and that I will not do anything dishonest in any way, shape, or form, (or) to deceive any one for any reason about anything, and to be completely out front and above board about all the intentions and purposes of this thing and that everyone will know exactly what it's all about and where it's to be going, which is to your honor and glory, help me to do that as I take each step as I seek your leading in doing this to your honor and glory in JESUS name" (amen) (OK), I don't have the very best situation here for comprising this tape here, I'm working at a Sears store, taking kids pictures, Lord willing I hope to find a full time job serving him in this new undertaking, OK, but I'm sitting here looking out at a department store, in fact when I did the first half of this tape, the other side, I was doing the same thing, it was a Sunday afternoon I recall ,(so), I think the Lord works in your life in a lot of ways and when you see his hand again in your life, you've got to feel, "wow! He still loves me", despite all the bad things that have come through my mind and things I've done, things that are still going on, and every time I fall on my face, every time ya fall on your face, you got'a say, "wow, thank God for that", because a lot of people aren't doing that, if you have the conviction and you find even though you sin, you find yourself back on your knees again saying "Oh. God I'm sorry", (then) don't feel the guilt over the sin that's in God's hands, (after you've repented, just) feel the appreciation that your back on your knees and thank God for it. That conviction is what separates the saved from the lost, that continuing force that brings us back to our knees, back to the word, that desire, that haunting, its the Holy Spirit working in our life, we're going to fail and one of the biggest frustrations I think you have to get over in your life is saying-that you're never going to sin again.(However) don't take that as a liberty. (sin will) happen, no way around it, in one form or another al'right, so, don't drive yourself crazy saying it will never happen, Take each day, seek God, and the closer you walk with him and the more you seek Him the less they'll (sins) be in your life, but don't worry about the ones that haven't gotten here yet, and don't go out of your way, (because) They'll come upon you whether you want it or not, so unfortunately you might say that you will enjoy the pleasure of sin on occasion, if it be pleasure, that isn't, don't misunderstand what I'm saying Sin is wrong, God hates it, but it will happen, it has happened in the past (and) it'll happen in the future, in each of our lives, in one form or another whether it be the pleasure of sin or just the losing of our tempers, or the covetousness, or forms of idolatry in our life, materialialistic things, what ever, ya know every one of us has our angles as we know- there is our weak angle, where the devil loves to attack weather it be some vice, weather it be cigarettes, whether it be cursing, whether it be video games, weather it be wasting time, whether it be overeating, whether it be drugs, what ever it may be that the devil has found to go after you with, chances are he's going to get another shot at it, and unless you're walking immaculately with the Lord he will be successful again on occasion. but you do not have to go looking for it. but I suppose that its going to be mandatory and necessary for harmony for anyone that's involved in the a upper administration of this thing to be in 99 or lOO percent agreement with me across the board on everything, its just, I think its necessary, I, (because) it comes from a strong belief in the fact that leadership must exist in any organization, weather it be the family unit, cub scout group, or the government of a country, I do believe in open discussion, but I believe there has to be very distinct leadership roles


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