I don't believe in people being oppressed, (and) I'm very strong on individual freedoms, very much so, but a, (also) I do believe in basics, in getting closer to nature, therefore closer to God, and also to provide more time for spiritual awareness. I think we've been divorced from spiritual awareness a lot because of the materialistic rat race we're caught up in, and we need to change the system. So anyway, on this side of the tape maybe I 'm going to attempt, or am going to attempt to give more of just a kind of a short approach, hopefully a more secular angle of a just a challenge, a just... some sort at a book that will make them say, well a, "wow", or "oh no", or "yes", or something, (ya know), or just ask everyone (make everyone ask) questions about themselves, and the world, and their lives, and what's going on, and what's really important and what makes any sense, and what are they living for, and what do they really want out of it, and something to just, to really challenge everyone's life and make them ask some very important questions, and ask themselves "well can it be changed" You know? so right now I feel a good title for this book might be "We can change the world" Now, well that in itself asks certain questions right off the bat. Like...almost the impossibility of it (changing the world) comes right to mind, people saying "Well what does he mean change the world?", this is, (ya know), wild and a, "What sort of a crazy thing is that? he thinks he's going to change the world? and how can anyone change the world?" and, of course, there are those that say automatically "Well this guy is a real nut", which is all right, and maybe we can and maybe we can't, but maybe we can change a portion of it, or maybe we can change some of the people, or maybe I can at least get myself changed, (OK) ,maybe (ya know) that has to be done in the exact opposite order, and I think I'm changing, but I know I'm under it too, and that's why I think really for this change to happen more people are going to have to help right from (the) get go. I don't even, I know it might seem backwards at first or it might seem strange or (you might ask) "what do you mean you want to change (things) for a whole bunch of people and you can't even change it foryourself"? Well, because I think the problem is so big that its got... it takes more people to change it, its got'a go that way first maybe, (ya know) someones gon'a say, "Well get the mote out of your own eye before you try an get the mote out of your brothers eye" (OK),-well the mote, (OK), the biggest mote in anyones eye is really the spiritual mote, (ya know), (or) someone we'll say "Well get your financial things all perfected, get your lifestyle perfected, and get your house perfectly on order first", but the really, the biggest mote in any ones life is their spiritual state, (ok?), and according to the gospel of Christ, and only in that gospel we can have a clean slate instantaniously...We really can instantaniously, the moment any one falls on their face and says, "Oh Father I'm sorry and in Jesus name I ask for cleansing and forgiveness". (Now a), this ya know is prefaced on the fact that the person's saved and has that initial relationship, and even if he isn't, so (if) he gets saved and he realises he needs a savior, and he receives Christ as has savior, he gets a clean slate, and any Christian, (OK) that has already made that a decision and has been born again by the Spirit of God, and realizes the presence of the Holy Spirit in his life, and knows the relationship is there by the fruits and by the action of God in his life, and knows that time when he had that marrige with God.


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