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Current Subject: Israel-Iran Potential War Autumn 2008 A Potential World War


Subject Summary:

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made it clear to Washington that Iran’s nuclear program must be stopped by "all possible means." Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz called war against Iran "unavoidable." Israel will (must) attack because it has no choice as "options are disappearing and sanctions have proven to be ineffective." Likewise former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer wrote in the Israeli daily Haaretz that Bush and Olmert seem to be planning to "End Iran’s nuclear program by military means, rather than by diplomatic." Further, sources reported that the Cheney circles in Washington have been putting tremendous pressure on Tel Aviv to strike Iran, and that Israel must use their nuclear weapons to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities before its too late. To reinforce this Israeli pilots are now covertly training on state-of-the-art U.S. fighter jets at locations in the Nevada desert, in preparation for an Israeli bombing of Natanz and other Iranian sites.

Israel may attack Iran preemptively before August 22 due to suspicions of an attack from Iran on that date. Farid Ghadry, President of the Reform Party of Syria, asserts that the Supreme National Security Council of Iran has chosen August 22 "for a very precise reason". It is known in the Islamic calendar as the Night of the Sira’a and Miira’aj- the night Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven from the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. That night is central to Islam’s claim to Jerusalem as an Islamic holy city. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could very well be planning another "illumination of the night sky over Jerusalem" by nuclear weapons this time, as indicated by his statement that "Israel has pushed the button of its own destruction" (by retaliating against Hizballah). Israel may concur with Farid Ghadry’s words and move to stop Iran before it is too late. If Israel does attack Iran, which could be any day now, Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Najjar said that "Iran’s reaction will be overwhelming." and Iran's oil minister warned Wednesday that an attack on his country would provoke an unimaginably fierce response. The commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards warned that Tehran would respond to an attack by barraging Israel with missiles and seize control of key oil passageways. If Iran chokes off just the Strait of Hormuz it would stop 40% of oil exports. President Bush has repeatedly said that a military strike on Tehran is possible and ABC News quoted an unnamed senior Pentagon official warning of an "increasing likelihood" that Israel will strike Iran's nuclear facilities before the end of the year.

Recent demonstrations of military power first by Israel and then in response by Iran July 8, 2008 indicate that "push" is probably about to become "shove". John Bolten, (25thUS ambassador to the UN) seems to concur that Israel is being left with no alternative but to act now- especially before Bush leaves office and Israel potentially loses the support of this administration or before Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert possibly loses office in September. They can not, and will not, wait and take that chance or of Iran getting nuclear weapons. They have little choice and unfortunately (or fortunately) they still have the element of surprise.

The consequences of Israel attacking Iran are incalculable- nevertheless it seems imminently inevitable. The United States is not going to act therefore they must...and the war itself may not be as devastating as its effect. Even if Israel preemptively initiates the conflict, the US will lose most of their foreign oil as Arab nations are compelled to support Iran. China, Russian and N.Korea will more than likely take the opportunity to join the opposition as well.

The ramifications of our loss of oil could bring overnight catastrophe to this country. Not just due the loss of electrical power, communications, and mobility to employment, but even basic necessities for survival such as food shipments into urban areas. Cities might riot chain-reactively and the capital itself could fall before the national guard would even have time to react.

My point is this. Many People had sense and foresight even to build fallout shelters at the time of the Cuban Crises- thank God that was averted. However, the chemistry of this bomb could be far more devastating than an isolated nuclear attack and no one seems to have the sense or foresight to prepare.

Elements compelling Israel to attack Iran Now:

1) Before Bush leaves office or his administration might lose popular support for military action against Iran (and on behalf of Israel) partially due to Obama's increasing popularity and his hopes of a diplomatic solution.

2) Before Israel's Prime Minister Olmurt potentially loses a September election and a more moderate party delays Israel's attacking, (Something like what is going on in the United States).

3) If Iran doesn't have nuclear capabilities yet they may be stalling for just a little more time- even just "playing along" with such meetings as July 19 with U.S. Undersecretary of State William Burns, the EU's Mr. Solana and the P5+1.

(UN Former weapons inspector David Albright says that "Blueprints for a compact nuclear device, (small enough to fit on ballistic missiles already possessed by Iran and North Korea), were found on a computer in Switzerland two years ago. "These advanced nuclear weapons designs may have long ago been sold off to some of the most treacherous regimes in the world," (such as Iran). Albright says Iran and North Korea were known to be customers of the illicit nuclear information network. "They both faced struggles in building a nuclear warhead small enough to fit atop their ballistic missiles and these designs were for a warhead that would fit")

4) Iraq may be getting ready for a surprise preemptive attack on Israel August 22 in commemoration of the night Prophet Mohammed (allegedly) ascended to heaven from Jerusalem. That night is central to Islam’s claim to Jerusalem as an Islamic holy city.

5) The Iraq war seems under control now and Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called on the international community to target Iran as soon as the imminent conflict with Iraq was over. (July 31: The monthly U.S. toll in Iraq fell to its lowest point since the war began)

6) Israel is about to enter a new "Seven year Sabbatical Cycle" (Beginning Sept 29) and corresponding astronomical signs seem to indicate that significant events are likewise about to unfold relative to Israel and the world as well. (Unusual Lunar tetrad ends 9/28/15 (-)7 yrs tribulation= 9/28/08) See video below entitled: "Israel's Astronomical Correlations"

7) Israel can not delay and take the chance of Iran having nuclear weapons as the result of doing so, and further it must appear to them that the US might keep hopes for a diplomatic solution until it is too late.


UPDATE: 7-25-08 (Post 7-19-08 Geneva Talks) CNN: "The danger remains in this high-stakes game of brinkmanship that either Israel or the Iranians could push the other too far". But the Bush Administration's sudden overture towards Iran, and moves towards engaging it diplomatically in search of a solution to the nuclear impasse, made it seem likely that Israel would follow Washington's lead rather than striking out on its own" However, since Primeminister Olmerts has annonunced his resignation (July 31) the possibilty for a diplomatic solution looks worse and war more probable.

Although talks on the 19th gave Iran at least another two week opportunity to cooperate, on Monday, 7-14-08, Israeli military adviser Amos Gilad said that Israel is preparing to attack Iran if diplomacy fails, (apparently regardless of US support). That statement came only a day after President Bush stated that he backs the Israeli plan for a strike on Iran. While the seeming shift to diplomacy in US policy 7-19 is a setback for Israel, they have been in this position before. Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has warned of a possible "October Surprise" for Iran- "A massive US bombing campaign of Iran", rigged by a "Gulf of Tonkin" type incident in order to "boost McCain's electoral chances if Obama maintains his lead in the opinion polls" It's anyone's guess anymore what Washington has up it's sleeve!

One more note, A majority of Congress has endorsed Resolution 362, which has been described as a “virtual war resolution” demanding Bush initiate a blockade to cut off any Iranian oil imports and to inspect all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran. I'm sure that will go over big in the area!..and the same Democratic House that denounced the rush to war on Iraq- is about to vote for Bush to essentially commit an act of war against Iran. (Hello?)

UPDATE 7-31-08 Item #2 above ("Elements compelling Israel to attack Iran Now") has partially occurred- Israel's Prime Minister Olmurt is most likely leaving office in September and Benjamin Netanyahu (See video below) a most favored candidate, is calling for public elections ASAP. Not only is Netanyahu more vehement against Iran than Olmurt, but Olmurt might even decide to "Prop up his tarnished legacy with a daring strike on Iran's nuclear program" while he still can. Olmurt's resignation is not only a detriment to the current peace endeavors but also adds more and new potential for the Israel-Iran war in or before autumn of this year.

Jonathan W. Selby




trilegarde (2 weeks ago)

jonathan i think you are correct israel will bomb iran .many visions i have seen of sand turned to molten glass.iran has got atomic weapons and israel will be vaporised .if not they will be attacked by other arab states.the day of a arab with a rusty 303 has gone .they have highly portable missiles and modern firearms.if isrealis do not realise that the second tribulation massacre of thier people is comeing they must be blind.this is all because of political apathy on part of us all.god help us


dethrock01 (2 weeks ago)

If Iran nuked Israel, what do you think Israel would do to Iran? Even if all of Israel was destroyed, Israeli nuclear submarines would launch nuclear warheads against Iran, and trust me, Israel has alot of very good quality nukes to throw at Iran. I don't believe you when you say "Iran has got atomic weapons". I dont think they do, if they did they would have used them against Israel already.

trilegarde (2 weeks ago)

hi dethrock01 .iran has more than likely purchased nucleur weapons some people will sell thier souls for money.if israel launches atomic weapons she will be vaporised by russia china .the atomic reactors in israel will be destoyed and all will be poisened either way israel and us are probaly finished


gillamrl (2 weeks ago)

God will show all of you who is running things when all the armies go up against isreal and gets destroyed. Yahweh is in control and you will soon see just how mighty he is.


dragoonerzerg (2 weeks ago)

amen. o and if ur christian and u accepted Christ as LORD and Savior and he knows u and u know him through the holy spirit, ill be happy to see u sometime later in heaven. :)


Azrahil1turk (2 weeks ago)

iran will rip them a part. islamkoonem (2 weeks ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply With the child fuckig pig mohammed's teachings as your guide, the collective muslim world (especially arabs, turks and persians) couldn't rip apart toilet paper without infidel technology.


Gee741852963 (2 weeks ago)

Seen some brave US Army soldiers crying under the bed here on youtube so don't say who can rip what! Without your air force you'll bee nothing.

islamkoonem (2 weeks ago)

It beats sending young children into hell to clear mine fields. To have an Air Force, you need technology. REPEAT: With the child fuckig pig mohammed's teachings as your guide, the collective muslim world (especially arabs, turks and persians) couldn't rip apart toilet paper without infidel technology.


california79us (2 weeks ago)

Israel x Iran =(Iran x Israe)X2 =WORLD - Israel=Peace

jonselby (2 weeks ago)

(JC) Christ+ "When the fig tree blossoms" 1948 (Israel became a nation again)+ (G) 70yrs "The Generation that sees these things (3score and 10 Psm90:10)(-)7yrs tribulation (T)= Christ's return possibly in 2011 Rapture(JCR), or: JC + 1948 + (G)70 -(T)7= (JCR)2011


tinle13 (2 weeks ago)

iran is just distraction...the action will happen somwhere else...

jspoto (2 weeks ago)

Please explain this a little more, I am interested. (JC) Christ+ "When the fig tree blossoms" 1948 (Israel became a nation again)+ (G) 70yrs "The Generation that sees these things (3score and 10 Psm90:10)(-)7yrs tribulation (T)= Christ's return possibly in 2011 Rapture(JCR), or: JC + 1948 + (G)70 -(T)7= (JCR)2011

jonselby (2 weeks ago)

Friend- i appreciate your interest. Please view my youtube video- "Might Jesus Return in 2011 PT1" for a more detailed explanation. Blessings to all who "Love His appearing", Jonathan


CrusaderOfFreeSpeech (2 weeks ago)

There's a solution... start shoot reporters on sight. The west may only loose a war of that kind thanks to the biased leftists filled press. And you see those "Israel is the root of all evil" emanating from press everyday, like if before Israel there were no wars... or if appease Islam will ever works. And no, such a war is way far of any "World War", a "World War" requires at least two potencies against each other, not Israelis beating up some arses.


1shaydee1 (2 weeks ago)

islam is a vile cult NOT a religion. It preaches hatred, paedophilia, death. It's about time it was wiped off the face of the Earth because before too long we will ALL be under their rule.


Thunderdog99 (1 week ago)

israel is a racist nation israel is a war crimes nation israel is a genocide nation israel is the one the needs to change Iran has every right to peaceful nuclear energy just the same as two thirds of the rest of the world does. No nukes in Iran? Make Israel disarm of nukes FIRST I trust them less than I trust the Iranians !


piscesR2cool (1 week ago)

Jesus is coming!!!!! Thunderdog99 (1 week ago) Show Hide +2 Marked as spam Reply Idiots.... Attack Iran and Israel will be VAPORIZED Stop the israel racist wars on Arabs Stop the bullshit and lying The world is watching the zionists and they are getting angry


betgilson (1 week ago)

Israel have been owning nuclear weapons for decades and never threated any enemy with destruction, although it was attakced from many enemies at once. Had one of these arab countries even a single bomb, they would have already deployed it gainst Israel. And that is what Israel is avoiding just now. I am not jew nor I am from Israel but I trust them more than I trust the arabs AND the persians.

kr3ml (1 week ago)

Maaan, what are you smoking...? If iran would drop an a-bomb on israel that would mean that it would kill the palestinians and the neighbours also. The radiation would also spread all the way into Iran itself. That area would not be a place where you could live for decades maybe because of the radiation. It's all lies from Israel that Iran will drop a nuclear bomb on them.

betgilson (1 week ago)

hi, it is not a matter from "what I`m smoking" but how worse the fundamental muslims are. The idea to killed the palestinians is awful for west civilized attitude but, be honest... Do the palestinians who detonate theirselfs think in the same way? NO! you muslims are ready to kill yourself to destroy israel and by the way, the Palestinians are less value for Iran and the rest of the islamic nations as they are for the rest of the world. What kind if aid get the palestininas from their fellows?


betgilson (1 week ago)

I tell you what kind of...weapons and explosives in order to attack Israel. This is the value of the Palestinians on Iran´s perspectiv. Yes, the radioactivity would be a issue for decades and the iranians know that. a small price for wipping Israel from the map, ins´t it? But boy, it is not going to happen. Stop dreaming of destruction of Israel. Israel will exist forever.Palestinian men go training for war anstead to go work. They don´t have work? oh yes, Israel provide them jobs, not Iran.


obamaxxx (4 days ago) It is clear now that an undercover SATANIC alliance is held between islamists and all kinds of leftists (liberals, socialists, communists and other left groups with fancy names). Analyze the under-table backing of Russia & China (icons of socialism) to Iran (icon of islam), this explains everything. Their target; "Bring the USA down", period. barak hussein obama is part of this SATANIC pact; he is a leftist, he is a muslim, and he brought the USA flag DOWN from his plane. BEWARE.

Almirjaffa (3 days ago) Mate, you are such a moron and propagandist! I am glad to see a bright man like Obama finnaly coming to finish Texas Cowbys and their brohers C.C.Clan once for all! USA is nothing then Jew poppy, and Imperia of our time wich will end like all other past Imperias,because of your gridnes for money, teritorry and power!

Almirjaffa (3 days ago) Hystory doesnt stop here! Iran never used WMD, USA did and kill millions so better shut up!Israely policies are not better or different then those imposed by Third Reich and Hitler himself! Iranians are also not inocent, just another idiotic gov. like Bush or Israelis... Free world should impose sancions and total isolation on all of you disturbers and trouble makers!


samarvossoughi (3 days ago) Reply this is a whole bullshit!!!! the battle field of the occidental war is happening in the middle east! for years the west has supported, and still is, Israel and the crime of its army are not yet revealed! the west pushed Irak to invade Iran and they fought for 8 years right after the 1978 revolution; let's not say that anybody cares for anybody; this is all about the money and power! let's not get fulled with the argument: BEWARE, they are gonna kill us, let's kill them first!!!!!

betgilson (1 day ago) In some points you are right. The USA have done many bad things in the past, feeling in the right to interfere on foreign democracies, kill politicians, promote govern changes through secret operations... nevertheless, ISRAEL has the right to exist and more than that...ISRAEL has the CALL and the OBLIGATION to exist. I wish you muslims all the BS


solnovi (1 day ago) I think what Iran has overlooked, is the sheer combined force of the United States of America's military if it is pushed to the zero line. I hope Tehran doesn't for a moment think we Americans are so complacent as to let you destroy or disrupt our society. Just know that if the need arises, every able bodied American would rally, and the ground beneath you would tremble from the might of a SUPERPOWER! Your oil supply is a problem but not enough to defeat us. We have enough in reserve to end you!


solnovi (1 day ago) You Iranian f's were still living in caves when we were pushing back the German Reich and using our scientists to develop the nuclear technology you are so desperate to get your dirty little hands on. Before we let you harm our country, the United States will unleash a nuclear storm on your ass. Then you can dig out of whats left of your little third world country and realize you bit off way more than you could chew.


Koppurointi (12 hours ago) you forget Russia and China! If U.S Attacks to Iran then Russia will attack to U.S! and China will follow and there is the begining of WW3..And that War U.S Cannot win...Lookup Russian Army or China...Look at the nuclear weapons that Russia and China has...China Biggest Army in the world and Russia most powerfull...WW3 is just around the corner-


dbennett4 (11 hours ago) Russia most powerfull what are you basing that on? purple2020 (11 hours ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply russia has been weak since communism collapsed long time ago. that's why the u.s. is the superpower now! where have you been?


lmao!! iiNDiTC (14 hours ago) you forget the persian empire is in your religious book the bible..we been here for over 5000 years..know your histiory and learn to love everyone an all cultures, you ignorant fool.


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