(OK), any time he falls on his face and says, "Father I've sinned, Father in Jesus name purge me", and turns from that sin, and begins to walk according to Gods will, the mote for all intents and purposes is out, right then, out of his eye, (OK) now, he has to continue then daily, moment by moment as well, seeking God, (OK), to clense and rectify the other problems that have been created (during the time) when he was out of fellowship, or, if he just got saved, when he was unsaved. So, (you know), as far as that goes, anyone at anytime can get a clean slate with God. That's its beauty, thats the beauty of the whole thing, thats what salvation is all about, thats what the gospel of Christ is all about, Him providing the reconciliation because we couldn't do it. Now I'am going to probably present some, what would be called "milk" of the gospel of Christ in here, (Ya know) (and) hopefully, at some point maybe, in some book, I can get in some more "meat" of the gospel of Christ, but I want to present all of it, and (further) I guess it would be foolish of me to even try to denigh my spiritual convictions at any point because they're going to keep coming back, (anyway) ya know, sometimes for certain reasons I try to say, (or might be tempted to) "well I'm going to do this or that, and I'm going to try to a present some kind of an image". (however) Actually, my commitment (to this work) should be just the contrary (opposite)(for) the more of my spiritual being that can surface and take over the better really, assuming its not going off in a tangent, (assuming it's sticking with the word of God and exhaulting Christ the whole way through), so I can't be ashamed of this, (my real beliefs and self) and (for) anyone that I'm working with I must feel very honest, and very open to let that come through, because thats really what its all about, and one of the things that I want to sure-up right from the get go with this whole thing is that I never deviate for any reasons from Christ, (OK), and exalting him, and (that) I don;'t get dishonest in any way, or (ya know) I'm, That I'm right out front and that I do it right, that I do this whole undertaking right, carefully and prayerfully. I mean, (OK) I will admit up front that I've been involved in some business and some transactions, and done things that were not one hundred percent, a long way off from one hundred percent as far as being right and honest and proper, (OK) However, if in no (any) undertaking, Lord willing and by Gods grace, I must remain honest and with everyone I would get involved, anyone in this, I must maintain that standard or don't do it, and a, right now, I can still do that (OK) no one else is officially on board in this thing and every additional person if the Lord provides (OK) if this is the Lords will to perpetuate this, must be brought in by very prayerful consideration, there must be a union and a union of the spirit involved in it, and there should certainly be no person that is unsaved involved in this thing. Now I really don't think so, especially not on any of the administerial levels of this thing or the management, or the oversight (OK), if its (they're to be) considered deacons, or directors, or whatever its (they're) called, everyone of these people must be professed Christians. I really think that that has to be absolutely mandatory. So that I think that's the only way to go with this. (OK) in that regard, I'm going to take a moment right now and ask Gods blessing on this very important aspect of this ministry. "Heavenly Father, in Jesus name I ask that you would give me the wisdom and the discernment, and the dedication and the determination to take every step of this in a very close seeking of your Spirit and your leading,


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