I do it, but
let someone do tt and help me to get into a better position so I
can serve and walk with you because I know I'm not walking with you
the way I should and I'M tired of not walking with you, I m tired of
not honoring you the way 1 should, help me to change thatright now
January 9 1983 I love ya Lord and I just want to walk closer with
you, and share my life with you deliver me from this system that


would prevent me from giving you everything that I can and all
that I can, all the time efforts, energies and desires, use me
to your honor and glory, purge my system, clean my system, help
me to rectify all the things that I've done wrong, help me to
live for you every moment. Lord I thank you for your help and I
pray these things in your most Holy name Jesus, amen.
END OF tape y ONE
TAPE Tf TWO SIDE ^ ONE ,^ y. ^
Of my book of an uncertain title, book number one,, good name for
now, a, OK, something I really haven't gotten into much on tape
number one was why is the concept of the lifestyle I'm discussing
viable now, why it wouldn't of been a viable concept twenty-five
years ago, or fifty years ago. WHY it' s become more, why it has
become viable and practical and feasible, whats the justification
for this concept and &t has^t.c^, do with mans technology and the
poor use of the technology advancements the good improvements he
has made and why the same improvements and advancements have also
caused the problem, helped to contribute to the problem of mater-
ialism and how we can reverse what a, what went wrong, we went the
wrong way when man started coming up with time saving mechanisms.
So I want to go into that. So its kind of interesting that right
now as I'M saying these words to be transcribed, may be you'll
end up reading these very words, that I have no idea what the fut-
ure holds, who may ever end up hearing any of thi$, where it may
go, if this project will go anyplace at all will it, ya know, a
I'm praying that the Lords blessing be upon it, or that He'll ya
know cut it short that tf^fffsw*^- I won't ya know, waste my time do-
ing something he isn't really behind ya know, this could be a
tremendous movement and this is the very, very first step in it
this writing, which is going to be like a background to the whole
.thing, or it could be nothing. I have no idea. SO its going to be
very interesting to see ya know what this amounts to that a right
now is the very first step simply words on a, on a tapeand this is
January the eleventh, eighty three,. Yea I'm also wondering if
ya know I'd like, this reading to be interesting, and its just a person
thoughts^and^conviction really is all it comes down to and I'm
wondering if, ya know, just the,./even the tapes themselves, or
a transcript of the exact tapes^right off the top as they come
might make the book more dmteresting a little something unique.
1' mean, I assume now I'll be honest about this I have not read
a whole lot OK I'm not an astute reader or anything like that and
a most works I assume ^q^ very, fairly well refined, ya know, this
would be something,^<»,l^ai^e I say, it wo^ild be bound to be different
reading^put down in this fashion, so thats a consideration if you
people end dp reading something like this ya know, these very words
you'l'.i- know thats J?yust wha-t^w decided to ido^he^e.thats an inter-
esting concep'^'Wcause heres something ^ya know, V^oievw^e it would
jump around, you'd never know what was g'bing to be said next, but
it wouldtJhopefully it would still have a consistent theme iA it
I think my feelings would be the same, theres a possibility. The
opposite side of that coin is though -Vsa'fc this (^is a very serious
thing that I'm doing and its really not written by any means to
entertain. Nov./ I mentioned before that this was really the first


step a £ have other-steps in mind ya know to promote this whole
idea. The wq,rk that I. get into which is like a somewhat really
superficial^l thought, well I* ve got to tell the people that
would like to participate in this that its available. I've got(^
to communicate with them because I can't do it myself all right
theres a certain pooling of recourses of individuals resources
that are going to be necessary to buy the laudato build the homes
and to put the wells in, and the septic systems a, ya know,
building materials and everything else thats going to be required
and I'm going to have to get a message out to a large number of
people so 1^think like the idea of the book really sterna from a
thought off'if I could do talk shows and tell people that would be
a me^wjt- of communicating it a method of communicating it and a
I could, do these talk shows and then, but generally they have a
book to back it up so they have, sow people have some way to o^
look at it and see, the writing I l|^v-e do believe in the printed
page, ya know, the printed word a ya know it, if you write some-
thing thats good and valuable it will endure forever in a book,
the whole crux of the Christianity is based on the book ya know
the Bible as the inspired^word of God which has been preserved
over the ages and the power of the printed page and fche word for
people as a resource its almost a ya know a, mystical thing a ya
know, what is there about a book, what is there about a words,
1i^ you^really take^ what you've really done is a, taken intang-
able ideas^thoughts, and pictures and images and opinions and
feelings ana you ve put them in a tangible and communicable form
you've made them physical I think thats where, where the Bible
says the word became flesh and dwelt among us, ya know like Christ
wasvalso a incarnation of the actual word of God and the Bible
is also the word. In the beginning was the Word and Ate the Word
was with God and the SBord was God the same was in the beginning
with God all things were made by Him and without him was not anjr«
thing made that was made. In Him was life, OK , and its speaking
of the word and its drawing a synonoaony®, theres a word like that
ya know, an equation between the word, the life being Jesus Christ
and God Himself. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we
beheld His glory the glory as of the only begotten 01 the Father
OK,^there is so much, there is so much I want to say}" praise the
Lord, I hope I say it, I hope I persevere with this book I really
honestly hope I persevere with it, ya know this, ya know I go
into vanities of life and I say ya know theres so much thats vanity
and so much thats waste and even when 1 look at this book, I have
thes^ great ideals of how people should live so that their life is
more a efficient for the Lord and their harmony with God and nat-
ure is, is more one ya know and I say boy, thats, thats the way
it has to be, but ya know, y.^JrfWw ya W^ Ic^look at everything
you invest your time and energy and yoiir purpose to do it and you
have to ask yourself ya know as to the strength of it ya know, like
you'll get ah idea and you may work on an idea for a long time your
not sure what you've got if you've gotanything. The same thing with
this book I'm working on, I have no idea at this point what I have
weather its going to br worth anything, but I have a lotof ideas
ana I've often felt very strongly chat they were good ideas and they
were strong ideas and that they were things that people needed to
know. and I hope they concur I hope they agree and I HOPE thats
what gives this book some impact.


So anyway the a concept of a book came from the concept of getting
a talk show going so that I could help comrr.u3.cate the message of, to
get out to the>'people to let them know that I was in existence and
that I had an idea, and I wanted a change and if they wanted to help,
great if, if t^ie book can make money great, praise God because that
can go right into this whole thing, because its going to take money,
I'm not going tdA^try''^I'be just^off in some kind of uforia and a, I
KNOW peoples gone a say oh thats all he wants is money, I do not want
money for money, 1 need money to create this new environment that I
think Christians should be living in and IM going to^be"honest and
up front about that, yes its going to take money and its going to take
a lot of money and its going to take a lot of people pooling t-heajT-
together to make it happen, OK, its going to be a nonprofit organi-
zation and a highly scrutinized^ highly above board organization and
with^one persons ego, or any ^^At?s ego get' in and it has to be
very a strongly dedicated just to Jesus Christ. No« I'll be honest
with myself, if this thing would go over and there would, be'" communities
happening, ya kno^ .^I' 'would get certain notoriety, n^'feera'et, and a
place of prominence and importance, praise the Lord, its a byproduct
it really honestly is,if I can see this happen and be nobody and live
in a cave, praise the Lord because things are wrong a&d I really feel
it is. Its like if you came up^ with an idea and you really , you felt -„
is was a worth while idea'•y6'ur'could benefit from it, if you could have<: ..'
itand s®»e ^other people, maybe you could maybe you couldn't behifit
from it ,^tiu^''yb'u came1.;? with an idea, you didn t have the resources
or whatever it took to make it happen yourself and so you went out to
another company and you s^d them the adea, or ya know, I'm sorry,
thats not what I'm trying to say, you didn't sell them, you justsaid
here, heres the idea, because I'lfe^td like to see this made I think
people can use it, I think they can need it a, I don't have a patent
on it I can' afford to protect my idea or for what ever reason you
gave them the idea and they went out and they made it happen and you
saw the results of this and you said, you'd get a certain amount of
praise God all right, haleluia I'm glad it happened all right and You'd
feel good within yourself anyway I have the same thing, something's
wrong and it needs to be changed if it isn't changed as a result of
anything I do thats all right too just as long as it happens, just as
long as it happens, and it happens with the integrity of clean and
honest above, God^I swear ."^od helping me that if this thing can not
be done honestly ,^'cleanly and wholly above board and to the Glory anc-
honor of Jesus Christ God prevent me from doing it in any way now
there are some people that are going to lok at me and they're going
to look at the business that 1 was involved in 1, this SaniSuite,
kitty rest room 1 tried marketing and a 1 got this corporation going
and, and 1 tried to wheel some deals and I tried to'get the thing on
TV and I tried to have it manufactured and l tried to make a good
image for people to extend me^credit for production and making comm-
ercials and everything .and ,l ,w.ent way out on a limb and 1 bit off than
1 could chew and'',i^v-§311' 6ame 'd^wi on me and 1 ended up sneaking out of
it, ya know, just getting out the back door before it, 1 don't know if
its gona go bankrupt yet or whats going to happen to it, sold it to
somebody for just enough money to get me personally back oh my feet
again, theres a lot of debts involved in that corporation. 1 did not
do that corporation walking with the Lord day by day, no way


I use to be under this feeling thatthe end justifies the means
well, not really, but if ffi could do this, that-business and I'd
get enough money 1 really wanted to use the proceeds, make that
thing happen, make a million dollars and a, so I wouldn't have to
come into this undertaking now, this a, this back to nature a
communing with GOd, back to basics a from a, needing other peoples
money to do it. say, if 1 could make a million dollars 1 could do
it from a real position of strength, evidently the Lord didn't have'
it that way and 1 couldn't ju^t say well I'm gona whatever it takes
to make this product fly so that 1 can mak e a million dollars I'M
gona do it sox that I can have the money td» do thing to the honor""^
( and glory of God, He couldn't, 1 was a fool to think that he could
bless that approach, a real fool and all these things we do we
gotta pay dues for OK, they're not, they're not gone OK, I'm gona
have dues from that whole business fling I took, . When I said
earlier that I wanted to be completely honest in writing this book,
I mean as much as is important ya know, and has some bearing onit.
I've been through a number of periods of reconstruction in mylife
when I felt,aa..-know, could say oh yea there he is rededicating his
life again-tongoi'ng (fforward one more time to say Lord I'm sorry, well
I'm sorry for that then, sorry that its been like that, I was, I
was fairly conscientious for those three years in that business ,
Selby Enterprises Inc., pretty conscious, yet I didn't live, I didn't
live on a poverty level but then I , I justified my standard of
living a from thexpoint of view of image th^at was necessary to make
it into the big leagues and that a I-^was t-z^lAl; tf'o be a national
product, ya know, every week it was only gol'ng to be next week before
it was going to be a national product and ljust a, ya know, lived
with these blinders on, but you see. God wasn't in it» God was not
in it. I just wanted it, ya know. God will get in it later, well
I'll do it now and it will wor8 out so good that/ God will put his
stamp of approval on it later, no really, think about that, thats
what I'm saying. If, if I can't take this one step at a time and
seek his face and seek his guidance and get cleansed from everything
thats gone before OK, and do this right. I had personal sin entered
my life at the end of that business I Mean it was just a down hill
thing and I, and I start a, 1,1 might as well just be honest about a
lot of things here. I was raised pretty strict OK, like from a Baptist
background, independent Baptist background, we didn't smoke, cuss
or chew or hang with those that do, thats a little expression, OK
card playing, dancing, smoking, going to me-ws-e theaters, none of
that OK, Sundays were special OK, I use to spend the summers with my
grandparents we couldn't ^I couldn't even ride my bike on Sunday,
ya know, nothing like. that. very ^etrick. Never drank, never liked
the taste of alcohol,''K'ut''during those three years I was in busin-
ess there I felt, now boy this is a ya know''•'common place, I don't
want to be too square, •'3'tew talk about a conflict I'D be Oisk wanting,
I'd be out 'fcA&i^^a place that served alcoholic drinks a place of^that
nature at a business meeting wanting to say grace (because I 'veF always
been thankful for my food and'^Sft^NLor'd-s always provided-me 'food for ,•-'"
weather I was traveling ou t in another country, where ever I was ^j^'
I^^'&lwayB^'antf I^d^ah'^a thank the .Lord for the food and drink
at the same time, I couldn't put those two together , I couldn't
bow my head and ask 'uhe lord thanks for the food and be drinking
mixed drinks. I couldn't put them together, so I drank the mixed
drinks. I learned to drink by drinking sweet drinks . Still can't


still can't stand the taste of alcohol, OK, wellrtfiaan I started
justifying expense trips dpwn to florida you know, laa-ng in the
hot tubs, jukozzies, drinking drinks, this is a, ya say, well you
had fun now, yau don't have fun when you're under pressure and you're
out of fellowship with God you really don't, you really don't enjoy it
when you know its not above board when you know you really can't afford
itok and whwn you know, when you're been raised OK with certain
standards and you believer, certain way and you feel in your heart
that the only thing thalTshnakes anysence and thats really, important
in this world is God and honoring God and keeping H£s commandments
you know, you don't really enjoy it you really don't. To really enjoy
it you've got to have no apprehaflsipna^about G&d morals and things,
cand if£'you're going to go after'^affc^ hotels in Florida and or,
wherever you go, I went out to California too, rented a corvette on
one of these quote business ventures you've got to be able to afford
it too a^^thats the sort of sin you want to go after. 1 could get
into a quite a lengthy discussion here on salvation and eternal
security too,my beliefs along those lines I'm not sure if thats fiat
where I want to go right now ornot. I guess a pip»e book is somewhat
like a piece of art work isn't it? you a, you know x you really can't
say well how much material composes a book if its an actual book
if its really a piece of art work^Vbhats what this if I really end up \-/
putting in the effort and it comes out good I mean if its done rightp<^-
its not done, its done when its done, its done when its finished,
its done when you got, when you got it all there and it all put
...together just the way you want it to and its a) complete picture and
^you feel confident about it you now I thought^well, you know, I
JF expressed the idea of a shoet book and what the concept there was that
50 I'd just get my thoughts out ya know, just, just as, mor^e^ not lJ^k_e_
»? a book but more like a an instruction manual of not bfY^just a^ac'?-
^ ground summary of where my head was at kind ofthingi OK, 1 don't
<<, know what this is going to shape up to be. Lord willing it will shape
^ i up to be something. I guess part of the question is should I stick to
S ^ things in this book which have direct or ya know bearing upon the sub-
^,^eject of just this community and the whys and wherefore of it or
S^ ^ should I as well get into my, some of my other^eellngs, and theologies
y ,\ cal beliefs and things ainog the.t line as well and ya know, what I've
^K^^l been doing and ya know a^l^aM abundance of ideas that might come to ^
^ l \^\ my mind that a, ya see, something ^ havn't formulated yet but a heres
^ ° one way to go about it»iBeings that I know atleast the primary sourse
-^°r^ of this thing is to describe the wheres and whyofs this whole mo_ve-
—-ment th-a^ I ought to make sure 1 get those out first get them thoroughl
Described. That might be a good way to go about it. So why don't 1 go
back to^that kind of a thing. Well 1 don't know if this is going to
end up in the tape but if I'm going to be honest 1811 admit this, I
do have a proMem^at times with looking at women, I do. I think there
ought to be^, a,-'some sort of a dress standard in this inviorment,
I'm, I'm not really sure. You see, heres another thing though and a
I know this is true and valid. The stronger my spiritual harmony,
closeness and walk with the lord, the more I'm, I'm lifted above those
temptations, OK, my spiritual tone fluctuates, now I didn't read the
Word this morning OK, we did have family devotions last night that was
unusual, it shouldn't be.-, but my spiritual tone^a you know thats some
thing you know, if jrou meditate and you spend time with the Lord,
see&ing the Lord, it can improve it can improve in a matter of fift-
teen, twenty minutes or a half hour, ya know, you're spiritual tune
gets stronger sure, its just like spending time in prayer or anything
else. Look at side, side one,(^tape one. I was in pretty good spiritual:
shape 1 started out a little bit cdild I think afa/side two of tape one


This, This I've felt very cold'prertty much cold so far in this a first
part of the tape. Of course I"'m driving, now theres a thing, I don't
have a lot of patience in driving, driving tends to get me upset, ya
know other peoples driving, 1, I have a hard time handling. Tends to get
me irritable which could tend to diminish the spiritual tone^of this. -^
I've, I've got to conquer something relative to my driving. -^i'-'Tnos^B^^'\
people are idiots for some reason . OK, a, lets talk about ,the a concept
of technology. Mans advancements and improvements man has made and what
man has done-p3^(i^fties received benifit from them how its effected his
lifestyle, and if there was more than one direction he could have gone as
a result of the benefits OK, and did, and I'm talking about modern a ya
know, America, not a starving India or something like that. Even though
I feel those a less fortunate could still receive benefit from this kind
of plan. Man, obviously found better ways of doing things, he found that
a instead of having to chop wood all of the time and a, he could refine
oil and make an oil burner, or he could produce electricity to create
heat. HE fount that instead of walking everywhere he could make an engine
using gasoline and make a chariot and take him places much faster. HE st
found that he could creat® hot water automatically, he found that instead
of carrying buckets up from the well he could have a pump that would do
that and he could haye hot -watisr all the time, and he found out that
instead of having^ah outhouse he could have indoor plumbing that could be
sanitary, and a, so essentially he found other forms of energy which would
sa'.'e him work. i^ovi theoretically these advancements should have provided
him more time, and they did, OK, they provided him more time, he didn't
have to spend as much time a raising food because he found better ways
of raising food and a. So man made certain advancements and he did not
use their benefit timesaving wise, to give him more time to walk with
the Lord and to simplify his life, Instead he got caught up in a mater-
ialistic system of debts and bills and bigger houses and cars and series
and video games and carpets and draperies and cloths and you name its,
OK, and^ate^up all his time and ended up with less time because he went
beyond the timesaving benefits of the technological advances. It would
have been better if he hadn't made the advances and we were back in rural
America. Man was closer to God when he actua lly had less time, when he
was spending the largest amount of^ime struggling to make his basic needs
we're well past having to struggle to make our basic needs, now we're
struggling in a system in a very white collar system as well to pay bills
for things that v/e don't need but thats where our time is ending up going.
we could probably supply our basic needs by workingfrthree hours a day if w
were living in a very simple house with very, just our, our, our heat and
our food and our cloths taken care of andall^that other money could go in
the bank or whatever instead we've diverted^back into bigger empires of
vanity, and uselessness and destruction of the valuable time Hg^?b God has
given^to live for him. T^e obv&ous solution tothat is to reverse it. Get
rid of all the garbage t^at we're spending all our time and money for,
and live very basically, get out of the big homes, we don't need them now,
we couldn't say, weM, everybody stay where you're at in these homes and
let out the rooms to less fortunate gnd have everybody pool their resources
and so that we don't have to spend eight,, ten hours a day on the job, we'll,
spend less, this system is built upon an eight hour day thats what you're
expected to put in there to get that full time pay check. So if you're
going to play the systems game you've got to play it by their rules.


and it doesn't fit. ItAdoee not fit the change I'm talking about,
you can't say, well^T ^'ound that if I restructure my life, if you'll
pay me the same scale I can get by working three hours a day, or two
days a week, because I want to spend the rest of the time in evangelism,
^ell, they would say, you.'fee crazy, we don't need you three hours a day,
S® 'the systems not designed that way. YOU gotta make another way of
living, another lifestyle, founded on the right premise. Now, if it
was worth while to the body to work outside for some reason and it was
efficient, and the product was God honoring and necessary OK, and help-
ful to people,that could possibly work into the concept. BUT,
essentially it should be as self sufficient as possible. 1'et me a try to
describe how I envision this being, OK, essentially after its roll-
ing. well 1811 go back to, OK, You get a large group of money, a large
group of people who invest money, the money goes in an escrow account
to a certain amount is built up, then you buy 2. amount of land, now this
certain amount of money will provide wells, septic systems, building
materials, for very basic homes, certain basic farming equipment.
Everyone would-pool their resources, all of their recourses, into this
thing, so weather you're poor or rich, here's a p&ace, here's a place
you can come and get out of the system. People can work outside if its
a God honoring job. The thing is we'^X, share what we have, everyone
shares what yogi have, you have your independent, your private homes,
you have homes maybe where a young people can live that, that are not
into an intimate family situation, you have moral standards, you have
people helping doing what ever they can and being involved of, its kind
of a pioneering, communing, a pioneering community but making use of
certain, its aa community within itself as m&ch as possible 9e& remains
self sufficient, they make their cloths, tj&ey raise their food, OK, they
produce their own electricity, they produce whatever energy forms they
need, as much as possible. The amount of money thats required is kept
at a minimum because its mostly a trading standard within , its, its a
individual, Individual freedoms, and religious freedoms, but there is a
leadership body which sets certain standards, and the people can vote
when the, on an, on any individuals or families that would deviate
from the standards that have been determined to be upheld within this
community, all right, so after its all set up, you have land, you have
individual homes built according to a very basic,e0-escribed format,
in other words they're not al.) the same butin otJrbr words, one person
isn't going to have a m^arblex^ you know pillars in front of his home
where someone e&se has a wooden frame. The object is of the home 3,3. to
provide your warmth and yo^ur shelter from the elements, thats al^a
home should, provide ^and a^place to be as a family unit and so forth.
But we're well beyond that in our society, and thats why we're wasting
out time and money, now, a, the furniture can be very basic, a lot of
it can be built, OK, we don't need fancy apolstered stuff, its should
be comfortable. Sq, heres these individual homes they're all built on
this land andA^and^they trade, they share, they have a meetings as^a
community and they share recreational and spiritual things and they i^
live for the Lord though, now a I force that this should be Christian
oriented, now I haven't, now remember, all of these things are not
thoroughly formulated in my mind yet, fak, thats another*irnportant thing
to keep in mind. but I foresee a very strong evangelistic thrust as well
into the cities as a group, as a m, inmass, going in and preaching the
gospel of Jesus Christ, and also preaching them an opportunity to get
out from under the system that they're in. X Well how will people get
involved in this and what will they have to invest? Asy Whatever they
want to. What-^ ever. ^yiey want to. that'd be the best way so go. I don't
fyou should^'"! 'dort^t'" think it should be mandatory ^p


that have body that come just invest,; everything that they have, into
the commons treasury, I don't think that would be necessary, its up to
them its a spiritual matter, what they feel they oughta invest, ya know,
you're gona have annias and suffira types, I'm not gona, ya know, try to
pronounce them dead on the spot. its an individual, its a spiritual
thing, a, but they will^ all, ^understand what we're trying to accomplish,
and what its all about.'^anW'Tts gonna be a nonprofit corporation, it'll
be, everyone will own shares in it. everyone'11 ^-'Ss^ould be given the
same number of shares irregardless of what they put into it. now, that
I've gotta thoroughly formulate, the exact a technical plan I haven't
worked out of all of this, and"there'11.,be a governing body, ya know, a
form a board of directors and as of noW-.^we'll assume I'll be the leader
or principal in it. God of course will be exalted as the principal, and
it'll/be, yes, come, go build your house, heres building materials,
heres whatever you want, it'll be owned by the nonprofit corporation,
everything, all the building materials and everything will be retained
right on the property there, anything they build hopefully »a.ll be an
improvement so it won't be a loss, and the moneys, all zhe moneys we
take in will go towards building materials and land and improving that
piece of property, and so thats the best way to do it.Lord willing a
if he blesses this he$ll bring some people with money it'll be, because
its gona take some money to do this. no doubt about it. There are going
to be people with personal debts, that say I'll liquidate everything that
I have and I'll a, I'm twenty thousand dollars in debt, now v/hat do I do?
And a, I think, ya know, if this thing gets off the ground we should be
able to clear a person of that, and I don't mean by bankruptcy really,
I don't think people should declare bankruptcy, I' really don't., and 1
did it already, myself, if you have a debt, you pwe the debt, it should
be paid. I think, I think this a community ought to absorb that. Lord ,
willing it wnill be able to do that. Then people can come out'of, ya see,/
feeling clean and a ya know completely above board with God and man, I '
think thats important and a, ya I wanta be a recpienf1 of it too, I'm
sorry I can't come into it with a million dollars. I wanted too. I tried
getting a business, and I pushed it hard and I did everything 1 could
to make it happen, evidently I wasn't doing it to the honor and glory of
God and it didn't happen that way, that doesn't mean that this concept is
wrong and rot right. That doesn't mean that the world is not wrong and
that the believer is not wrong in the way hes living, and it doesn't
mean that this isn't a better way of living and it isn't true and it
and that this isn 't the way it should be done. Now, if you have some-
one with a million dollars and he wants to be the head of it, a somebody
else wants to do it too, that.:: fine too, I'M just expressing the point
OK, and I'm trying to describe how 1 envision this thing. The more I
think about it though the more I'm convinced that it should be a comm-
unity of believers, it really, honestly, should be, of like precious
faith is the terminology. 1 think these people should have that common
denominator between them which is the love of th Lord Jesus Christ,
the person'of Jesus Christ, I'm not talking about any organized religion,
People with the very simple gospel of Chri.s.t which is they believe in
salvation by their faith in Jesus Christ^AYood ainne to save them, and
that they're saved. That there is a marriage between God and that person
the day they fall on their knees, realize they're a sinner and accept
Jesus Christ as their only savior by faith, that there is a bond set up
and know one is able to separate them henceforth from the love of God
which is in Christ Jesus, neither height, nor depth, nor angels, nor
principalities, nor powers, nor things seen nor things unseen, and that
He that hath begun a good^work in them will perform it unto the day of
redemption, and He that ^'"promised it is also able to do it.


Therefore we know that we have eternal life and that you're one of
His sheep and t-teartrvteHa no one can pluck you out of the Fathers hand.
You're one of His children, from that day forth, even though you may
fall, even though you may be a prodigal son, thats what confession is
all about. It has to do with that, with the degree of fellowship OK,
you'rp having with Him* If you're walking with Him, you're loving with
Him,^you're'"reading His Word and you're sharing Him OK, ya, you can be
His son when you are ^.iA, the pit of sin, ya you can be, and you can do
many grievous things to hurt the Father, and to hurt His name, its a
shame, and knowing that we're saved and knowing, and knowing that He
'iVill save us, HE' says, whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord
shall ,bj3 saved IRKEgardless of anything we've ever done, knowing that
He will do it if we ask Him to save us a when we have enough faith to
call out, we have enough faith in Him as the very person he said He^was
THE lamb sacrifice, THE only son of God, jEHE resurrected Lord, we have
enough faith to call and say Lord I believe in you, I believe you saved
me, oh Lord be my savior, be my Lord, save me today, HE promised to do
it. and any time after that we confess our sins He is faithful and just
to forgive us our sins and dense us from all unrightousness. OK, We
establish a relationship the day we have enough faith to fall on our
face and ask Him to save us. it is the rebirth, its not a gradual thing,
birth is a very particular time in ones life when they're born again,
and sealed unto the day of redemption.
Book one, tape two, side two,
Do you know how beautiful it is to sit in a natural setting, trees,
air, grass, the smell of the greenery, especially after a rain. To
feel the seasons, to touch the earth, the dirt, to take a board put
it up against another board put the nail in there thats going to, the
boards that are going to help protect your family, and its so direct,
that board is going to very directly shield elements from falling on
your loved ones, its not inflated, its .not interest, its, ya know, you
bomght that board,-^made that boardy^s real, its concrete, its not an
interest payment, its not a thicker carpet, its not a fancy door lock
in your new car. To breathe the air, to be close to God, to be at peace
with God, and be ar peace with man, that seems to me to be what its all
about. To be at peace with others, to be sharing, to be loving, jro be
walking with your creator, to have time to v/alk with God, to take
advantage of some of the things that man has made to give you more
time that you can walk with Him, do you have time to share the gospel
with others, so you can give God your best ^ours, instead of your
wors^; what ever remnant of time you found left over to Give Him before
When did you see your last sunrise or your last sun set, when did you
last breath that fresh air. Don't you feel kind of cheated when you
walk through a park on sometime when you get a chance and wonder ishy
you can't live it, feel it and breath it on a regular basis. You get
up in the morning and take your life and put it in that car and then
stick it in that building, bring it out,\^"never felt that day. Don't
you feel kind of robbed when its a spring morning and all you get is i\.-
j-wst a glance around between your house and your car, or bus, what
ever it is. Don't you feel kind of robbed when you write those checks
out for thdise bills and wonder if you really got what your time deserved
for that time you put in there, if it really went directly towards
something that you needed, you find you're living day in and day out,
and week in and week oujr where are you really going and what are you
really appreciating. You spend so mucA effort an energy providing for
yourself that you don't have any time to appreciate the things you do


provide, and. God you hardly have any. "time for, and ya someday maybe
I'll seek God, if you get the tim^v-yir^n you get the chance when the
systefli you're living in is , go/ vicious if'asS.ll drive you right out the
end of it and you'll never^g^a-i t»te^ time, I pray every spring, I pray
oh God don't let me waste another spring, when I feel that air and I
see that sky AND I pray oh God 1 don't want to waste another one, let
me be with you, let me be walking with you, let me be breathing, let me
be feeling that beautiful nature you provided that man has tried to
corrupt so much* You'll never have enough money to buy it on your own,
that freedom, the only way you're going to do it is if we all get
together and, if we all get together and we pooled our recourses and the
money that we have and we buy some land and we build some simple homes,
and we live off that land as much as possible and some can go out to
work if they core to for to provide any money that we do need or make
somethings and sell them if no one wants to go out anywhere else, there
shouldn't be much need for money, currency, because if we pool what we
have we ought to be able to buy our building materials and everything
for everybody, I'm sure the -i-'ord will bless us with some people that
can, can help us out more than others, and they'll be able to see what
they're buying and it won't be garbage, they'11 be buying some very real
and basic things to be, tcx^e shared with,:other people, and if there
are people there that can't appreciate it, or abmse it, or trash it up,
then they won't be there. Sounds good to me. KZE How about you? do you
want to be part of it,'^you want to come out there and breathe the air, •.
you want to coma; out an^ look at this land, and say yea lets live out
here, lets build''1 some'^lets build some houses, we'll have them built,
we won't get cold, we 11 start putting the money away, an we won't do i^
u till we have enough money to a, you know ,'^ get the-^'basic roofs and land^
and the things we need because we don't want to be out there and not be
protected 1'rom the elements and have enough to keep us going, We can do
it, b'.it we'll all have to pull together, do you want to be part of this,
say OK I'll put my name down, put^this in the account, ya know, if we
can't reach that, that a goal we''set that a, to a.,launch this thing, then
we'll just figure that the Lord wasn't in it, bul^the Lord will keep
blessing and bringing new people, we build up that account we need to
buy this land and start building our homes and the wells and things and
we'll praise our God and we'll keep on .^oing, and if not we'll say its /.^
not ih Gods plan for the age. its not in Gods purpose for it and a T^^'
guess we'll go back to living a mundane lifestyle, hopefully we'll afl
learn something from it though, but Lord willing He'll bless it, and
there'll be many communities of happy people spinging up, and Lord
willing if He tarries, the country will be protected, the country wil.i-
long, long exist, and there'll be a revival from it. but we'll have a
chance to preach,get back to God,get back take advantage of what we
have to make it easier to do that, nothing wrong with a tractor, its a
good idea, it'll get through the ground, alot quicker, nothing wrong with
having a pump fot tha.t water up there thats a get the water up there that
much quicker and its^cheap when you come down to it the amount of elect-
ricity it takes to run that pump, the amount of gasoline it takes to run
that tractor, you just have to decern what things are important and
helpful, its gona take a little effort, a little energy but, its gona
take some money, but its out there, there are people out there with it,
and, I'm not the only one that sees the vanity of this system, lets figure
out how much we're going to need, how much the land is going to cost,
what type of paper work we're going to need to do it, to make it leg.
lig^imate, lets get going, amen.


All of this money coming in is going to be part of the Corporation
its going to be left in there and it won't be touched until we
reach that goal, I'm gona statt.-i-'m gona write this book, I*-li start
doing the talk shows, do everything I can to get more people involved
to build this account till we can launch like we want, try and find the
land what ever we can.-v^ight now l*m not talking to anybody yet I've
mentioned it to a few people, two, three, four people I'VE mentioned it
to, I've told some people about the idea 1 don't have anyone really on
board with me yet^-they've said this is what 1 want, this is the only
thing I want lets go for it. a few people have expr-eo ad an in barest
so, the moment I'n aittin^ hare January 11, three oclcck in the after-
noon speaking to this tape recorder its still the birth of an idea
essentially Not walking in it thats for sure. oh God, bless this idea
1 y'rey, b^-ess it and use it and be behind it let me be clean and honest
in every regards to it bless ^peyyone^lasat gets involved with it dear
-Lord bless this book I pray help me to clean up my life in every way,
so that I can be; useful in thisf--^- pray, to your honor and glory in Jesus
name. You know you really have to, you really have to wonder about
what you're spending your money for, your time, and your effort. Every
bit of work you put out you look at that and you say what did I really
get out of that ya know, is that really the best use of my time or is
it, is it just vanity, is it just spinning my wheels. Even there may be
a minimum amount of effort required for something but is it really
worth it if its not gona amount to anything you've ^otta really look
at what you spend your time and your effort and your money for, and for
the average person, for the average person its like there seems to be no
way out of the oppression, it use to be, in rural America from what 1
hear you know you go down the raad you see you know all the signs of the
names of the same family,''/^h'e dad would say now son you take that lower
forty acres over there and you build your home, marry miss kelly down
here, ya know, come on and work for me or whatever you want to do but
its not like thatnow its almost like everyone for themselves. Unless
you've got something special going, unless you're in a profession, your"
lucky il you make ends meet, and to try to save a dollar is impossible
so where, where are you? your just, your just barely staying alive, and
its a likeWmp'ossible to ever think of owning any land of any size and
you end up buying land or buying a house you'll be so strapped you'll y^,
you won't have no breathing room hardly, and its going to be a vicious
cycle and wheres it going to take you, 1 don't know if I put this
analogy in the tape yet or not maybe 1 did, but ii:,e like a, your respon-
sibilities and your debts and your bills and your pressures are like a
pack of dogs, that are like chasing you, the responsibilities, the day
to day responsibilities of life are like a pack of dogs chasing you
along the edge of a chasm, now that edge is essentially your life, tbe
chasm there tt illustrate something else but, its like you always have
them, you never get that far ou^ ahead of these dogs and maybe if you
retire with a little security^pnaybe^ybu know, you're so close to the
finish you figure the dogs are dead for all intents and purposes they
can't get me now, I.*ll be dead e^v-en before they would even if I COULDN'T
do, but they're always chasing, you, and on the other side theres this
group of people and they live quite above all that and they're not worr-
ied about making their mortgage payment^they're into different things and
ya know, they're well off and theres this chasm and theres only one thins
that'll buy that jump across that cha, 1 mean you have to go for it, an
you can stay'in the|toainstream mass of humanity that just you know keeps
barely ahead of these dogs and some of the times the dogs are like eating
them almost, they can't get ahead of their Bebts and bills and everything
else and they're, they're, afraid to jump, but really, your position to


jump W'i-1 hardly'-.-get any better you might as well-make the move at any
one time because you keep blinking well maybe a •a. year from now I'll be
better off or something hm, the dogs will still be there, you know, you
might improve your position but chances are'^lts going to be essentially
the same no matter when you make the jump, you jump to, well whats the
jump? Vvell the jump is out of the rut to the other side you either go
for a big gamble, a big_ risk, like that business venture 1 went out on
and didn't make it, ,or''take an alternate lifestyle and just change things
drastically, say listendesE i dont, I 'm not gona, we're not going to liv
like this anymore, I'm making enough money if we livQJa lot simpler we
could have our ground paid for^ and our house paid for a little house I
can build I'll have y,a, or have built, I'll have it done in no time, we'l
have it paid for ah^d"'be out from under that, I can still continue to
work ii I want,but live suf'i iciently offi.fhe land. But in todays system
if you're just under it you'Id never get the money set aside so that you
can buy that piece of land and have it paid for otherwise ^a you can go
out on a limb and buy it on charges its going to be another dog after
you still keeping you right in that vicious cycle that youre really not
getting out from under. However, if we pool our assets and take all the
cream tfaat comes from the things that we really don't need and divert
those funds into supplying basics I feel confident theres going to be
plenty more than enough to go around but its going to take some sacrifice
and some change but its going to be a better life its going to be a
simpler lifestyle, and more basic and more wholesome more time, less
emotional, less stress, less headaches, less heart attacks, a closer
walk with your God though primarily and more time to serve Him better.
How thats what its all about. Hey listen I tried to get^irom ginder
staying working within the system but, you never do it, you never really
honestly do it. So the only thing to do is to say, listen people what
are we kidding our selves for lets all get together and lets change some
things. Not everybody's going to want to change, and those people let
then waste their lives away in vanity if they want, but you don't have
to. See what I'm saying? Wood, nails, and shingles and .Basic building
materials the basic things you need for your house and^land, well you
waste so much more tha;' that in a, in a couple of years, you'll waste
fifteen, twenty thousand dollars, do you know what you could of built<
done with that if yd^S''c\<^S-€^'''2,^; 'used' that money, I mean I've wasted too
1 look at slacks of checks I've 'written while living within the system
for things'^ taket a pack of checks you have somewhere, and look at aU
that money you spent for what? and say now, how much wood could I have
built with th, how many much bricks, and howabout a hot water heater,
OK, and what kind of fireplace could I have built with that money OK,
and how much land could I have built with it, and you say, you know if
I could have been living in a, lived inexpensively for a while and put
the money directly towards those things how much better 1 could have
done , I would of had so many things paid for by now its incredible, but
loibk,;*'see, you've been within the system,\•'••for• one reason or another you'
ve been trying to a supply certain material. things, materialistic stand-
ards and things that really wern't necessary, maybe it weren't for you
maybe if it was just you you wouldn' T of done it, but because of a wife
or whatever, well, hopefully you're, you're wife or your husband or
whoever it is if you say listen you know this is a waste,. J don't know
wkati,..,\-vhat dues God might ask you to pay but if you know"your life is
wasting away and you're going no where and your time and your money and
everything is being uselessly blown away then you've gotta say well
listen I'm gona make what change I have to I'll pay whatever dues I
have to, ya know, if this is what God wants me to do and my spouse is
not in harmony, I believe that if you're spiritually seeking God about
this thing and you're really seeking and say God what would"'you have me
to do and God '/vould have you look at your life and say, What constructive


thing have you done for me, how much time do you have, how much
meditation,'.d rather play pac man, or you(d rather watch a soap
opera, your -gro^' have^-fes^-^AS^e because you don't have the a-^irrtiirr'
fellowship you don't have the spiritual awareness, you don't have the
sriritual harmony with me, thats what He would say. 'vvhen was the last
time you had a chance to just go out and walk for hours through the
woods and look up at the clouds and the trees, and commune with your
God? well thats what I'm doing right now, I'm walking, I'm out here in
the country,living near Chalfont, \ if any\^ tHeir e are some homes I'm
walking by right now out here its \ver,y ruralwell if they saw me walk aloi
out here right now a*»d ss^-me and talking like this they'd think 1 was
crazy, hm, but you've gotta be a little crazy, because you see, if yuo'r
if you're normal in this society what you really are is blind, you're
blind, you really can't see where you are at,.You're oblivious to it
you're jus^ doing what everyone else is doing&?'tf you're not^"" if you
"don't have a liti.le bit of the fool on the hill perspective your really
you've really lost your eyesight, OK, You ever see a couple of people
working very intimately to solve a problem and under the pressure of
solving it and you take, you take another party and ySya they're view-
ing it from a somewhat detached perspective, they've got a overview of
it and they see it, and they're not under the pressure of it and they
can say, hey, you know what they could do to solve that* You see, what
they've done is, they've seen it from a different perspective, ya,
they've seen it from a different perspective, then they'll see it from
an objective view point, OK, they're not caught up in it, and thats the
same thing about this life, you've got to step back a little bitand
you've got to look at ife and try to pretend you're detached to get a
clean focus on it and say wow, what is all this, what am i really doing,
what am i really wasting my life away for OK , now, heres one of the
problems with life, to really look at life and get a good view of whats
going on here and whos behind it and where its all going andwhat its all
about, life as a whole, wenavis a unobjective viewpoint, we really cant
get a good grasp on it a'good handle, as an objective observer at a-11 or
we're, we're too snow balled or we're too oppressed by the actual pro-
blems of t-^e.-.B.&b"! e, we cant get that really, only in Christ, can you
get some distance between you. and that, and an alternate lifestyle would
help too, it would get you ";t hat" vicious cycle that dog eat dog that zoo,
that jungle, (tha-t^-'pressure ..o^'-^ya know all this. OK, and pull you back a
little bit and look at it, hm, a It-cle kitty cat, a very friendly cat
came out here. audits kind of butterscotch and white its just the fiienc
liest cat, has a little green ribon on its neck here, and it just came
out here, just a,-being as friendly as can be, just a nice cat, ya know,
cats are funny animals, this cat^just loves affection and and wants to
be petted, its young its not a real old cat^'just a doll baby, ;'.^
just walked right along with me here for awhile, well a listen kitty cat
.^•don't want you to follow me too far I dont want you to get^ in trouble
"but h-';re can ya here his bell ringing, huh, he has a'.little bell on his
collar with a little ribbon tied around him, 1 love the country, So, the
-Lords provided me with this farm house out here and a, probably only
temporarily 1 wouldn't ye. know, essentially want to live in a place like
this, thats not where i m going i mean it wo-uld be nice but a fewww, whai
do you need a big house like that for really, now if there were-'.lots of
people living there and all so it'd be utill izec but then you lose your
privacy, you lose your independence 1 believe in a home unit a^,; 1 believe


families need a certain amount of privacy and a i believe in a ya
know. Independent ownership of things, ya know, (you've got fo'^you dont
feel comfortable if what youre.using and atleast ive never felt
really comfortable in in a'-'IS^meori'es hume and, th, and like walking in
and eating what you want from the refrigerator so on and so forth, ya
ive never felt at ease about it, « So again, this is a this is really
composed of is a several hundred acres, semi self sufficient, a the land
being owned by the a nonprofit organization and the different people a
receiving stock in this so that they do feel that a ya know that would
be their a. identification as far as ownership and there would be some
s-;rt of written agreement as to what they're entitled to with this own-
ership and a 1 dont know maybe any a maybe they get so many shares for
whatever they can put in so many dollars but with every investment they
get the a agreement which allows them to a ya know, utilize this land
and and the a building materials and everything thats there and a,/ may
be' something like that I'M just trying to think how that would wo'rk out
with a, say you had all these shares say you had seven million shares
represent the organi ation and a dollar a piece,, ya know and you just buy
so many shares and thats just sort of ya know\^ld'e'h\-ifies your a extent of
investment in it and a, i dont know if there would be a minimum or not,
nor, really,maybe not really any any minimum, kinic-'of anything that anyone
would build there utilizing the materials would have to, ya know, you'd
have to essentially tell the board what you want to build there and so
forth, and go ahead and build it ya know, use the, because its all an
improvement, its all an asset anything thats put together there, so
there shoulcnt be any problem like that as far ::.s organization goes
a 1'^ just wondering if there should be type of a different voting
right s^te^ecT1 upon the number of shares a, -l would say the shares repre-
sent OK a ownership for only in a case that there had to he a liqi-
dation OK, in other words, if you own x amount of shares and you know
thats a, thats a, yau know so many represent the corporation the value
of the whole thing is so much a ya know a if for some reason Uw-.-wfaoTe f} .<•
thiag went down the tube a then a whatever that value would be you would
you would retreive thatmuch OK, if you only bought one share for a
dollar and you got your right to come build, and live there make use of
whatever thats all wel-i and good ya know, so that everybody's got the
same rights as far as thatgoes OK but as far as, the stock then would
represent tAan ^.'-your amount of the financial investment and your per
centage of ownership of that overall project OK thats all it would repre
sent. how does that sound? you -fase "i m goino^to have to do a little Wph
of researcg here just to see if thats a^does a, do nonprofit organizati
ons havestock, which i would think they would, and so forth, ya know
what determines if its nonprofit vvhats the a deffinition of a profit
if you have money in the bank is that considered a profit because I
would assume we would have certain'^r'e^erve funds and what not if you a
administrators receive a certain amount of money is that considered
profit you know, A^e^-ouldn t want to have a profit thats, the object of
this thing is not"to make profit for especially for any individuals or
the a its anything its is supposed to go rAght back in for furthering it
really making sure the basic needs are met of those that are living in
the community are met all the rest would just be ya know to help the
evangelistic effort thats what it should be • Its getting a little cold
it 11 , may be it itil snow or something tonight'^ -could befits been •^;_.'/-^
rainy and its still overcast and it feels to me Fike the temperature is
dropping, I just noticed that this tape recorder has a place for a remote
mike thats great im going to have to go., b.y^radio shack and see if I
cant getone of those and because that ••"'fh'is,'because right now i have to
keep hitting those^'buttons ya know ..on the top all the time automatic
shut off there would be probably a ^reati dssi.-of less ware on the tape
recorder I assume i m going to be into this for awhile


It really comes down to a very simple command,, thou shall love the
Lord your God with all heart, soul, and mind, and thou shall love
thy neighbor as thy self. Pear God and keep His commandments this
is the whole duty of man, and this is my commandment that ye love
one another, and how do you love one another primarily, first of
all you worry about their spiritual need, primarily their eternal
destiny, your love for God is demonstrated in that same love, that
your most important duty and reason and purpose for living is to
influence people to make that dec^ssion to accept God and His re-
demption J^sus Christ, Thats what this life is all about to gave
you a free will to accept Him by love and mercy not by forced fear
as to who He is by His mercy to accept Him in ,,love thats what its
all about. That is our primary duty, that is °t-&e fulfillment of Gods
commandments, that is what your life is about, to make the decision
on your own to get saved or to remain lost which state you were born
in or to say yes i realize I did not make all this, 1 realize I need
salvation because I m separated from the God that did make it all to
make the choice and then influence others to make the same choice
that should be everything your life is about. Fulfilling the spiritual
needs of others first, OK, supplying your physical needs simultaneously
only what is required. Theres a warfare going on, this world is simply
a warfare for mens souls. you re engaging in the battle, its not to be
a time of recreation, there is nothing light, this is a very ser&os
thing this whole life is very serious and the prince of deception would
have you overlook all that. Now who are you kidding. God is not going
to say, well you know, no body else was doing anything about it either.
Its going to be you and God in the final analysis, on the bottom line.
^'hen you stand before Him, you are going to have to give account of what
you did with your time, your effort and your money, and you're wasting
away. Woe be to the ministers and preachers, OK, ;i m sure they 13 have
a very special consequence, they are so to speak the watchman <bn the
towers, they are the ones that are to be proclaiming what this is all
about. Come out from among them and be ye separate sayeth the Lord and
I will be your God and you will be my people. God is looking for a holy
a separate people that have their primary focus on loving Him and mani-
festing that Itbve by leading others to salvation and living on a level
that allows "tx^am the most efficient use of their time that they might
serve God. Pear God and keep Hig commandments which are to love one
another. This is no mystery. This is the will of God concerning you,
and your lives are defeated and it is not, it is not being preached
to you. Did i mention this before, no body wants to upset the apple
cart of ease, no body, not the ministers, not the laymen, noj; those
that are building their nice little empires, that are building their
hofaes and their families, and they've got everything in a nice system-
atic, defeated, vain,. Its not fair for the only people to come out of
this life, for those who are being paid for full time Christian service.
We're going to be rewarded for those that we influence for the name of
Jesus Christ and the lives that we live, our holy, our separate lives,
the use of our time. "»ell the ministers they're going to have a pretty
good rap, Saying I was ther'^\l^w^ doing my job, how about us, how about
the average laymen, what are we going to have to say, well they didn t,
they didn t really say that we should you know get away from materialism
very strongly, I mean we gave our good percentage and'we put all our
hours in the job and so we you know built a lovely a church,,a lovely
auditorium and, we did all that. you know the, one of the primary funct-
ions of the church should be ministering to the poor. I go to a church
and do you know what their ministry to the poor consists of? Aplate,
once a month at the back doors, its not even part of their regular a
collection, general fund, its like an incidental thing that as a token


It should be one of the primary p^urposes of that church is to help
the needy, Not the last thing on t'he list. Did you read the Word today?
did you seek Gods face today? Did you share the gospel of Jesus Christ
with someone today? Do you feel the presence of the Spirit? Do you feel
like you're in walking harmony with Him? Do you have the time you need
to share the gospel with others, are the things that you have valuable
in Gods sight7 You're not kidding God, you are not even kiddomg your-
self. Its wrong. I believe its wrong and 1 believe the word of God backs
me on it. Christians you need major surgery, you need it in your life
and you need it now. Its time that we look more at what the early church
had going and the gifts of the Spirit, i feel, diminished in direct pro-
portion to their materialism and the way they got woven back into the
fabric of society, '"/e need to be united, we need to be walking in har-
mony with our God all the time, all the time, every moment of everyday.
Not just when we re home, not just for certain minutes at certain times.
You know usually you can sit fairly comfortably in a church, batter not
let me in your church, because 1 won t let you sat there comfortably
you will know that I m pointing right at you, because I ve pointed it
right at me first and 1 know that its wrong the life I ve been living
i m trying to change that and I m asking you to admit that the life you
are living is going no where. t^.at it is a waste of time for Christ, and
say yes lets change it, I want to get onboard, I want to go with this,
lets get out from under the oppression of.a vicious corrupt system, a
materialistic cesspool of quicksand. This is the point where you make the
decision where you say jon I think I have to admit you re might, this is
going no where the way it is put my name down lets start building that
escrow account, lets get that land, lets build our simple homes, lets
sell all the garbage that we and leave it behind to the world sys-
tem, let them continue the path of destruction that they re already on'
and -Lord willing and by Gods grace lets shoot for a ground breaking this
spring 1983. Again, i have no one on board right now I m sitting a± in
my dining room looking around, thats what I m praing fot", i m praying for
someone somehow to haar what 1 m saying to get this message enough people
to get this message and say yes lets make the change lets go for God and
}ets do it now. lets just, lets just, go fot it, lets go for it, lets
make our lives count, lets start doing it right away, we ve wasted
enough time we ve wasted enough life we ve misplaced our priorities
long enough we ve been caught up in materialistic garbage too long* Lets
sell our belongings that don t matter that we don t need when we re liv-
ing out there i 11 search my heart about the job i m doing weather its
honoring to God weather we should continue to do that out there or
if theres something more I can do right out there on the land Itself
thats more viable lets start preaching this gospel lets start sharing
this with others lets get others on board and lets go out as a force,
lets make it happen right now we ve wasted enough time the Lord could be
coming back at any day lets be in harmony with Him, lets not be ashamed
at His appearing how about it I cant do it on rny own and just you are not
going to do it really but you start, 1 ve started, i m one you can be
another and another and another and another an another another lets sit
down i llbe seeking the Lord as to how much we re going to have to raise
how much land which land to buy where tobuy it how to continue to promote
this to get this message out weather it be church ministries books ads
and so forth. Heavenly father thank you for this thank you for this
ministry continue to bless it and now show me which way to go one day at
a timeand make it happen to your honor and glory i pray in Jesus name amen


Book 1 tape 3 side 1 -"
I think that fior the young and unmarried it would be good that untill
their own homes are built that they d be taken in by one of the families
OK and then someone can help them build their own home or under certain
circumstance a those that can be trusted could share homes OK, so I
think the a first people on board should build a house thats big enough
that they can entertain directly another family or they should build
extra homes right off the bat for new people coming into this because
I think that people ought to be abife to join this and come on board
essentially at the time they realize that their life needs a change,
they ought to be able to do it right then and there oughtto be provis-
ions for them right away there should be provisions for anyone of any
age of any status no matter what their situation is ya know assuming
they re not criminal and they don t have to go th jail we re not going
to harbor fugitives but assuming that a they havn t done anything crim-
inal where the system is hunting them, they should be given a fair chance
to make it ^within our casmmunity. Now hopefully if we can secure the land
and s'Kaast1'baft ding on it this spring that a we can have a lot of places
built by a the time winter sets in we 11 be building and getting new
people involved all spring and all summer initially its just to get up
the basic roof and shelter and provisions for warmth keeping warm now
i like the a the area kind of like pottstown to reading on out i like
a fertile soil I like the large trees I like the a, now I don t like
real mountainous areas I don t think they re conducive to farming and
so forth I kind of like the rolling hills kind of thing I think thats
pretfcyrn right out there where the Amish and the a Pennsylvania Dutch
took to settle I think thats lovely land out there in fact maybe we
can get a help from them ya know and ge. their support I don t thinkther
any reason we shouldn t get their support our ideas are really essen-
tially in comr-.on OK we love the Lord and we believe in a basic life-
stie so that we can serve the Lprd better, only what i do feel the Lord
wants us to do which they don t seem to have is that strong evangelistic
thrust thats what our purpose of life is to be I think we ought to be
reaching out to the cities and to ^'luf^A-ia-e'se wherever theres people
and saying hey ya know you re wasting your lives you really honestly
are and the Lord wants to save you and the Lord wants you to be His
child and to walk with Him and i think that you know its not right tojv.
find the Lord and then go hide some where OK to realize. <that the ..Lord
does not want people living as they are but then do nothing'about it
and to share it with them. we are supposed to be a light,fa go hide
out in the mountains somewhere and not publish and welcome other people
to realize the truth is a sin thats what the Amish seem to be doing
how come we havn t heard from them how are we, how are we supposed to
find out that we ve gone astray? i->o, i like a, I think that would be
ya know a good start, head out that way a little bita there are those
that can continue to live in their present places while they arrange
to you know a find other work out there if they care to work outside
which I don t necessarily recommend I think the whole self-sufficiency
idea should be a have a place for everyone a towns and communities
existed that way previously and everyone found something to do to
help out and I don t see wh,y it wouldn t work again and with the help
of technology especially. Live in their homes that they have if they
want while they arrange to sell them and move out just sell all their
junk get rid of it, unload it to the system, the systwn 11 eat tt
right up, big house sale, they 11 love it, if this thing catches on
this system 11 just love eating up all that garbage because they just
love to stow up like pack rats their house full of garbage and whats
it really worth it all burns its all everything to be tried by fire
thats what the V.'ord of God says to be tried by fire, so think about


that, if God would-try you by fire right now and your house and your
belongings and everything what would remain that you ve built up?
the Word says that that stuff that burns is not the stuff that veeu
endure^its not the whats imrorcant you don t need it. God never
sanctioned it He said having food and raiment there with to be conT-
tent, well what is all this other junk? and whoever gave you the right
to go beyond and get all these other things? God never endorsed it.
the Mennonites sold all their land and they made money by selling
portions of their, land they shouldn t of increased their lifestyle
they should have shared with ochsrs, in fact they probably shouldn t
have sold it to begin with they should have said to somebody hey you
need a piece of land here go ahead go build your house down here hey
i sold this piece of land I got some extra money how about I 11 give
you some building materials here, you can use my well until you get
your own well dug, Ohr-.stians trusting Christians and having an open
hand to ^he world OK we can try to help those, and we can try to help
any poor but we have to remember theres some o^the.r instructions inthe
Bible that say if a person be an adulterer etc"w'e re not ,t.o^'share
with these people we re not to te^ave fellowship, we re not^to have
communion with those of the world that do not believe the same way
be not unequally yoked, together with the unbelieving. r'-Ehave really
nothing in common with those that do not love the -Lord is what it really
comes down to thats what makes sharing, with them so difficult we love
the Lord we believe that the Lord God is what this life is all about
and that we re here to make a decision about that not to waste our
lives so, so, ya know, you can t just welcome them into it, I foresee
two kinds of financial well initially, selling stock which gives them
a percentage of ownership and. I also see that people could just make
donations to the general fund if they cared to that would be something.
Separate, in fact it would be great if those involved a adnninisterial
level in the beginning a were paid from a general fund strictly donat-
ions so that we could keep allot the investment land monies those buying
stock ownership in it could be kept separately in the beginning.
i m. taping my thoughts here now, OK, that whole thing is, they buy
shares at a dollar a share, that share, the only reason for having that
is in the case of liquidation where OK its time to sell everything
all right, everyone would get that percentage of what evere it was worth'
if we had a number of homes built up there and everything and we said
OK we golfs., we gotta for some reason God hasn't blessed this which
would oe totally unforeseeable ya know IKS£RT: L'lOLOGUE ll'i PEREKTHS
(B.S.- not totally^ &k,(±texssxa; (BS theres a lot of people that have
gone forward in the name of Christ and a they have failed miseraoly)
OK, lets say for &ome reason God didn t bless this and we had to liqui-
date, then they would get, thats what the stock would, identifywhat piece
of it, what percentage would they owned. For every dollar a person
invests into this they would get a share of stock, one share, for every-
thing they build would be an improvement to that land increasing the
value that in the event,even the government came and said no for some
reason you ve got to liquidate it, i don t know may be they got threat
ened; or something they would get back then, they would own that much of
it, of the value. As of'n'wl?"T"do not have my wifes support in this
undertaking and a it doesn^ surprise me but a the shame about it
the shame about it is she-'doesn t understand and shes .^ona be like a lot
of other people OK she says well 'what type of homes are going to be out
there, OK, she wants a brick colonial out there, ya know, and, and


she doesn t under stand, i says hun the purpose of my life is to
provide for my family, as far as the house goes thats shelter from
the elements my life is not to provide you a prestigious ta.ome with
rooms that you don t need and things you don t need and draperies
and. carpets and allthat thats not what life is al-l about life is
serving the Lord Jesus Christ thats what life is all 1 about life is
not buying a fancy car with plush interiors a car is to get you from
point a to point b thats what a car is for I m not to live my life
for my car you see thats what it all comes down to and not everyone
lets face it most people don t want to change they don t want to rock
their apple carts they d rather live in sin, is what they d rather do
th y, they d rather live in out right disobedience to God alraght
and the Bible says labor, why do you labor for that which is not meat
and food why do you labor for all this garbaaoge that when tried by
fire amounts to nothing and its up your, the worst part of it is that it
takes the most valuable thing that God has given you, your life, your
time and spends it in useless futility, its all going to go up in
smoke, 'Ihe Bible says „ lay not up f:<•^s»»y^&tw^8«±y-ee treasures for, yourself-'"'
f on earth where mos's' and rust doeth corrupt but lay up for y 6 ur se !•»&-. L,
treasure in heaven where theives do not break through and ste^l
mansions that endure forever that are pleasing unto God how have we
lost our focus because like many other things sin, and its sin, I eall
the lifestyle that mosfr'<believers are caught up in in this system,
they re living in eodum and Gomorra I call it sin which is dishonoring
to God and ^hey, they have an idol, idolatry is mater-ism in front of
them its sin, because it happened gradually like most sin it doesn t
happen boom ya know or they would see it and they d realize it but
slowly over the years materialism has beeh building and building and
building and building and blinding and blinding and someone has to
put on the bright light and say, yo' people, wake up your lives are
being spent in uselessness and sin' you see, and you ve got to change
you ve got to get back to God back to basics back to serving the Lord
and seeking His direction and pleasing Him with your lives that means
change thats what it means and just as i would love to have my spouses
support i m the head of my house, God has given me that position aft4 I
didn t necessarily ask for it but He gave it to me 1 hate to admit it
but the Bibles a little ehovennistic OK it believes that the man is
designed differently, that God made him different not just physically
He built Him different an gave him different attributes and, gave the
woman different attributes and gave them these dSBSr-^nt attributes
for different purposes for different functions in life now our first
obligation is to God, our second obligation is to man, if the Lord tells
us to do something we must love Him more than father or mother or
sister or brother or husband or wife, alright, we have an obligation to
do Gods will first what He tells us to do, thats where our foremost
responsibility lies now i think its time that someone start doing some-
thing a..out it. now i ve started -Lord willing if Hes behind it it s
just the beginning, this tape right now, it s going to keep on going
and others are going to get involved and its going to happen God s
going to bless it and there are going to be people with changed lives
out there living off the land and sharing and having in common helping
one another living for the Lord sharing, the gospel going out on crusades
to win the lost and they 11 be more than one of these feowns, there 11
be more of these communities f)a0? people that love the Lord and uphold
His standards and it 11 have an'effect. Lord i m praying for a devest-
ating effect? i m praying that we can almost change the world.


t- -^y
and start, and start a\*breaking even from Lhe world and Christians
saing hay i either get on board -eith my God and -my S.-vior and give my
lifw wholely to Him in a way that i can serve Him or i get out i mean
either saved orlost,=and get off the fence theres a great lukewarmness
pervading our society today and pervading lhe believers and its wrong
absolutely wrong somethings got to change all that its got to be"me
and you and believers have to change it they have to come out from
among them and be separate and set different standards and liv® by
them serve the Lord their God with all their hearts, souls ^"rid minds
and love their neighbor as them selves thats what its all about and
the time is now don t waste another day surrender to the Lord surrender
to His will and pray oh Lord what would you have me to do with my life
what would you have me to do with my time and my effort, is Kit asks^g-s-t-o \\
make that decision -some people might say well you jusy want, you
just want a free ride that all no thats not true i havn t always work-
ed that hard nor have I been that consciouncious but I ve told a few
people y- know your motivation in something has a great effect on how
well you do it and how dedicated and ho« determined and I think that
t .ere are people that know me that have seen me in things that i believed
in that I was more than ambitious I don t want a free ride I wark as
hard or harder than the next guy but I have to believe &fe- what I m doing
is progrescjive, productive, God honoring and efficient and its being
done in the right way or close to it as much as I can see it if I don t
believe in it and I 11 have to admit it I can t put myself to it I
really honestly can t I don t want a free ride I 11. do my share everyone
ha'; to do their share everyone can derive benefit from this theres a
plan and a place for everyone in this but its going to take a team
effort a woman is worthy of his hire someone would say well you stand
to gain quite a bit from this I mean if you g.;t to be the leader of this
and the founder of it thats, well praise the Lord if the Lord blesses
this thing and I m the leader of it then he chose me to be the leader
of it if I seet God and a better leader comes along then let Him be
the leader of it I see that things are wrong the way they are and they
should be changed if there was someone with two hundred acres that said
to me come on jon come on out here and you can live here and have a
piece of this a build your home he res-building materials whatever'^'ou\
can chip in, what ever things you can sell to put towards this fine we
appreciate it and be a par\t of it live off the land, share what 'we have /.
you want to'twork out sidef-'too , what ever you want to do, i would do it,
I would not "necessarily have to be the leader of it, but I think there
is a solution to the problems in that kind of a lifestyle and that a
person can live a more God honoring life and be more useful and efficient
for Him, thats my primary goal, But the Bible says we could be in the
world and not of it well the problem is that we re in it and of it
because its this system that draws you into it, its the system that
gets you to sign on r-he line so that you owe man and you re in bondage
to man it s it s the type of system that gets you into a professions
that produce things that are superfluous and unnecessary to living.
How ma^y industries really that are in exists that people are involved
with really have to do with food, shelter, and cloths, thats what you
need to live OK everything above that is garbage and is .taking time
effort and money away from God, time effort and ^^s^S^^^^^^Q^^.
money and energies that should be devoted to serving and living for
Him. But its so radical, you re going off the deep end you want to pull
off as a and a you. how can you witness to people when you re out there
we can witness^, come out from among them and be ye separate we can go
in and'we carf'Witness more directly and more efficiently and •w-»-can
spend a lot more time witnessing and testifying than we can in that
system, people live in homes we can t approach them at their places of
employment we can approach them in their w home where they should be
talked to an^? way you shouldn t take up people that are being paid by


by an employer you can 't go in and say hay i want to talk to you here
in their homes and in their spare time ms when you re going to have to
approach them and talk to them. So you can t say well if your involved
with them and you re working with them then you have that opportunity
Listen, I can go bang on -cheir door andy's'ay heres the gospel of Jesus
Christ I want to talk to you about it I m not pushing a church I m not
pushing a religion I want to show you the gospel of Jesus Christ, that
God has presented for your salvation, "I/ell, you might say, well I like
the c^.ty i don t really like nature I don t want to live out there 'in
thatpcommunity thats between you and the Lord where you want to -Live
al right, i happen to think that irregardless you better be living at
just what the Lord says you are tobe content with and still giving your
time and effort to the Lord, because, the only reason I m saying is get
out and make a community separate is so that you can get out of the vic-
ious system that drags us into it and so that you can have more time
to use because pretty'much if you live within the system they expect
you to put in an eight hour day for them and live on their material-
istic levels, and pay their kind of rents and mortgages and inflation
rates and. Interest and everything else hay if you can find a way to
stay in there and do it tell me about it I tryed to find it, I couldn't
the only thing i can see is to pull out of it and change it, change my
lifestyle and my living arrangements, and I expect I expect that the
preachers are going to say hey, well he s gone off he s gone fanatical
I don t think they want their apple cart shoken, shaken, I don t think
they want it upset I really don t think they want a new approach they
don t want to hear it they ve got their system working they got every
body sitting in their pallor chairs in the evening and some of your
stronger churches do have certain visitation programs and all o:' this
and they re comfortable too, why if everybody started living at their
basic needs well they might have to start living on- their basic needs
weifel, they would say, i don t have a big fancy car, it does hAx.e.h.appen
to be an 82or °3 ya know, within a year or twoold well ya know'":"I do hap
per to ha,ve a nice home with a ya know this and that and allthese
different things in it ya I do happen to have that I do happen to get
a vacation a paid vacation every mm^couple few w, a ya know every year
and I ve got it running pretty smooth right now, nobody wants their
applrcart upset unless they realize that they re sick and they ve, and
they re destined to a life of futility and vanity and its wrong the way
it is. Well I really don t think I m going to have my wires backing on
this a man that has a woman of like spirit like beliefs and is submiss-
ive and willing to let her husband have his God given roll is a scarce
scarce commodity these days, it doesn t work, a home is an organization
that needs leadership like any other home it is not equality its lead-
ership and subjection that works the other systems don t and for man to
think and woman to think that they can come up with a better system
no wonder the divorce rate is what it I^ it just doesn t work the other-
way doesn t work oh God give me the wisdom and the strength to do what
you would have me to do i pray in your most Holy name Jesus amen.
En-iJ 01'' olJjii 1 TAfiLl 3
Book one tape three side two,
If you don t keep in mind that life is not so cut and dry but that its
really a supernatural spiritual warfare thats going on you won t be able
to handle the frustrations and the problems. you g'et to realize that its
not all cut and dry mechanical, things that are happening theres a lot of
supernatural interplay that goes on ya know of one force working against
another forco^manifesting itself in peoples S^motions,rand circumstances


and things that happen to test you to move you to cause things to
happen in other ways i think that sometimes we forget that and we
think that everything thats going on is just one human interaction .^ i+iA.
with another human being and the circumstances are all^Tftechanical
the way things hapr.en to fall now we know better than that we know that
this life is a is a supernatural manifestation and its a its the stage
of a great supernatural battle going on between the torses of good and
the lorses of evil and and we re the stage 'and we re the tip of the
ice berg really ya know we re on the face of it but underneath erT" it all
is all this tremendous a action going on OK and so you ve got to
remember things In that light sometimes you just can t understand
something that happens it doesn t seem to to fit, it doesn t seem j?o
make sence it dosn t pe'eTft—^cr understand, it doesn t a matee-
seS&e hold up to logic, because ther^e is no logic'^to-'^ha^v'e the under-
standing of it we d have to be inpc^n a anotherworld we d have to be
in the supernatural dimension and comprehension we d have to be a
involved with all the spirits and, the forces that are going on a all of
which are in §oda control, but which are unseen to us spiritual war
far in high places is going on there really honestljr is and a i say
we re just on the stage of it all but a very important part and a in
fact we are plaing out the rolls of lots of things that the a powers
are doing, there are only two torses at work and its very important
to keep that in mind its either emanating from the Holy Spirit and GOD
or its ammoniating from the forces of evil, and thats whv""iy'you look at
different cults and mystisisims and whatever it might me you have to
categorize the stuff right off its either from one side or the other
everything its either God ordained God sanctioned Godbacked or its of
the devil He that is not with. me is against -me ya know, they did not
realize it but they were of their father the devil and the works of
their father the devil they were going j?o do and Christ saw this when
He pointed it out to them OK and if we don t seek the Lord we become a
puppet of the devil we really honestly do and the devil takes care of
his people alot of times too or a its not that he doesn t bless them
with things but as a Christian you don t want to do it if God isn t
doing it with you^'He isn t backing you you really don t and you should


NOTE: There were quite a number of these tapes (now of unknown existence), that had been left for transcription with a secretarial service in Montgomeryville, Pa. near the previous Selby Enterprises office in the Montgomery Office Plaza.



Carnal Christians that feel they have (a need or right to) private
or individual ownership of possessions thereby admit that they have
not forsaken all and followed Christ. (Though there are currently
some genuine believers who retain "ownership" for lack: of having a
real church into which they would feel confident to entrust or invest
stewardship- which is quite understandable with almost all churches
caught up in "Laodicianism"). Th" true disciples, (Which we should
of course be like, for they are our examples- though Christ is the
actual focus), did not consider anything that they had was their own.
(See Acts 4:32), though I know that many will want to and try to
dispensationalize this for reasons of covetousness, nevertheless,
In a real church all things belong mutually and equally to the whole
local body, that thereby under the leadership God has ordained there-
in, no one amongst them lacks anything. (See Acts 4:34). This is clear
scripture demonstrated when the Holy Spirit was in ideal form, the
only way that the church can operate efficiently and effectively-
and even be truely anointed. Any other form of church administration
is a carnal pretense and can never be what God would have them to be.
When a person even claims they are a "steward" of possessions they
thereby admit their.non-submission (for some reason) to the authority
that God has placed within the body. (Assuming a body is in existence).
This authority being those which God has"given to the church with the
ministry and-wisdom of stewardship for that very purpose.(See Acts6:l-7
(Of course those that wrest the scriptures to their own destruction
and want to pick and choose only the scriptures they like will argue
this clear fact of church order as sure as they do a clear teaching
like women remaining silent in church etc., and those that think that
gain is godliness- this blindness is on schedule. Church administration
is set-forth in: I Cor.2:28,ch 12, Eph.4, I Tim 3 S, 4:17 S.18, Tit 1 etc
It is clear that believers in a "real church" are to be a family,
nevertheless living within a chain of command, however each in
humility esteems (appreciates, respects and is submitted to) the
other more then themselves. (This is the attitude of their hearts,
but in administration some have gifts and responsibilities of
various ministries). The fruit of this is real, genuine, sacrificial,
unselfish, self-denying love amunyafc the brethren and for the lost.
The dilemma currently is that God has not raised up a latter-day
"early church" yet, though He has begun, I believe, to do that, and
there are many brethren moving and receiving convictions in that
direction, and that God is calling His people to this kind of
repentance and revival, and will likewise raise up and reveal His
ministers for same- in His time. Imagine that- ministers that could
be trusted not to be in covetousness, living sacrificial lives, truely
loving others enough to deny themselves- being content with food and
raiment, (the basic necessities of life), and everything above that
sacrificed to the cause of the gospel. Imagine that, all the mission-
aries having all of their needs met all of the time ?
What? Give up our modern comforts and securities? \ ju mean Jesus
didn't wear designer clothes? However, to the serious believer:

Our master says, be ye steadfast, immovable, always abounding in
love and zeal for the work of the Lord. Those of you who can hear
and receive these truths, be submissive to them, and are willing to
be obedient, must in patience and meekness wait upon the Lord to be
united with others of like mind. If this is truly God's work, and
we believe it is,then He will bring it to pass, and without any
anxiety or fleshly endeavor on our part.
God is building His house. His bride. His body, and His remnant
that will be preserved in this last day.



God's work in these last days will be done through those you esteem
least. God will not communicate through the hardened, deceived hearts
and tongues of » Laodician clergy and resulting comatized church.
However, (Hallelujah!) He is communicating by His Spirit to the hearts
of all His truly born again children the same truths, prophesies,
repentance and separation from ungodliness in preparation for what He
is about to bring upon the earth. If the same Spirit that raised
Christ from the dead dwells in you then you will also be quickened.
It is not that any of us are deserving- there's nothing we have done
or can do in our flesh that matters, (Give it up and rest in Him, for
we are only His vessels). God is doing His work for His purposes and
name sake- inspite of us. Therefore you can cease with your anxieties
and struggling to accomplish in your flesh for that labor is in vain.
God is going to fight this last great battle, (Though most of His
army is not visible) and it will be to the glory of the Lord and His
Christ and He shall reign forever and ever! We can't nor should we
think for a moment that we have to do it-for our God who is mighty to
save will, not by might or by human power but by His Spirit! The
Father is answering Christ's prayer of John 17 as He brings to con-
clusion the end of all things. We need be only penitent and available
to be called by His grace. Sorry, but God is not depending on you to
respond or act in order to get His job done. (Which should come as
no surprise, considering what poor examples of true Christianity we
are which demonstrates real love for others). God will raise up an
army from dead men or use the rocks to cry out before He uses vessels
filled with pride. It will be accomplished right on schedule as well.
By the power of His Spirit, to the glory of Jesus Christ and because
of His sovereignty, mercy, great love and irrevocable promises. God
is raising up those whom He wills, as His eyes run to and fro through-
out the earth seeking and choosing those for His latter day purposes.
All you can do is remain spiritually prostrate, broken open and
praying that by His grace that He might even choose to call you as
He sees fit. I believe that it is now God's recruiting time, and oh
to be part of that great day of the Lord'^S army Not only may He choose
and call you, but likewise cause and empower you to respond as sure as
Philip must have sprung to his feet and ran down the road to meet the
Ethiopian eunuch and continued on his way led and empowered by the Hol^
Forget your personal ambitions and glorying- that's not going to cut
it in this battle, in fact, that will work against you. and further,
if you are unfortunately part of this modern "clergy" you might as
well forget it- for it will be easier for a camel to get in than you.
You are probably in the least likely place to have a Godly part in
what is coming. Unless by a special act of God's mercy, as with Saul
of Tarsus, He singles you out and miraculously overpowers the enemy's
hold on you and gives sight to your blind eyes- causing you to repent
and be willing to pay a very high price to be of any service to Him.

However, even if God does give you revelation of what is coining,
you probably won't be willing to surrender. (Fearing that you will
be risking your prestigious religious position you'll end up losing
a place with God forever.)
Brethren, watch, pray, and wait upon the Lord, be ready to go into
action if and whenever He might call you. God is pleased with faith
and a broken and contrite spirit. Those that are "puffed up" or feel
a need to flaunt titles like "Doctor of Divinity "^>.'^ take all their
"credentials^ count them as dung and bury them, then humble themselves
under the mighty hand of God, who is about to do a work that you could
not believe if the Holy Spirit Himself told you. God's Spirit trans-
cends man's technology, and He is not impressed with the bi-products
of Babel or their weapons of carnal warfare, so while you're digging
that hole throw in all your computers, TV's, worldly junk and credit
cards as well, for God needs none of these things to perform this
final work. (However the enemy will have to make plenty of use out
of them).
Take me home precious Lord, Jonathan Selby


"This is my Father's world, oh let me never forget, that though the
wrong seems often so strong. God is the ruler yet.
This is my Father's world, the battle i_s not done, Jesus who died
shall be satisfied and earth and heaven be one." ^5 ~
Did we in our own strength confide our striving would be losing,
were not the right man on our side, the man of God's own choosing,
Dost ask who that may be? Christ Jesus it is He, Lord Sabaoth His
name, from age to age the same, and He will win the battle!
He leadeth ma! 0 blessed thought! 0 words with heavenly comfort fraught!
Whatever I do, wherever I be, still is God's hand that leadeth me. , ./ „
^/ 6yA^>
Stayed upon Jahovah hearts are fully blessed, finding as He promised
perfect peace and rest.
te Many of the children today
cannot understand why some of those
who have put on the harness of God
cannot get excited by the many religious
games and the playful antics of the
immature. They wonder why the
disciplined ones run not after every new
revelation or feed on every opportunity
to engage in seemingly "good and
profitable" religious activities. They
wonder why some will not race with
them in their frantic effort to build great
works and great and notable ministries
They cannot understand the
simple fact that this Company of
saints is waiting for the voice of
the Master, and they do not hear
God in all this outward activity.
They will move in meu" nine,
when the Master speaks. But not
before, though many temptations
come from the playful colts. And
the colts cannot understand why
those who seemingly appear to have
great abilities and strength are not
putting it to good use. "Get the carriage
on the road," they say, but the
disciplined ones, those in God's harness,
know better than to move before they
hear the voice of the Master. They will
move in His time, with pvrpose and great
And the Lord made me to know that
there were many whom He had brought
into training who had rebelled against
the discipline, the chastising of the
They could not be trusted with
the great responsibility of mature
sonship, so He let them go back to their
freedom, back to their religious activities
and revelations and gifts, they are still
His people, still feeding in His pastures,
but He has set them aside from the great
Purposes for this end of the age So they
revel in their freedom, feeling that they
were the Chosen Ones with the many
streams of living water, not knowing that
they have been set aside as unfit for His
great work in this end of the age -^
[Excerpt from: "the Harness
of the Lord" by Bill Brittc
(used by assumed permissior



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