The Last Great Awakening

(Note- transcribed from tapes made about 1983, inserts in italics added for clarification)

The theme of this book is going to revolve around my religious feelings, my philosophies and my thoughts, primarily as they have to do with the whole state of affairs of the world- but more particularly the quote believers that are in the world, the priorities that they have established and especially as they deviate from the gospel of Christ as to what Christians are to be living for and what this "new life" is really all about. The hoped for purpose of this book is to start a movement, to get some land and some property so some people can live and get back closer to God, closer to nature, and out from under a materialistic environment. However this is in no way to be what could be construed as a cult, wherein a person, or a leader goes off on their own tangent to glorify themselves. This movement and Lord willing, "awakening", must be only to the glory of the person of Jesus Christ and that must be the priority and preeminence of the work, and the focal point of all of it- and all of it is to really bring people into an environment where they can have that focus and not be under the pressure of a vicious, materialistic, oppressing, rat race of an environment. If at any point, if in the development of this project, or of this movement I become a focal point and not just an instrument, not just a leader who is pointing to Jesus Christ, a coordinator, or an organizer, and Lord willing a preacher, that's doing anything other than pointing to the glory of Jesus Christ, then I should be removed from the position or any succeeding person should be likewise removed from that position in such a case. Because, again, the whole focus of this, the whole reason for this, is based on the fact that people have been deceived into idolatry, the most grievous sin against a holy and jealous God. Idolatry in the form of materialism, lost focus and lost priority. So therefore that is the foremost thrust of this work, to turn back to people more time by way of a more basic lifestyle so they can live closer and in more harmony with God and nature, fulfilling the utmost ministry which is evangelism by way of a more conscientious method. Another thrust of this writing will be also directed towards a few groups, and maybe they're not that solid as far as my reasons, but I'm going to thrust a lot of this at the Mennonites. Initially, because the way I see it, they were a faith that claimed and attempted to maintain a certain awareness of the trap of materialism.



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